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ブランカ Blanca
Age Unknown
Gender Female
Eye color Purple
Hair color Dark purple
Hometown Unknown
Region Unknown
Relatives Dot (daughter)
Murdock (older brother)
Anime series Pokémon Horizons: The Series
Debut HZ041
English voice actor N/A
Japanese voice actor Motoko Kumai

(Japanese: ブランカ Blanca) is a supporting character who appeared in HZ041. She is Dot's mother and Murdock's younger sister.

In the anime



Before Dot joined the Rising Volt Tacklers, Blanca and Dot decided that they'd have a trial period to evaluate whether the experience was what Dot wanted. Blanca tasked Murdock with taking care of Dot, and keeping her up-to-date on her daughter's life aboard the Brave Olivine.

Pokémon Horizons: The Series

Dot and Blanca

Blanca was briefly mentioned, albeit not by name, by Murdock in Arboliva's Forest.

In HZ041, after some time without answers from Murdock or Dot, Blanca traveled with Friede to Brave Olivine to personally check on her daughter and bring her back home. Upon arriving at the airship, Blanca met Liko, Roy and introduced herself to the others, shortly after, she decided to talk about Dot's situation in the group with her daughter's friends, after that, with Liko's insistence, Blanca let her Liko and Roy try to talk to Dot.

Upon seeing Dot opening up to her friends and that she has two Pokémon partners, Blanca decided to challenge her daughter to a Pokémon battle. After Dot finally managed to open up to her mother in battle, Dot's Quaxly managed to learn Low Kick and defeat her mother's Lycanroc. After this, Blanca gave her approval for Dot to continue traveling.


Blanca is an overly expressive person that says a lot about her family members. She is often stopped by her Lycanroc from getting off topic.

Similar to Dot, Blanca puts her hair back when she's getting serious or entering a battle. Just like her older brother, Blanca has a Pokémon from Rockruff's evolutionary line, although in her case it is a Midnight Form Lycanroc. This choice seems to reflect on the way she dresses, as Blanca wears clothes and accessories with similar patterns to Lycanroc's forms, as well as a pair of Rockruff slippers.


On hand

Midnight Form Lycanroc is Blanca's only known Pokémon. Whenever its Trainer begins talking too much and going off-topic, Lycanroc tends to help Blanca stop talking and focus on the task at hand. It later battled Quaxly aboard the Brave Olivine's battlefield, where it managed to keep Quaxly at bay for the majority of the battle, but once Quaxly learned Low Kick, Lycanroc was knocked out, giving Dot and Quaxly the win.

Lycanroc’s known moves are Counter and Rock Throw.

Debut HZ041

Traveling with

Rotom Phone

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese くまいもとこ Motoko Kumai


Artwork from "After the story" [1]


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