トキオ Tokio
Gender Male
Eye color Green
Hair color White
Hometown Cianwood City
Region Johto
Trainer class Trainer
Member of Project Mew
Rank Chaser
Anime debut Time After Time!
English voice actor Jenny Yokobori
Japanese voice actor Ayahi Takagaki

Horace (Japanese: トキオ Tokio) is a recurring anime character who appeared in Pokémon Journeys: The Series. He is a Pokémon Trainer as well as both a childhood friend and rival to Goh.


Young Horace


Three years prior to Time After Time!, Horace encountered Goh while he was out searching for a Celebi. The two quickly became friends after realizing they were both looking for Mythical Pokémon and are equally knowledgeable. With the help of Mr. Norris's Sunflora, they searched for Celebi together in the Ilex Forest, only to encounter several wild Pokémon that scared them off.

They agreed to meet again the next day, but unknown to Goh, Horace had fallen ill and was unable to make it that day. Goh assumed Horace had stood him up and began holding a grudge against him.

A year later, Horace returned to the forest where he discovered the Ilex Forest shrine. He begged Celebi to take him back to a year ago so he could keep his promise with Goh, but his wish was never granted. Horace instead wrote an apology letter and put it inside of the shrine, hoping Goh would come back and find it.

Pokémon Journeys: The Series

Two years later, in the present day, Horace had become a Trainer and had a partner Chikorita. He returned to the shrine, where he reunited with Goh, who had discovered the letter. The two apologized for what happened in the past and rekindled their friendship.

Horace and Goh

Horace reappeared in Battling in the Freezing Raid!, where he was revealed to be a member of Project Mew. Horace was seen at Seafoam Islands, battling a Cloyster with his Bayleef when he encountered Ash and Goh. He allowed Goh to catch the Cloyster and joined them in exploring Seafoam Islands in search of an Articuno, also encountering Gary along the way. Upon finding Articuno, Horace took part in a Raid Battle against it, using Bayleef, Indeedee, and Gardevoir, only for Articuno to eventually fly away. After the battle, Horace motivated Goh to do his best, while Gary criticized this way of thinking that Horace and Goh have. Soon after, each of them departed on a different path.

In Narrowing the Chaser Chase!, Horace and Gardevoir took part in a Project Mew challenge of exploring Sea Mauville, where he encountered Goh once more. They teamed up to explore Sea Mauville, defeating multiple Trainers along the way until they were the last two remaining. Danika then informed them that in order to win Project Mew tokens, they would have to battle each other. At first, Horace declined, not wanting to battle Goh, but was soon convinced to battle. Gardevoir eventually won against Inteleon, earning him three new tokens as a result.

In Chasing to the Finish!, Horace was revealed to have cleared his final Trial Mission and qualified as a Chaser, along with Goh and Gary. Later, it was revealed that as part of the Mission, Horace managed to catch a Virizion.

In A Flood of Torrential Gains!, Horace met with the other members of Project Mew in Slateport City to begin the final expedition. During the meeting, he shared his expectations for the final mission with Goh. In Partners in Time!, Horace was briefly seen together with the other members of Project Mew during the climax of Ash's battle against Leon.

In The Mew from Here!, Horace traveled with the rest of Project Mew to Faraway Island for the final mission. As the group scaled Table Mountain, he was separated from Gary and Quillon, pressing on into the caverns under the island with Goh and Danika. They eventually came upon an underground lake and were confronted by a Kyogre. In the next episode, Horace's group followed the Kyogre and reunited with Gary and Quillon, discovering that both Kyogre and the Groudon the latter group followed were Mew using Transform. After a chaotic battle where Gary, Danika, Quillon and Horace failed to stop Mew's rampage, Goh successfully connected with and calmed it. The rainy season started soon after, forcing Project Mew to end their expedition. Horace, like the others, was offered the chance to stay on as a Chaser in the future, and went his separate ways from Goh and Gary.

In This Could be the Start of Something Big!, Horace and Gary were seen being greeted by Professor Oak at the entrance to his Laboratory.


