Attack of the Demon Stomach
Collected in Vol. 4
Chapter number 15
Location Seven Grapefruit Islands
Manga series The Electric Tale of Pikachu
Previous Chapter The Orange Islands
Next Chapter You Bet Your Wife

Attack of the Demon Stomach (Japanese: カビゴン Kabigon) is the fifteenth chapter of the manga The Electric Tale of Pikachu. It is based on the events in the anime of EP094.


Ash and Pikachu are asleep while Lapras is swimming, when suddenly they both fall in the water and wake up. He is shown on a beach, drying his shirt. He notices the big grapefruits, and tries to sneakily eat one. Ruby shoots arrows at his feet, calling him a pickpocket. Ash apologizes, and Ruby reveals that she always wanted to do that, and gives him a grapefruit. The two hear her coworkers yelling that the biggest grapefruit thief showed up again. It turns out to be a Snorlax, whom they are not able to stop from eating the fruits. Ruby uses a robot with pincers for hands to cut down all fruits before the Snorlax can eat them. Ash tries to catch it in a battle, but to no avail.

Ruby reveals that this Snorlax turns up every year, and does not fall asleep until it has eaten every last fruit. They call it the 'Snorlax with the demon stomach.' Ash helps the workers to harvest all fruits before the Snorlax eats them, almost getting swallowed in the process. After the entire island's fruits are gone, the Snorlax jumps onto another Grapefruit Island. The workers in into an airplane to rescue the other islands, the Snorlax eating an entire island's Grapefruits very quickly. He jumps onto another island. Ash says that he will help Ruby and the workers to stop the Snorlax. Trying to make it fall asleep by hypnotizing it with a coin. Ash instead falls asleep himself, then going for 'Plan B', which turns out to be giving the Snorlax a massage.

Ruby starts to lose her head, and starts to badly sing the Snorlax a lullaby. Ash thinks that a singing Pokémon can do the trick. Just when Ash has given up trying to stop the Snorlax, he notices Jigglypuff walking beside them. He picks it up and forces it to sing, putting Snorlax asleep. Ash catches it with a Poké Ball, declaring that he is invincible. Ruby realizes that the grapefruit seeds that the Snorlax spit out are sprouting already. Ruby thanks Ash, while speaking that she is surprised that Ash took that big of a responsibility, and must have a lot of spare cash because Snorlax eat 800 pounds of food a day. Ash immediately starts to regret catching the Snorlax. He is shown on Lapras swimming away from the Grapefruit Islands, thinking that maybe he could let the Snorlax loose somewhere.

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