ナオシ Naoshi
Gender Male
Eye color Blue
Hair color Black
Hometown Unknown
Region Sinnoh
Trainer class Trainer and Coordinator
Anime debut Dawn Of A New Era!
English voice actor Billy Regan
Japanese voice actor Kazuya Nakai

Nando (Japanese: ナオシ Naoshi) is a recurring character who appeared in the Pokémon anime. He is a wandering minstrel who enjoys music and as such always carries his golden harp with him.


Nando debuted in Dawn Of A New Era!. At the time, he was confused as to whether he should challenge Gyms or compete in Pokémon Contests. Trying to decide between the two, he battled both Ash and Dawn with his Budew, which evolved into Roselia during his battle with Ash. Afterwards, Nando decided to go after both Badges and Ribbons.

He appeared again in A Secret Sphere of Influence!, where he was falsely arrested after being accused of the theft of the Adamant Orb from the Eterna Historical Museum. He revealed to Ash and his friends that he had won both his first Ribbon in a Contest as well as the Forest Badge from Gardenia. Under questioning from Officer Jenny, he insisted that he was innocent of the theft. Once Team Rocket was identified as the true culprits and the Orb was recovered, he was released. After being exonerated of the crime, he explained the mythology behind the Adamant Orb to Ash and his friends, citing the Original Story from the Sinnoh myths.

Nando first meeting Zoey

Nando reappeared in Dawn's Early Night!, where he met up with Ash, Brock, and Dawn at the front door of Hearthome Gym. He informed them that Hearthome City's Gym Leader was absent and would be away for some time, then suggested that Ash enter the famous Hearthome City Tag Battle Competition. Nando, however, declined to enter the competition himself. Later, he walked with Dawn towards the Contest Hall, where he met Zoey for the first time. When Nando introduced himself as both a Trainer and a Coordinator, Zoey said he needed to make up his mind, to which he replied that his Pokémon guide him. He later entered the Hearthome Contest, which was held under the Double Performance format. During the Performance Stage, Nando used his Kricketune and Sunflora to deliver a music-themed performance, which impressed the Contest Judges enough for them to secure him a place among the Coordinators proceeding to the Battle Stage. There, he managed to defeat Jessilina to advance to the final round, where he faced off against Zoey and won. This victory gave Nando his second Contest Ribbon.

Nando made a cameo appearance in A Breed Stampede! alongside Kenny in Marian's news report about Coordinators. It was revealed in the report that he won his fourth Ribbon during a Pokémon Contest in Beach Rose Town.

After a long absence, he appeared again in Last Call — First Round! as a participant in the Sinnoh Grand Festival. He made it past the Performance Stage and quickly reached the Top 4 as seen in Coming Full-Festival Circle!. In the said episode, he fought a hard battle against Zoey with his Lopunny and Kricketune, even impressing Fantina a lot with their combinations; however, Zoey eventually won the battle. In the same episode, Nando was seen playing music to the Pokémon around the area. He made a brief appearance in the following episode watching Dawn and Zoey compete in the finals and then again after the Grand Festival had finished announcing that he was going to compete in the Sinnoh League.

Nando appeared in An Old Family Blend!, where he attended the opening ceremony of the Lily of the Valley Conference alongside the other participants. When the first round match-ups were revealed, he was assigned as Ash's first opponent. In the following episode, he faced Ash in a three-on-three Single Battle. Though he fought with his own tactics and battle style, he was defeated and eliminated from the competition. After the battle, he bade Ash, Brock, and Dawn farewell, telling them that he would continue his journey and keep training.

Nando made a cameo appearance in the ending credits of Zoroark: Master of Illusions.


Nando playing music

Nando's character can be easily described as calm and collected. Even in the most tense of situations, such as being arrested for a crime he did not commit, he will always look to the positive side. He enjoys music and his favorite pastime is to play his harp for anyone who will care to listen, whether they be human or Pokémon, in hopes of spreading the tranquility he feels inside to others. This personality trait is also reflected in his choice of Pokémon and even the Seals he uses in Pokémon Contests.

Even if Nando encounters a Trainer that has hostility towards him, such as Zoey, he will still treat that Trainer with the utmost respect. As seen in Dawn of a New Era!, Nando likes to be a peace maker, helping Ash and Dawn settle their differences on whether battling or coordinating are better than one another.


Nando tends to choose Pokémon with some sort of musical ability which fits his musical style. He seems to favor Bug- and Grass-type Pokémon and he likes to use sound-based moves during his performances and battles. Nando's Pokémon are also known for being able to exhibit both beauty and strength.

This listing is of Nando's known Pokémon in the anime:

In rotation

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Budew → Roselia → Roserade
Main article: Nando's Roserade

Roserade appears to be Nando's main Pokémon. It first appeared as a Budew in Dawn Of A New Era!, where it fought against both Ash and Dawn. It evolved later into Roselia in the same episode. It appeared again in A Secret Sphere of Influence!, where it was revealed that it had defeated Gardenia's Turtwig. It also appeared in Dawn's Early Night! during the Hearthome Contest.

In Coming Full-Festival Circle!, it helped Nando reach the semi-finals of the Sinnoh Grand Festival alongside Sunflora and it was revealed that it had evolved into a Roserade.

