Terapagos (anime)

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テラパゴス Terapagos
Terapagos Normal anime.png
Terapagos in its awakened state
Debuts in The Pendant That Starts It All: Part Two
Gender Unknown
Ability Unknown
Current location With the Rising Volt Tacklers
This Pokémon is fully evolved.
Voice actor Japanese English
As Terapagos Unknown N/A

Terapagos (Japanese: テラパゴス Terapagos) is a recurring Pokémon character that was originally a pendant gifted to Liko by her grandmother Diana in Pokémon Horizons: The Series.

In the anime

Terastal Form Terapagos in Lucius's diary



In HZ024, it was revealed that many decades before the events of The Pendant That Starts It All: Part One, Terapagos was discovered by Diana in its dormant state within a briefcase stored away in the attic of her home when she was a young girl, together with Lucius's research diary. Unaware that it was a Pokémon, Diana began her journey together with her Growlithe and the dormant Terapagos around her neck, hoping to uncover the mysterious past of the Ancient Adventurer. It remained completely dormant in her possession until she gifted it to her granddaughter Liko one year before the events of The Pendant That Starts It All: Part One, telling her that it would become important to her in the future. Some time after this, Hamber, an old friend of Diana's, would offer to introduce her to someone who could help her with her adventures. However, when he would arrive at her home in Hammerlocke, she learned that Hamber was a member of a suspicious organization known as the Explorers that wanted the pendant for an unknown purpose. Fearing for her granddaughter's safety as it was now in her possession, she enlisted the help of the Rising Volt Tacklers to protect her.

Pokémon Horizons: The Series

Terapagos awakening from the pendant

Terapagos was first shown in its dormant state in The Pendant That Starts It All: Part One, in a case given by Liko's grandmother. After Ann left for her school break, Liko went back to the dormitory and encountered Amethio, who told her that he was sent to Indigo Academy by her grandmother to retrieve the pendant and give it back to her. Finding him suspicious, she began to flee with the pendant around her neck. Some time later, she was cornered by Amethio and his teammates. Before they could take the pendant, however, a man named Friede came swooping down on his Charizard to rescue Liko, battling Amethio's Ceruledge. While Amethio and Friede were battling, Liko took the opportunity to flee just as a stray Psycho Cut was headed towards her, causing her pendant to glow and create a protective shield around her and her Sprigatito, revealing Terapagos' true form to Liko for the first time before it returned to its pendant form.

In The Treasure After the Storm!, during her search for Fuecoco, she found a tree stump with eaten Berries. The wild Pokémon in the forest believed that she and her Sprigatito had eaten them and began to chase her. As they were being chased, Liko's pendant started to glow alongside Roy's Ancient Poké Ball as he approached them and helped them escape.

In the next episode, the Explorers would attack the Rising Volt Tacklers. Liko and her Sprigatito were able to defeat Onia in battle, but she was then attacked by Amethio's Corviknight, nearly getting captured by its talons before her pendant activated again, creating another barrier to protect her. Just then, Liko's pendant and Roy's Ancient Poké Ball reacted in unison, and from the Poké Ball, a Black Rayquaza was released. The Explorers were then forced to retreat, and the Rayquaza stared at Liko before flying away. She decided to continue looking into her pendant's mystery as the Rising Volt Tacklers traveled to Paldea.

In HZ012, after helping Arboliva restore the Arboliva Forest, Terapagos, in its dormant state, began to glow, transforming itself into its Normal Form. This caused Arboliva to share a vision of a mysterious man to the group. After the vision was shown, Terapagos reverted back to its pendant form and Arboliva returned to its Ancient Poké Ball, allowing Liko to take it under her care. Afterward, Liko decided she wanted to see her grandmother to learn more about the pendant.

Terapagos and Liko

In HZ014, Liko went to Levincia by herself after she saw an advertisement for a jar of Spicy Herba Mystica on her Rotom Phone that Murdock had been looking for. In reality, however, the advertisement was created by Spinel to separate her from the group. He then used his Beheeyem to erase Liko's memories and steal her pendant. The pendant remained under Spinel's possession until HZ016, where, after Dot signaled Liko and Roy to a cargo ship where Spinel was hiding by using her Quaxly's Water Gun, the group challenged him to a battle. Spinel, commanding his Pokémon remotely from a hidden location, battled with his Magneton and Beheeyem, who were defeated by the group. However, they quickly got overwhelmed by his final Pokémon, Umbreon. Their desire to protect Terapagos caused the pendant to glow brightly, revealing where Spinel was hiding and allowing Sprigatito to retrieve the pendant.

