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Delaney (Japanese: ヤスジ Yasuji) is a character of the day who appeared in Outrageous Fortunes.

He was on winning streak and becoming increasingly arrogant. He defeated Mason and later Misty in battle to earn himself his seventh and eighth consecutive victories. Ash was his next opponent, though Brock ordered the match to end in a draw to avoid over-extending the Pokémon. Delaney was irritated at first, but admitted that Ash and his Bayleef put up a good fight.

Later, Delaney was approached by Jessie, who posed as a successful fortune teller. He was skeptical at first, but after hearing James and Meowth's fake recommendation, he decided to hear the fortune teller out. Jessie looked into her crystal ball and suggested that Delaney's Poliwrath was possessed by evil. She offered to help cleanse Poliwrath, and Delaney accepted her offer. By the time he realized that the fortune telling stall was a scheme it was too late, and Team Rocket had already made off with his prized Pokémon.

His shouts alerted Ash and his friends to the situation, and together they chased down the Rocket trio. Misty's Corsola helped free Poliwrath from Team Rocket's brace controlling device. Poliwrath soon recovered and defeat Team Rocket alongside Misty's newly-evolved Politoed, Ash's Phanpy and Pikachu.


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Delaney's Poliwrath
Poliwrath is Delaney's strongest Pokémon. It was able to take out many Pokémon, including Mason's Hitmontop and Misty's Poliwhirl. When Delaney used Poliwrath against Ash's Bayleef, the battle was immediately declared as a draw due to Poliwrath being in bad condition.

Later, Team Rocket stole Poliwrath, in the hopes that its strength would help them catch Pikachu. Poliwrath refused to obey the trio and Double Slapped them silly. So they put it into their controlling device, the Mark Three Manner Minder. A Spike Cannon, courtesy of Misty's Corsola, helped free Poliwrath from the brace device and it went on to defeat Team Rocket's Pokémon.

Poliwrath's known moves are Water Gun, Double Slap, and Submission.

Debut Outrageous Fortunes
Voice actors
English Eric Stuart

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 野島健児 Kenji Nojima
English Wayne Grayson
Polish Aleksander Gawek
Brazilian Portuguese Thiago Longo
European Spanish Pablo Sevilla


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