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ルッカ Lucca
Lucca anime.png
Age Unknown
Gender Female
Eye color Light turquoise
Hair color Black (With dark blue highlights)
Hometown Cabo Poco (original hometown unknown)
Region Paldea (originally Kanto)
Relatives Liko (daughter)
Alex (husband)
Diana (mother)
unnamed grandmother
Anime series Pokémon Horizons: The Series
Debut HZ012
English voice actor N/A
Japanese voice actor Houko Kuwashima

(Japanese: ルッカ Lucca) is a supporting character who appears in the Pokémon Horizons: The Series. She's a teacher and is Liko's mother.



Lucca grew up somewhere in the Kanto region where she met Alex when she attended Indigo Academy.

Sometime before the events of Pokémon Horizons: The Series, Lucca met Friede and became his teacher.

As revealed in HZ018, some years later, she moved to Paldea with Alex and had a daughter named Liko. Lucca introduced Friede to Captain Pikachu, which led them to forming the Rising Volt Tacklers. One day, Lucca was contacted by her mother as she asked her to hire anyone she trusted to protect both Liko and the pedant. Accepting her mother's request, Lucca called Friede and asked him to bring Liko, who was attending Indigo Academy, to Paldea and protect her during the journey there.

Pokémon Horizons: The Series

Lucca and Friede

Lucca was first mentioned in The Pendant That Starts It All: Part One by Liko when she talking to her roommate that she befriend named Ann. She and her husband recommended Indigo Academy as the place where Liko would attend in the hopes of finding her goal.

In For Sure! 'Cause Sprigatito's with Me!, Friede mentioned her, where it was revealed that she asked and paid the Rising Volt Tacklers to be Liko's bodyguards.

In HZ009, she was mentioned by Alex, when Liko asked where she was and Alex told Liko that she was on a field trip and couldn't come home that day.

In HZ011, Friede mentioned that he was awaiting contact from her. Lucca made her first physical appearance in the next episode. Meeting Friede in a library in Artazon, Lucca told Friede the story about the Ancient Adventurer, and how the story was connected with the two ancient Poké Balls that Roy has. Friede also asked her if she knew anything about Liko's pendant since she was Liko's mother, and she told him that she didn't know much about the pendant, as it belonged to her mother, Diana. She also revealed that Diana had given the pendant to Liko as a good-luck charm.

Lucca was mentioned in HZ024, her mother revealed to Liko that they have frequent contact about the journey Liko has been on with the Rising Volt Tacklers.


Lucca is a caring mother, who doesn't want to let her maternal-side influence Liko, and prefers her daughter to do things on her own as a way to have her learn about herself.



In HZ012, Diana's Squawkabilly was seen with Lucca. It gave Friede a clue to Diana's whereabouts, an old castle in the Galar region, before flying off into the sunset to eventually return to Diana.

None of Squawkabilly's moves are known.

Debut HZ012
Voice actors
Japanese Tatsuki Kobe

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 桑島法子 Houko Kuwashima


Language Name Origin
Japanese ルッカ Lucca
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