ウル ʻUlu
Gender Male
Eye color Dark green
Hair color Dark green
Hometown Konikoni City*
Hau'oli City*
Region Alola
Relatives Abe (father), unnamed mother (deceased), Mallow (younger sister), unnamed grandfather
Generation VII
Games Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun, and Ultra Moon
Anime debut A Seasoned Search!
English voice actor Nicholas Corda
Japanese voice actor Kazuyuki Okitsu

Ulu (Japanese: ウル ʻUlu) is a recurring character who appeared in the Pokémon anime. He is the older brother of Mallow and the son of Abe and his wife.

In the anime


Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon

Ulu and his family

Ulu debuted in a flashback in A Seasoned Search!, where it was revealed that he was currently traveling around the world to become a better chef with his Lickitung. During his journey, he discovered an old recipe describing how to make Alolan Stew and sent it to Mallow.

Ulu physically debuted in Sours for the Sweet!, in order to participate in the Alola Bread Festival. After Abe had injured his back, Ulu assisted Mallow in helping Aina's Kitchen take part in the festival. He had a crush on Nina, only to be indirectly rejected when he realized she had a fiancé. Ulu struggled to overcome his lovesickness. With the support of Mallow, her friends and Steenee, he was able to come up with a recipe - freshly baked bread glazed with Grepa Berry and Sweet Scent jam, and won the Bread Festival. Afterwards he sailed away to continue his travels.

In League Offenders and Defenders!, Ulu was running a Pinap Berry juice pop-up, catering for the Manalo Conference crowd when he reunited with Mallow. Upon learning that Mallow was going to compete in the Alola League, Ulu promised to close his shop and cheer her on whenever she battles. He kept his promise, closing his store in Battling Besties!, to watch Mallow's battle against Lana.

In Thank You, Alola! The Journey Continues!, Ulu returned home with a bunch of flowers for Mallow, which turned out to be Gracideas. This allowed Mallow's Shaymin to change into its Sky Forme and fly away with a trio of other Shaymin.

Pokémon Journeys: The Series

Ulu and his father after preparing a feast

In Helping the Hometown Hero!, Ulu and Abe prepared food for a party to celebrate the return of Lillie and her family to Alola after they found Mohn.


Ulu's goal is to improve his culinary skills, and he is traveling the world to discover new flavor combinations. Outside of the kitchen, he becomes clumsy, especially when he develops a crush on someone like Nina. Despite being busy with his travels, Ulu is always supportive of his younger sister Mallow.


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Lickitung first appeared in a flashback in A Seasoned Search!.

Lickitung physically debuted in Sours for the Sweet!. Ulu used it to help sort the sour Grepa Berries from the sweet ones for use in the Alola Bread Festival. Alongside Mallow and her Steenee, they entered the Festival and won it. Later, it left with its Trainer to continue their journey.

It later reappeared in Battling Besties!, in which it rushed with Ulu to the Manalo Stadium to watch Mallow's battle against Lana.

None of Lickitung's moves are known.

Debut A Seasoned Search!
Voice actors
English Pete Zarustica

Pokémon competitions

Ulu has competed in the following Pokémon competitions:

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 興津和幸 Kazuyuki Okitsu
English Nicholas Corda
Finnish Markus Niemi
European French Alexandre Crépet
Italian Gianandrea Muià
Polish Jan Cięciara
Brazilian Portuguese Felipe Drummond
Spanish Latin America Emmanuel Bernal
Spain Jorge Saudinós

In the games

In the games, Mallow's brother is left unnamed. He is a chef who works at the restaurant in Konikoni City. In Pokémon Moon, after defeating Olivia, the player can visit Mallow in her room on the second floor of the restaurant. Mallow asks the player to meet them in Lush Jungle for a battle and leaves. However, before the player can follow her, they are asked by Mallow's brother to look for his Wimpod, who was gathering ingredients for the restaurant in Lush Jungle. After defeating Mallow, she finds her brother's Wimpod, and the player and her return to the restaurant. In Pokémon Sun, this sidequest cannot be activated.




Moon and Ultra Moon

Konikoni City
"Mallow! Can you give me a hand?"
"Huh? Where's Mallow?"
Regardless of choice:
"At this hour? That's not like her... but now I'm in a jam. I was going to ask her to go do some shopping for me."
"If you see her, can you tell her something for me? Tell her to bring my Wimpod with her when she comes home."


Language Name Origin
Japanese ウル ʻUlu From ʻulu, Hawaiian for breadfruit
English, French, German Ulu Same as his Japanese name
Italian Artos From Artocarpus altilis (scientific name of breadfruit) and ἄρτος ártos (Ancient Greek for bread)
Spanish Urko Similar to his Japanese name
Chinese (Mandarin) 烏魯 Wūlǔ Transliteration of his Japanese name
Brazilian Portuguese Lucas From Lulú (Mallow)

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