Dot's Quaxly

Dot's Quaxly
ドットのクワッス Dot's Kuwassu
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Dot's Quaxly
Debuts in The Pendant That Starts It All: Part One
Caught in HZ016
Caught at Levincia
Gender Unknown
Ability Unknown
Current location With Dot
This Pokémon has not evolved.
Voice actor Japanese English
As Quaxly Daisuke Namikawa Daman Mills

Dot's Quaxly (Japanese: ドットのクワッス Dot's Kuwassu), or Nidothing's Quaxly (Japanese: ぐるみんのクワッス Gurumin's Kuwassu), is the first Pokémon that Dot owns. Quaxly takes part in her videos to teach young viewers on basic knowledge on how to become a Pokémon Trainer. It is usually outside its Poké Ball.



Prior to the series, Quaxly was a wild Pokémon living in the Brave Olivine alongside of the Rising Volt Tacklers. Eventually, it formed a close bond with Ludlow and Dot. It usually kept Ludlow company when he was fishing or participated in Nidothing's videos.

Pokémon Horizons: The Series

As a wild Pokémon

Quaxly and Ludlow

Quaxly first debuted in The Pendant That Starts It All: Part One accompanied by Nidothing, assisting with her videos about how to be a Pokémon Trainer. In the following episode, Quaxly could be seen again panicking as the Rising Volt Tacklers were traveling through a thunderstorm, heading in Dot's room for safety.

In The Ancient Poké Ball, after the encounter of the Black Rayquaza, Quaxly found the tracker, that the Explorers had previously placed on the bottom the Brave Olivine and gave it to Ludlow, revealing how they had found the group's location before destroying it.

In HZ007, Liko and Roy tried to introduce themselves to Dot. As they were waiting for a response on the other side of the door, coming out from the flap of the door was Quaxly, suprising Liko. Quaxly gave Liko and Roy a Dot's message as they were asking her for help in knowing how to get better at Pokémon battles. Later, Quaxly again came out from the flap, this time surprising Roy. Quaxly gave both of them a clue to where the Black Rayquaza was hinted to be last seen.

In HZ013, with the help of Murdock, Liko gave Ludlow and Dot the opportunity to have a chance of experiencing a picnic, though Dot was hesitant to give a chance, Quaxly gave her a sincere smile and encouraged Dot to come out of her room to make her own sandwich. Quaxly as usual, attended the event with Ludlow and Dot.

Quaxly and Dot

In HZ015, when Liko disappeared, Dot personally volunteered to help search for her. When asked by Friede if she has a Pokémon in mind that would be ready to enter a Pokémon battle, Quaxly volunteered to battle alongside Dot as her partner.

With Dot

In HZ016, Quaxly was officially caught as Dot's first Pokémon. It participated in its first battle against Spinel's Pokémon with the aid of Liko, Roy, and their respective partners, with Quaxly assisting Sprigatito in defeating Magneton. Afterwards, it encouraged Dot to reveal her true identity as Nidothing to Liko, one of her fans, after several previous failures.

In HZ027, Quaxly accompanied Dot and other members of the Team to collect ingredients for a curry cook off between Liko and Roy. It used Water Gun to scare off a group of Skwovet and Greedent that attacked Roy and Fuecoco. Afterwards, it happily ate curry alongside its Trainer and the other Rising Volt Tacklers after the curry cook off had been counted as a draw.

Personality and characteristics

Quaxly slapping Roy's hand

As their species are known for, Quaxly loves to be clean and dislikes being dirty, as seen in HZ007, when Roy attempted to touch the Duckling Pokémon, but unexpectedly got his hand slapped by it. Quaxly has also been shown to be outgoing as it often accompanies Ludlow and watches the rest of the members of the Rising Volt Tacklers. In addition, Quaxly has shown to be friendly, as it befriended Liko's Sprigatito and Roy's Fuecoco right away.

Quaxly and its friends

In addition to Ludlow, Quaxly seems to be loyal to Dot, not needing to be called by her when needed in her room. Quaxly is also a voice of reason for Dot, encouraging her to participate in social interactions and other situations she usually avoids. Quaxly even chose Dot to be its Trainer, as seen in HZ016. Its closeness to Dot has been seen when it would sit on her shoulders.

Behind the scene of their livestream in HZ008, Quaxly can be seen being skeptical when Dot fumbles or gives generic advice. Quaxly acts like a director, keeping Dot focused on the streams, avoiding a potential break in character live or when making videos.

Quaxly is shown to be aware of its surroundings. Seen in HZ016, before Arboliva's Ancient Poké Ball shined, Quaxly sensed something strange when the van that Spinel was operating went past Liko, Roy, and Dot. It also sneakily hid next to the kitchen door after Friede thought the coast was clear in HZ008.

Moves used

Using Water Gun
Move First Used In
Pound HZ016
Water Gun HZ016
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.



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Pokémon Horizons: The Series[1]
Official artwork from
Pokémon Horizons: The Series
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Pokémon Horizons: The Series
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Pokémon Horizons: The Series
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Pokémon Horizons: The Series
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Pokémon Horizons: The Series


  • Quaxly is the first concurrent Water-type starter to not be owned by a main character.
  • Quaxly is the only Paldea starter to have been obtained or caught in its main region, which is ironic considering that Quaxly's Scarlet Pokédex entry says the species is originally foreign from Paldea.


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