スピネル Spinel
Spinel anime.png
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Eye color Red
Hair color Green
Hometown Unknown
Region Unknown
Anime series Pokémon Horizons: The Series
Debut The Ancient Poké Ball
English voice actor N/A
Japanese voice actor Makoto Furukawa
Member of Explorers
Rank Admin

Spinel (Japanese: スピネル Spinel) is one of the admins of the Explorers, and a recurring major antagonist in Pokémon Horizons: The Series.


Spinel in disguise

Spinel first appeared as a hologram in The Ancient Poké Ball, in a meeting with the other Explorers Admins. Upon seeing Amethio's flaws, he started mocking him, doubting whether or not he actually saw the black Rayquaza. Amethio and Spinel's squabbles were interrupted by Hamber before Gibeon decided to give Spinel the mission to investigate the Rising Volt Tacklers.

Spinel made his physical debut in HZ012, where it was revealed that he used his Magneton to jam the Rising Volt Tacklers' phone signals to prevent them from communicating with their Rotom Phones in the previous episode. Later, Spinel was shown spying on the Brave Olivine in order to analyze the Rising Volt Tacklers' skills as Trainers.

Spinel taunts Friede

In HZ013, Spinel used a large amount of Magneton to create another electrical interference, preventing the Brave Olivine from updating its flight systems, leaving it stranded near Levincia.

In HZ014, Spinel had his Magneton and Beheeyem lead Friede into an ambush in Levincia, but had them retreat once Charizard Terastallized into a Dark type. Later, he lured Liko into the city with a false advertisement for a spice Murdock was looking to purchase. He cornered her in an alley and had his Beheeyem put Liko and her Sprigatito and Rotom Phone in a trance, allowing him to take her pendant without difficulty. In the following episode, Spinel was seen at his base of operations studying the pendant and tracking the movement of the Rising Volt Tacklers and Liko.

In HZ016, Spinel moved the van that served as his base to a cargo ship in Levincia's harbor, aiming to make a quiet getaway while the Rising Volt Tacklers were misdirected into pursuing a different ship. However, when he drove past Liko, Roy, and Dot, an ancient Poké Ball in Liko's possession reacted to her pendant as he passed by with it. The three were able to follow him to the ship, where he sent Beheeyem and Magneton to corner Dot and her Quaxly, only for Liko and Roy to save her in time. When they were able to defeat his Pokémon with the combined forces of Sprigatito, Quaxly, and Fuecoco, Spinel was forced to send his Umbreon into battle, easily defeating his three opponents. The ancient Poké Ball then reacted with Liko's pendant again, forcing Spinel to exit his van, which in turn allowed Liko and Sprigatito to reclaim the pendant from him. Spinel was left laughing maniacally before retreating at Umbreon's urging when Arboliva emerged from the ball to protect Liko and the others.

Later, Spinel was summoned to a meeting of the Explorers leadership to submit a report on his mission. He was antagonized for his failure by Sango, Agate, and Onyx before Hamber brought the meeting to an abrupt ending when Spinel offered no information beyond the contents of his report. He then stepped out of his van and looked out over the ocean, musing that he could not submit unverified information and expressing his own curiosity in the truth behind Liko and the pendant.

In HZ024, it was revealed that Spinel was with Agate at an Explorers research facility during the events in Galar.

In HZ027, it was revealed that Spinel sent several false information to Dot to mislead the Rising Volt Tacklers. During the meeting with the other Admin of the Explorers, Spinel suggested that the group keep an eye on the movements of the Rising Volt Tacklers so that they could finally take possession of Terapagos, but Amethio and the other members decided to follow in the footsteps of the black Rayquaza.


Spinel appearing to lose his sanity

Spinel is shown to be snarky and dismissive towards others, especially with Amethio, easily irritating him, which results in him becoming unprofessional around his associates. He is formal around other Explorers members, as well as, in front of his superiors. He happily obliges and obeys orders from Gibeon. Spinel is shown to be very confident on his abilities, and looks down on everyone, including his adversaries to whom he displays a condescending attitude, while keeping a seemingly unflinching sense of level-headness, rarely if ever seen losing his cool. Unlike Amethio, he has not been seen working with other members of the Explorers during his missions.

Spinel is shown to gather intelligence on his targets before acting, and relies on deception and subterfuge in conducting his operations. Spreading false information via the Internet is one of his trademark tactics; he will do this in order to mislead his targets, split them up, and lure them into traps. He tends to keep himself hidden and instructs his Pokémon through radio transmitters, allowing for them to easily escape with minimal risk once their tasks are finished. He also prefers to divide and entrap his targets so his ambush attacks will prove more effective. When out in public, he wears a disguise and changes his personality in order to keep his true identity a secret. Spinel had no problem erasing anyone's memory, as seen when he had his Beheeyem erase Liko's memory after he stole her pendant. He also had no reservations about directly attacking other humans with his Pokémon.

However, once Liko, Roy, and Dot were able to defeat Beheeyem and Magneton, their resistance caused Spinel to become uncharacteristically angry and forced him to let his Umbreon fight them. Shortly afterward, when he witnessed the giant Arboliva that emerged from the Ancient Poké Ball, he appeared to lose some of his sanity, laughing maniacally at how fascinating he found it. He did not realize his defeat until Umbreon urged him to retreat. This shift in his character continued in the subsequent meeting of the Explorers leadership, where he said little outside of what he filed in his report and did not respond to Sango's taunting.


On hand

Magneton is Spinel's first known Pokémon. It was first seen being used to create an electrical interference, preventing the Rising Volt Tacklers from communicating with their Rotom Phones. It was eventually chased off by Friede and Captain Pikachu.

In HZ014, Magneton lured Friede and his Charizard to Levincia, where it and Beheeyem launched an ambush. They were driven off after Friede Terastallized Charizard and unleashed a powerful Tera Blast.

Magneton's known moves are Zap Cannon and Electro Ball.

Debut HZ012
Umbreon is Spinel's second known Pokémon and his main partner. It was first seen by Spinel's side as he spied on the Rising Volt Tacklers.

In HZ016, Spinel sent Umbreon out against Liko, Roy, and Dot as a final resort after the three defeated his Magneton and Beheeyem, unleashing a sneak attack that easily overpowered them. However, when Liko's pendant activated and caused the giant Arboliva to intervene, Umbreon urged Spinel to retreat.

Umbreon's only known move is Snarl.

Debut HZ012
Beheeyem is Spinel's third known Pokémon. It was first seen spying on the Brave Olivine alongside Magneton.

In HZ014, Beheeyem immobilized Friede's Charizard allowing Magneton to attack it. Once Friede Terastallized Charizard into a Dark Tera type, Beheeyem withdrew. Beheeyem later assisted Spinel in distracting Liko by putting her in a trance, even doing the same thing to her Sprigatito and Rotom Phone, which allowed its Trainer to steal her pendant while also erasing Liko's memories of the Rising Volt Tacklers.

Beheeyem's known moves are Dark Pulse, Psychic, Meteor Beam, and Teleport.

Debut HZ012


Magneton (multiple)
These wild Magneton were first used to create another electrical interference to prevent the Brave Olivine from updating its systems. They were driven off by Friede's Charizard.

None of their moves are known.

Debut HZ013

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 古川慎 Makoto Furukawa


Alternative artwork from
Pokémon Horizons: The Series
Concept art from
Pokémon Horizons: The Series


Language Name Origin
Japanese スピネル Spinel From spinel
English Spinel Same as his Japanese name

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Agents: OniaZirc

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