In HZ022, the group encountered a Galarian Moltres that had an Ancient Poké Ball, indicating that it had belonged to the ancient adventurer Lucius just like Arboliva. However, they were forced to retreat after Moltres had defeated them and injured Captain Pikachu. In the next episode, Liko and Roy returned to the Galar Mine and battled the Malevolent Pokémon in an attempt to calm it down. After successfully calming Moltres down with Sprigatito's aromatic Leafage, Liko's pendant started to glow and transformed into Terapagos. It began to communicate with the Moltres, after which it returned to its Ancient Poké Ball and allowed Liko to take it under her care. After this point, Terapagos no longer reverted to its dormant state inside the pendant, instead choosing to remain awakened to travel alongside Liko. This was noticed by Amethio, who would tell his teammates that they planned to steal the mysterious Pokémon.

In HZ024, Terapagos accompanied Liko to an old castle in Hammerlocke to meet up with her grandmother, Diana. With the help of her Squawkabilly, the group reunited with Diana and Terapagos was happy to see her again. However, the Explorers were on their trail, having tracked down Diana's concealed castle. After Amethio and his teammates had broken into the castle, Terapagos expressed anger towards him. In the next episode, Terapagos escaped with Liko and Roy until the two Trainers were forced to battle their pursuers. After the rest of the Rising Volt Tacklers arrived, Terapagos was taken back to the airship with Liko and Roy.

In HZ026, Terapagos decided to explore its surroundings. However, it almost fell overboard, being narrowly saved by Liko and Diana.

In HZ030, Terapagos was invited to watch a battle between Shuckle and a wild Polteageist. However, the battle was called off, as Terapagos and its friends celebrated in welcoming Polteageist to the group. They were then joined by Liko's Sprigatito, Roy's Fuecoco, and Dot's Quaxly in welcoming Polteageist.

Personality and characteristics

Much of Terapagos's past is unknown. Diana theorizes that it traveled alongside the Ancient Adventurer Lucius as she had discovered the pendant together with his research diary, with Terapagos' Terastral Form being mentioned inside it. This is supported by the pendant glowing whenever it's near one of his Ancient Poké Balls and it communicating with his Galarian Moltres, along with Terapagos responding to both the name Lucius and the name of the paradise he was searching for, Rakua, in HZ024. In HZ026, it was shown to have a curious and inquisitive personality, exploring and wandering the Rising Volt Tacklers base on its own, due to being in its dormant form for a very long time. Terapagos has also shown to be friendly around Pokémon, as seen in HZ027, when it quickly befriended a wild Drednaw. In addition, Terapagos enjoys eating Berries, as they are the only things it will eat.

It also seems to have a strong desire to protect Liko from harm, summoning barriers made up of overlapping hexagons to shield her from attacks like Psycho Cut from Amethio's Ceruledge or from his Corviknight's talons, and seemed to have gotten agitated when it saw Amethio in HZ024 because of his actions in hurting Liko and trying to take it away from her. Terapagos seems to be attached to Liko as it took a liking to her, after she expressed determination to save it from the Explorers in HZ016. Terapagos also seems to like sleeping in Liko's backpack.



Official artwork from
Pokémon Horizons: The Series
Eyecatch in HZ024 Pocket Monsters: The Sparkling of Terapagos Posters
In artwork from
"After the story" by mojacookie
October 2023 Calendar by mojacookie[1]

In the manga

Pocket Monsters ~ Liko's Treasure ~

Terapagos appeared in Pocket Monsters ~ Liko's Treasure ~, playing the same role as it does in the anime.

Pocket Monsters ~Pucchigumi SP~

Terapagos appeared in Pocket Monsters ~Pucchigumi SP~, playing the same role as it does in the anime.

Pocket Monsters ~The Detouring Volt Tacklers!!~

Terapagos in Pocket Monsters ~The Detouring Volt Tacklers!!~

Terapagos appeared in the Pocket Monsters ~The Detouring Volt Tacklers!!~ manga alongside Liko in DVT05


  • This Terapagos's debut in the anime was the first time that Terapagos was ever shown in its Normal Form, as it had previously only been revealed in its Terastal Form. It was not identified as Terapagos until the August 8, 2023 Pokémon Presents months later.
  • In the closed captioning for the TV Tokyo broadcast of HZ023, Terapagos was referred to as コダイカメ Kodaikame (from 古代亀 kodai kame, literally "ancient turtle").[2] This was officially confirmed as an error by the @anipoke_PR Twitter account.[3]


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