Beach Rose Town

Beach Rose Town
ハマナスタウン Hamanasu Town
Beach Rose Town.png
Marian reporting Nando's victory
Region Sinnoh
Debut A Breed Stampede!

Beach Rose Town (Japanese: ハマナスタウン Hamanasu Town) is an anime-exclusive location in Sinnoh. Like many other towns in the region, Beach Rose has its own Contest Hall, which makes it a popular destination among Pokémon Coordinators who plan on entering the Sinnoh Grand Festival.

A Pokémon Contest was held in Beach Rose Town, the result of which was reported during Marian's television show in A Breed Stampede!. Nando was revealed to have won the competition with the help of his Kricketune, earning his fourth Ribbon.


Language Name Origin
Japanese ハマナスタウン Hamanasu Town From 浜茄子 hamanasu, rugosa rose
English Beach Rose Town From beach rose, another name for the rugosa rose
French Rose Plage From rose, rose/pink, and plage, beach
Italian Spiaggia delle Rose From spiggia (beach) and rose
Spanish Pueblo Playa Rosa From playa, beach, and rosa, rose/pink
Chinese (Mandarin) 海玫瑰鎮 Hǎiméiguī Zhèn From 海 hǎi, sea, and 玫瑰 méiguī', rose
Chinese (Cantonese) 海玫瑰鎮 Hóimùihgwai Jan From 海 hói, sea, and 玫瑰 mùihgwai, rose
Polish Miasto Beach Rose From its English name
Brazilian Portuguese Cidade Beach Rose From its English name

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