In League Unleashed!, during the Lily of the Valley Conference, it battled against Ash's Staraptor. Early in the battle, it was able to overpower Staraptor. However, thanks to a powerful Brave Bird, Staraptor was able to defeat Roserade.

Debut Dawn Of A New Era!
Voice actors
Japanese Satsuki Yukino
English Sarah Natochenny
Sunflora first appeared in A Secret Sphere of Influence!, where it ran off after Nando was accused of stealing the Adamant Orb. It proved Nando's innocence by tracking down Team Rocket, who really stole the orb. It later appeared in Dawn's Early Night! during the Hearthome Contest.

It made a brief appearance in Coming Full-Festival Circle! where it had helped Nando get to the semi-finals alongside Kricketune and Roserade in another battle.

Sunflora's known moves are Leech Seed, Cut, Grass Whistle, and Razor Leaf.

Debut A Secret Sphere of Influence!
Main article: Nando's Kricketune

Kricketune first appeared in Dawn's Early Night!, where it was used in the Hearthome Contest alongside Sunflora in a music-based appeal and Roselia in battles. It later helped Nando win the Beach Rose Contest prior to A Breed Stampede!.

During the Sinnoh Grand Festival, in Coming Full-Festival Circle!, it and Lopunny were used in the semi-finals, where they lost to Zoey's Mismagius and Leafeon on points.

In League Unleashed!, during the Lily of the Valley Conference, it faced Ash's Heracross as Nando's last Pokémon, and eventually lost the match.

Debut Dawn's Early Night!
Voice actors
Japanese Katsuyuki Konishi
English Katsuyuki Konishi
Altaria is Nando's fourth known Pokémon. It was used in Nando's appeal in the Sinnoh Grand Festival alongside his Kricketot.

Altaria's only known move is Perish Song.

Debut Last Call — First Round!
Kricketot is Nando's fifth known Pokémon. It was used in Nando's appeal in the Sinnoh Grand Festival alongside his Altaria. Using its antennae, Kricketot was able to create music that, when used in combination with Altaria's Perish Song, created a dazzling appeal that easily ensured Nando's progression past the first round.

Kricketot's only known move is Sing*.

Debut Last Call — First Round!
Lopunny is Nando's sixth known Pokémon. It was used in the Sinnoh Grand Festival, where its dancing skills were well suited alongside Kricketune's ability to create music and were used to simulate a ballerina and a violinist, respectively. The two were able to put up a good fight against Zoey's Mismagius and Leafeon during the Semi-Finals. However, it wasn't enough against Zoey's highly trained Pokémon and the two had the fewest points by the time the clock ran out.

It reappeared in a flashback in League Unleashed!.

Lopunny's known moves are Jump Kick, Protect, Blizzard, and Focus Blast.

Debut Coming Full-Festival Circle!
Voice actors
Japanese Ikue Otani
Armaldo is Nando's seventh known Pokémon. It was used against Ash's Staraptor and Ash's Quilava during the Lily of the Valley Conference. It managed to defeat Ash's weakened Staraptor and put up a good fight against his Quilava before they were both knocked out.

Armaldo's known moves are Protect, Rock Blast, and X-Scissor.

Debut League Unleashed!


Nando's Sinnoh Gym Badges prior to An Old Family Blend!

Badges obtained

This listing is of the Badges Nando has obtained in the Sinnoh region:

Pokémon League ranking

Nando has competed in the following Pokémon League Conferences:


Nando's second Ribbon

Ribbons obtained

This listing is of the Ribbons Nando has obtained in the Sinnoh region:

Grand Festival ranking

Nando has competed in the following Grand Festival tournaments:


Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 中井和哉 Kazuya Nakai
English Billy Regan
Czech Michal Holán (DP004-DP049)
Marek Libert (DP174-DP176)
Petr Gelnar (DP177-present)
Dutch John Vooijs
Finnish Aku Laitinen
Italian Lorenzo Scattorin
Norwegian Tommy Karlsen (DP004, DP177-DP183)
Trond Teigen (DP036-DP176)
Polish Tomasz Steciuk (DP004-DP049, DP177-present)
Wojciech Paszkowski (DP174-DP176)
Brazilian Portuguese Douglas Guedes (DP004-DP049)
Rodrigo Araújo (DP174-present)
Spanish Latin America José Arenas
Spain Juan Sainz Maza


  • Nando's golden harp, which he carries with him, is shaped like a Mew.
    • The harp he holds during Pokémon Contests is also shaped as two Mew joined at toe and tail.
  • Nando is the first character to be a rival to both Ash and one of his traveling companions.
  • Nando shares his two unknown Badges with two of Barry's three unknown Badges.
  • Unlike other Coordinators who tend to wear formal clothing when competing, Nando's regular Contest outfit is simply his regular outfit with a few attachments. He also used a larger harp incorporating two Mew instead of one.
  • Nando is the only male character to make it to the Top 4 of the Sinnoh Grand Festival.
  • Nando is the only one of Dawn's rivals who wasn't involved in or featured during the Wallace Cup.


Language Name Origin
Japanese ナオシ Naoshi
English, French, German,
Italian, Spanish
Nando Possibly derived from the Spanish name Fernando, considering his accent. If this is the case, fern may be a reference to the Grass type.
Korean 시호 Siho
Chinese (Taiwan) 尚志 Shàngzhì From 尚志 Naoshi.
Russian Нандо Nando Transcription of English name

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