マードック Murdock
Murdock anime.png
Gender Male
Eye color Black
Hair color Black
Hometown Unknown
Region Unknown
Relatives Dot (niece)
Member of Rising Volt Tacklers
Rank Chef
Anime debut HZ001
English voice actor N/A
Japanese voice actor Kenta Miyake

Murdock (Japanese: マードック Murdock) is a supporting character in Pokémon Horizons: The Series. He is a skilled chef and a member of the Rising Volt Tacklers.

In the anime


Murdock debuted in HZ001 alongside the other members of the Rising Volt Tacklers. He and his teammates were searching for Liko at Indigo Academy, but to no avail. In the following episode, he met and introduced himself to Liko aboard the Brave Asagi. He later took over the wheel from Friede when the Explorers' infiltrated the airship.

In HZ003, Murdock, his Rockruff, and Friede went to the nearest town to go looking for the Explorers, who had kidnapped Liko's Sprigatito. Due to Rockruff's strong sense of smell, they quickly managed to detect an undercover Conia due to her still having some of Sprigatito's scent in her body. As Liko joined them in the chase, Murdock decided to stay behind to help some townspeople that were knocked over by Conia. At the end of the day, Murdock and the rest of the Rising Volt Tacklers took Liko as one of their own.

In HZ005, Murdock briefly battled alongside Orla against Zir and Conia. As Roy approached alongside a group of Bug-type wild Pokémon, they ran back to the Brave Asagi to fix its balloon gasbag, leaving Mollie to face off against Zir.

In HZ008, it was revealed that Murdock and Friede had teamed up in order to get Dot to eat some sweets, since she only ate the very essentials for a day. Every night, he left a box of donuts in a cupboard for his niece to take, but she never interacted with this food. A few nights later, after Liko insisted on approaching Dot, Murdock discovered that his niece finally decided to eat the sweets.


Murdock is a caring person. As seen in HZ003, he likes to shower his Pokémon with affection and praises and is mindful to his teammates, such as when he asked Liko whether or not she have any allergies or food she dislikes right after she decided to join the Rising Volt Tacklers. Not only is he skilled at cooking, but at sewing too, to the point of Orla asking him to fix the patches on blimp.

Despite trying his best, Murdock has a rather estranged relationship with Dot, which has motivated him to try specific approaches to dealing with her withdrawal and indifference to other team members.


On hand

Rockruff is Murdock's first known Pokémon. It appeared for the first time in HZ002, where it played with Liko's Sprigatito.

In HZ003, Rockruff was used to search for Sprigatito, who had been kidnapped by the Explorers. Using its powerful sense of smell, it managed to detect Sprigatito's aroma in Conia and, after alerting the other, chased her back to the Explorers's hideout. Whilst Friede distracted Amethio in a battle, Rockruff continued the search with Liko and found Sprigatito.

In HZ005, Murdock used Rockruff to battle the Explorers when they confronted the Rising Volt Tacklers. It battled against Zir and his Rhydon.

Rockruff's only known move is Rock Tomb.

Debut HZ002
Voice actors
Japanese Saki Kotori
Alcremie is Murdock's second known Pokémon. She helps Murdock prepare the food for members of the Rising Volt Tacklers. In HZ008, Alcremie attacked Liko when she tried to snoop in the cupboard reserved for storing Dot's food.

None of Alcremie's moves are known.

Debut HZ004

Traveling with

Rotom Phone


Scyther (x2)
Scyther were wild Pokémon that lived on Roy's island. They helped Murdock and Orla fix the Brave Asagi.

None of Scyther's moves are known.

Debut HZ004
Caterpie (x2)
Caterpie were wild Pokémon that lived on Roy's island. They helped Murdock and Orla fix the Brave Asagi.

Caterpie's only known move is String Shot.

Debut HZ004
Weedle (x2)
Weedle were wild Pokémon that lived on Roy's island. They helped Murdock and Orla fix the Brave Asagi.

Weedle's only known move is String Shot.

Debut HZ004

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 三宅健太 Kenta Miyake


Concept art of Murdock for Pokémon Horizons: The Series.[1]

In the manga

Pocket Monsters

Murdock in the Pocket Monsters manga

Murdock appeared in the Pocket Monsters manga, playing the same role as he does in the anime.


  • The gray highlights in his hair are shaped like a fork and knife, alluding to his role as a chef.


Language Name Origin
Japanese マードック Murdock
English, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish Murdock Same as his Japanese name
French Murdoch Similar to his Japanese name


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