ドット Dot
Dot anime.png
Age Unknown
Gender Female
Eye color Purple
Hair color Purple with pink highlights
Hometown Unknown
Region Unknown
Relatives Murdock (uncle)
Unnamed mother
Anime series Pokémon Horizons: The Series
Debut The Pendant That Starts It All: Part One
English voice actor Faye Mata
Japanese voice actor Yoshino Aoyama
Member of Rising Volt Tacklers
Rank Member

Dot (Japanese: ドット Dot) is a supporting character in Pokémon Horizons: The Series. She is a skilled programmer and a member of the Rising Volt Tacklers. Online, she is known as Nidothing (Japanese: ぐるみん Gurumin), a popular streamer that makes videos on various topics of the Pokémon world.

In the anime



Dot is a computer genius that was responsible for Brave Olivine's technology system and created the Pokédex system used by members of the Rising Volt Tacklers, as she joined the group with her uncle Murdock looking after her. Dot also befriended a Quaxly that lived on the Brave Olivine.

Prior to HZ015, before becoming a popular content creator, Dot was a fan of Iono. Eventually, she formed a friendship with her and was inspired into becoming who she is currently, Nidothing. Dot refers her as (Japanese: ナンジャモお姉さん Big sister Nanjyamo). After becoming Nidothing, Dot's video channel on the internet became a hit among Trainers.

Pokémon Horizons: The Series

Dot briefly seen without her costume

Dot first appeared in The Pendant That Starts It All: Part One, taking part in several videos alongside Quaxly in her Nidothing costume.

She debuted as herself in HZ007, where it was revealed she was part of the Rising Volt Tacklers as well as Murdock's niece. Liko and Roy went to Dot's room hoping to gather information on the Black Rayquaza's whereabouts, only to receive a drawing of Roy losing a battle. Later, after seeing Liko and Roy's dedication to becoming better Trainers, Dot gave them another drawing indicating that Rayquaza was in the Paldea region.

In the following episode, after not responding to Liko's offer for her share of the food, Liko heard Nidothing's video theme and asked if she also liked to watch Nidothing's livestreams. Liko attempted to invite Dot to watch the livestream together, but was caught off guard upon hearing Dot abruptly shouting about something, leaving the former confused as to why she didn't want to watch the livestream with her despite listening to her theme song. Liko told her how much she admires Nidothing, how knowledgeable she was about Pokémon, and how fun it was to watch her. Afterwards, while Liko was watching her video in real time, Dot read her comment, which made Liko happy that someone she admired was reading her comment. The comment shared a similar description of Dot's personality, making her feel awkward. During the day, Murdock tried to get Dot out of her room by placing a tray of his donuts in a cabinet. Later that night, Dot, having been touched by Liko's kindness, sneaked into the kitchen and grabbed them for herself and Quaxly, making Murdock happy that his plan was successful.

Dot and Ludlow having fun on a picnic

In HZ009, as soon as Liko arrived in Paldea, Dot began to open up a little more to her. Following Ludlow's advice, Dot left an illustration on Liko's bedroom door and when she thanked her, Dot said on the other side that she would wait for her. Accidentally, Liko saw Dot doing Nidothing's laundry while on her way to her house to approach Sprigatito again. However, in HZ011, while Dot was trying to tell Liko the truth, Liko revealed that she just thought that Dot was just a Nidothing fan, leaving Liko without actually knowing the Nidothing's real identity.

In HZ013, as Dot was in progress of making a new video about picnics, she didn't have any idea on what to talk about, as she'd never been in a picnic before. After receiving a message from Liko, that she could make her own sandwich in the meeting room, causing Dot's stomach to growl. She decided to leave her room and to her surprise, she found table of sandwich ingredients that she could use, though she didn't know how to make one. Ludlow explained to Dot that Liko wanted to share fun experiences with her to help build a better friendship. Considering Ludlow's words and with the help of her fellow members, she was able to create a video about picnicking. Afterwards, as a thanks, Dot sent Liko a message of her wearing her Nidothing costume alongside with Quaxly and Ludlow but once again Liko failed to make the connection. Ludlow and Friede decided to let Dot be the one to decide when to actually explain the truth to Liko.

