Wynaut (anime)

ソーナノ Sohnano
Wynaut anime.png
Debuts in Fangs for Nothin'
Gender Unknown
Ability Unknown
Current location Blackthorn City
This Pokémon has not evolved.
Voice actor Japanese English
As Wynaut Megumi Hayashibara Kayzie Rogers

Wynaut (Japanese: ソーナノ Sohnano) is a recurring Pokémon character in the anime who appeared in the original series.


Wynaut is a wild Pokémon who followed Ash, his friends, and Team Rocket around Blackthorn City.

Wynaut briefly appeared in Fangs for Nothin' during one of Jessie's tirades. It stole a plate of food from Team Rocket. Wobbuffet was the first to notice, but it was blamed for the act.

In Great Bowls of Fire, Wynaut poked its arm out of the bushes while Ash, his friends, Clair, and Liza returned to the Blackthorn Gym.

Liza left some food for Charla to enjoy in Better Eight Than Never, but Wynaut quickly snatched the meal without anyone noticing.

In Why? Wynaut!, while Team Rocket was spying on Ash and his friends, Wynaut stole their snack, and Wobbuffet was once again blamed. Later, Team Rocket disguised themselves as reporters and managed to steal Ash's Badges. Wobbuffet went on to take the loot into the nearby forest while it waited for Jessie and James's return. Wynaut reappeared and went for the box containing the Badges, thinking it was food, but it was ambushed by Wobbuffet. Jessie, James and Meowth soon found Wobbuffet, causing it to lose track of Wynaut.

Despite Wobbuffet's best efforts, its teammates went on the hunt for the Badges and soon chased after a wild Wooper. Clair and Ash's group were also on the hunt for the Badges, and soon enough, Ash's Bayleef and Noctowl located Wynaut and Ash's Badges. Soon, Wooper, followed by Team Rocket, entered the scene and a battle ensued over the Badges. Wynaut jumped out, countered Arbok's Poison Sting, and went back to hiding in the scrubs. Ash arrived on the scene to find Team Rocket with his Badges in hand. They were sent blasting off and Ash's Badges were scattered into the air. Ash managed to recover seven of them, while Wynaut handed Bayleef and Noctowl the eighth Badge. Bayleef and Noctowl identify Wynaut as the one who recovered the eighth Badge, but Wynaut sailed away on a log barge before Ash could see it.

Personality and characteristics

Wynaut was a mischievous Pokémon, with a tendency to appear out of nowhere whenever a Pokémon was nearby and then disappear whenever people were around. It was an opportunistic thief driven by its appetite for food. Its small stature and extendable arms allow it to make a clean getaway. It targets people and Pokémon whenever they are distracted.

Moves used

Using Counter
Move First Used In
Counter Why? Wynaut!
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.

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