You Bet Your Wife
Yuzu Gym
Collected in Vol. 4
Chapter number 16
Location Trovita Island
Manga series The Electric Tale of Pikachu
Previous Chapter Attack of the Demon Stomach
Next Chapter The Orange Crew Supreme Gym Leader

You Bet Your Wife (Japanese: ユズジム Yuzu Gym) is the sixteenth chapter of the manga The Electric Tale of Pikachu. It was first published in the August 1999 issue of Bessatsu CoroCoro Comic Special. It is based on the events in the anime of Misty Meets Her Match.

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Ash and Misty are traveling to Trovita Island on Lapras when they find a girl and a Dewgong drowning. Ash sends out his Fearow to rescue the girl and her Dewgong when the girl is on land she introduces herself as Mahri. Mahri asks asks Misty's name and then hugs Misty and decides to take her to the Trovita Gym to thank her properly, calling her "Big Sister Misty". Ash runs and catches up to Mahri and Misty, when Rudy, Mahri's older brother, introduces himself as the Trovita Gym Leader. Rudy asks Misty if they could be married. Misty blushes, then Ash says "I challenge you! You creep! If you want Misty, you have to go through me first!" Misty thinks Ash is in love with her, but Ash reveals that he is only looking for his next Gym Badge.

Rudy has Ash prove himself by shooting down targets with his Pokémon. Ash is angry as Rudy seems to be paying more attention to Misty and not evaluating his Pokémon's performances. After he shoots down all of his targets, Mahri, Rudy and Misty are gone. Ash eventually finds them in another room as Rudy is telling Misty "The days of simply teaching our Pokémon methods of attacks are long gone. By training them in the arts, like modern dance, we improve their ability to learn". Ash responds by coming in and dancing with all of his Pokémon, by the end of the night, both Ash and Rudy are exhausted from all the dancing.

The next day, Ash and Rudy battle for the Gym Badge. Ash's Pikachu loses to Rudy's Electabuzz, Ash's Bulbasaur wins against Rudy's Exeggutor, and then Ash's Squirtle wins against Rudy's Starmie. Mahri is disappointed that Misty is unable to stay and be her older sister, so Rudy cross dresses in woman's clothing to be a big sister for her.

Major events

  • Ash meets up with Misty again and meets Rudy and Mahri.
  • Ash challenges the Trovita Gym and wins.
  • Rudy begins cross-dressing so that his little sister can have an older sister.



Pokémon debuts






  • At the beginning of the chapter, Ash and Misty's destination is identified as Citron Island. This appears to be a translation oversight, as Trovita Island's Japanese name, Yuzu Island, is roughly translated to "Citron Island". All other instances in the chapter aside from this refer to Trovita Island and Trovita Gym specifically.

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