Dot and Iono interacting with each other

In HZ015, Dot was tasked to find information on the whereabouts to where Liko is located. Initially, Dot informed the Rising Volt Tacklers that Liko had been seen in Artazon. Unfortunately, they were unable to find her, due to getting tricked by false information. Urgently Dot contacted Iono for help and, using her live show to her advantage, she started to find Liko: Iono unexpectedly started a game of tag to search for the girl, which Dot was not expecting that to happen, disconnecting as the live show was still continuing. As the Rising Volt Tacklers were leaving, she requested Friede to bring her to Levincia as well. After landing in town, Roy was the first to see her in person, acknowledging her as Dot, seeing how friendly Quaxly was towards her. Using the information from participants of the game started by Iono, Dot and Roy were able to find Liko. Though, when first meeting face to face, Liko didn't know who Dot was, not until she introduced herself, leaving Liko surprised. Iono arrived to find both Roy and Liko on top of the building, as Dot leaves and hid to play the role of Nidothing. After all that, it left Dot exhausted from being outside.

Dot and her friends battling the Explorers

In the next episode, Dot caught Quaxly as her first Pokémon and partner. Dot went with Liko and Roy to look around Levincia to find the pendant until the ancient Poké Ball that holds Arboliva led them to where Spinel was. After finding Spinel's location, Dot participated in her first official Pokémon battle with her friends. Once Liko recovered the pendant, Dot and her friends made their escape through Arboliva. Later, through Quaxly's encouragement, Dot revealed to Liko that she was Nidothing, much to her shock.

In HZ018, Dot and her friends got curious as to how Captain Pikachu was able to fly during his battle against Roy in the previous episode. Although they asked Friede for answers, they couldn't get the information they wanted. However, Dot and her friends refused to give up as they decided to ask the rest of the members, but could't get an answer from them either. Despite this, Dot and her friends curiosity did get the rest of the members curious as well. They all decided to ask Friede for answers, as they were able to convince him into telling them as to how he met Captain Pikachu and the formation of the Rising Volt Tacklers.

In HZ027, a series of information that Dot collected led her to arrange a meeting with someone in the Wild Area in Galar. When she got there, she discovered that it was false information, despite this, Liko and the other Rising Volt Tacklers decided to camp there and prepare curry. Trying to get Dot in at all times, Liko managed to convince her to participate in the preparation of the food. At the end of the day, Dot thanked Liko for doing this.

In HZ031, Dot joined her friends and Ludlow in finding a Lapras, who happened to be one of Lucius's Pokémon, after they got a led through a ship crew that saw the Transport Pokémon. Fortunately, Dot, Liko, Roy, and Ludlow were able to find Lapras, but they failed to get it to come out, as it was covered by a Mist and two Pokémon appeared on the ship. Fortunately, Dot got a shot of a shadow in the Mist, which helped Friede devised a plan to get Lapras back. In the next episode, Dot connoted to help the group in searching for Lapras, which she was able to do.


Dot with her hair up

As an influencer and a video distributor, it is Nidothing's job to entertain young aspiring Trainers. Within the videos, she is seen as perky, using exaggerated teaching methods, and giving a beginner's guide to Trainers interested in starting their own journey. However, after becoming a Pokémon Trainer herself in HZ016, Dot got a taste of Pokémon battles, which she found enjoyable. Dot also uses the experiences she gained from being a Trainer as inspiration for her videos, as seen in HZ026, when she attempted to make a video about Multi Battle, but was interrupted by Terapagos, although she did finish making the video in the next episode.

Dot and her friends

Outside of being a streamer, Dot seems to be reclusive and spends most of her time behind doors creating videos, and is rarely seen by the other Rising Volt Tacklers members. Rather than having herself talk to Roy and Liko, she used Quaxly as a messenger to communicate with them. Due to her shyness, having lunch with the other members is bothersome to her. However, after being touched by Liko's kindness, Dot opens up a bit, as seen in HZ008 when she sneaked out of her room to grab the donuts Murdock made for her and Quaxly. This was shown again in the next episode, where Dot took Ludlow advice to the heart, as she realized that she and Liko do have some similarities, even leaving a drawing for her at her room. Dot also grew to consider Liko a friend, as seen in HZ013, when she was surprised that she wanted to share experiences with her by giving her and Ludlow their own picnic to enjoy on the Brave Olivine. In addition, Dot went out of her way to look for Liko when she went missing in HZ015, as she left her room and the Brave Olivine to find her.