Horace as a Chaser
Horace and some of his Pokémon

Horace is shown to be very generous and kind, caring about other Challengers who were after Articuno and helping Goh to capture a Cloyster. This Horace's way of thinking is even reflected on his Pokémon, which use strategies more focused on preserving companions and which are known for being more defensive and focused on healing moves, such as Indeedee and Gardevoir. During the Raid Battle against Articuno, Horace held the party's support position, healing and protecting his allies. While the strategy proved to be advantageous, it failed to do much when his Pokémon were the last ones to remain in battle. Despite this, his participation in the battle was approved by Project Mew, giving Horace a greater number of Tokens than usual.

Horace joins Project Mew with the intention of discovering every Psychic-type Pokémon, in the hopes that such research will lead him to Celebi, due to it also being part of that type. Regarding Goh, Horace is shown to be very supportive, but during the battle that the two participated in, Horace had to call on him for the reason to be able to focus on the battle as a teammate.

In Narrowing the Chaser Chase!, Horace was reluctant to battle Goh in order to win Project Mew tokens but Goh eventually convinced him to battle.


Due to his desire to meet Celebi, Horace focuses on catching and training Grass- and Psychic-type Pokémon. Similar to his battle method, most of Horace's Pokémon are known to have high defensive stats.

This listing is of Horace's known Pokémon in the anime:

On hand


Chikorita → Bayleef
Bayleef is Horace's first known Pokémon. It first appeared as a Chikorita when Horace visited the Ilex Forest shrine and reunited with Goh.

It reappeared in Battling in the Freezing Raid!, where it was revealed to have evolved into Bayleef. It was seen battling a Cloyster in the Seafoam Islands, which Horace allowed Goh to catch. It was later used in the Raid Battle against an Articuno, where it used Vine Whip to hold it in place whilst Arcanine and Pikachu attacked it before being defeated.

Bayleef's known moves are Vine Whip and Energy Ball.

Debut Time After Time!
Indeedee is Horace's second known Pokémon. She was the first Pokémon Horace used in his Raid Battle against an Articuno, only to be quickly defeated.

None of Indeedee's moves are known.

Debut Battling in the Freezing Raid!
Gardevoir is Horace's third known Pokémon. It was the second Pokémon Horace used in his Raid Battle against an Articuno. Gardevoir helped to protect the other Pokémon from damage and healed Goh's Cinderace but was eventually defeated.

In Narrowing the Chaser Chase!, Horace used Gardevoir to explore Sea Mauville where it helped battle and defeat multiple Trainers, eventually going up against and defeating Goh's Inteleon.

In In the Palms of our Hands!, Horace used Gardevoir in a battle against Mew during Project Mew. Despite its best efforts to protect the other Pokémon, they were all soundly defeated by the Mythical Pokémon.

Gardevoir's known moves are Reflect, Moonblast, Heal Pulse, Light Screen, and Confuse Ray.

Debut Battling in the Freezing Raid!
Voice actors
Japanese Kei Shindō
Virizion is Horace's fourth known Pokémon, caught during his last Trial Mission. It was used to fend off a Swampert on Faraway Island.

In In the Palms of our Hands!, Horace used Virizion in a battle against Mew during Project Mew, but it was defeated.

Virizion's only known move is Magical Leaf.

Debut The Mew from Here!

Traveling with

Rotom Phone


Horace's scoreboard for Project Mew as of Narrowing the Chaser Chase!

Project Mew

Horace has completed the following Trial Missions:

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 高垣彩陽 Ayahi Takagaki
English Jenny Yokobori
Arabic سهير ناصر الدين Souhair Naser El Deen
European French Karin Clercq
German Maximilian Belle
Hebrew שחר ירימי Shachar Yarimi
Indonesian Siti Balqis
Polish Jakub Strach
Brazilian Portuguese Wagner Follare
Latin American Spanish Edgar Luna (JN032)
Carlos Eduardo Guilbert (JN102-present)
Oliver Díaz (younger)


Language Name Origin
Japanese トキオ Tokio From 時 toki (time)
English, French,
Brazilian Portuguese
Horace From hōra (Latin for time)
Spanish Hernando
German Hu From Doctor Who, a British science fiction TV series about time and space travel
Italian Gionata From giornata (day)
Korean 시웅 Siung From the hanja reading of the Japanese name 時雄 Tokio. Contains 시 (時) si (time).
Chinese (Mandarin) 時央 Shíyāng From the Japanese name 時央 Tokio. Contains 時 shí (time).

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