Dot tends to get easily nervous or anxious on a tight schedule, or frustrated when she sees a comment on one of her videos she doesn't like. Dot is also shown to grow increasingly afraid and conflicted about any of her fans finding out that she's Nidothing. However, Dot does show guilt for her unwelcoming attitude towards others, deciding to read Liko's comment as Nidothing during said livestream to make up for turning her down. Despite not wanting others to know the truth, Dot does bring herself to make an attempt to confess to Liko that she is Nidothing after gradually warming up to her, as seen in HZ011. However, after being encouraged by Quaxly, Dot fully tells Liko the truth about being Nidothing in HZ016. Dot dislikes being misled, as seen in HZ015, when she found out that the information she got about Liko's whereabouts were false. This was shown again in HZ027, when she got misled in getting information about the Black Rayquaza.

At first, Dot found Roy annoying, but was intrigued that he had a rare Poké Ball that had a Black Rayquaza inside it. However, after teaming up with him in looking for Liko and battling against the Explorers, Dot warmed up to Roy and came to see him as a friend. Dot also watched Roy's second battle against Friede in HZ017. Although she still spends most of her time in her room, Dot seems to be more open in leaving it and interacting with others. Dot also seems to be comfortable in letting Liko and Roy in her room. In addition, Dot seems to be interacting with the rest of her teammates and Murdock a little bit more, as she is starting to open up to them.

As Nidothing, she always starts her videos or livestreams with the catchphrase, (Japanese: よぉーっす! Yoo-su!). It's a combination of the common English slang "yo" and part of Quaxly's Japanese name.

She appears to be tomboyish in appearance. In Japanese, she uses the first-person personal pronoun boku, a pronoun which is primarily used by males; when used by females, it is associated with tomboys.


On hand


Traveling with

Rotom Phone
The Rising Volt Tacklers app


  • Rising Volt Tacklers app: Dot developed the main app used by the team members, among the functions, there is an identification as a team member and an exclusive chat for them. This app is installed on each team member's personal Rotom Phone.

Nidothing's videos

In some episodes, Nidothing replaces the role of the narrator from previous series, explaining some concepts of the Pokémon world.

The Pendant That Starts It All: Part One
The Pendant That Starts It All: Part One
For Sure! 'Cause Sprigatito's with Me!
The Treasure After the Storm!
Pokémon Trainer
Pokémon Center
Catching Pokémon
Found You, Fuecoco!
The Ancient Poké Ball
Poké Balls
Legendary Pokémon
Pokémon battles
Livestream with fans
Collaboration with Iono
Rising Volt Tacklers' formation
Liko's fantasy
Taste test with Quaxly
Terapagos photobombing
Multi Battle

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 青山吉能 Yoshino Aoyama
English Faye Mata
Brazilian Portuguese Karin Medeiros



Concept art of Dot for
Pokémon Horizons: The Series
Dot with her hair up Key visual from
Pokémon Horizons: The Series
Concept art of Dot, as Nidothing from Pokémon Horizons: The Series[1] Dot in her costume

In the manga

Pocket Monsters ~Pucchigumi SP~

Dot briefly appeared in PGSP02.

Pocket Monsters ~The Detouring Volt Tacklers!!~

Dot appeared in the Pocket Monsters ~The Detouring Volt Tacklers!!~ manga. In DVT04, Dot and Quaxly helped Liko fix her hair.



Traveling with

Rotom Phone


  • Dot's main appearance resembles multiple Pokémon:
    • Her hairstyle resembles an Overcast Form of Cherrim with her hair down or a Sunshine Form of Cherrim with her hair up.
    • Her jacket bears a resemblance to a Shiny Glameow.
    • Her slippers resemble the face of Snorlax.



Language Name Origin
Japanese ドット Dot From dot, possibly in reference to pixels on a computer screen
English Dot Same as her Japanese name
Korean 도트 Dot Transcription of her Japanese name


Language Name Origin
Japanese ぐるみん Gurumin From 着包み kigurumi (costumed character)
English, German Nidothing From Nidorina and thing. Contains Dot. Verbally similar to Nidoking.
French Nidotruc From Nidorina and truc (thing)
Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish Nidotina From Nidorina
European Portuguese Gururina From its Japanese name and Nidorina
Korean 타르링 Tareuring From 탈인형 tar-inhyeong (costumed character)


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