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アン Ann
Age Unknown
Gender Female
Eye color Pink
Hair color Purple
Hometown Unknown
Region Kanto
Anime series Pokémon Horizons: The Series
Debut The Pendant That Starts It All (Part One)
English voice actor Xanthe Huynh
Japanese voice actor Yuna Ogata
Manga series Pocket Monsters
Debut HZM01

Ann (Japanese: アン Ann) is a character in Pokémon Horizons: The Series. She is a student at Indigo Academy and a friend and roommate of Liko.

In the anime


Ann and Liko

Ann first appeared in The Pendant That Starts It All (Part One). She met Liko when she arrived at the room they were sharing together. After getting the Pokédex installed on her Rotom Phone, she selected Oshawott to be her first partner Pokémon. The next day, Ann had her first ever Pokémon battle, using Oshawott to battle against Liko's Sprigatito, which was soon called off. One night, Ann spotted Liko looking at her grandmother's pendant and asked about it.

After Liko noticed how close she and Oshawott were compared to how close she was with her Sprigatito, Ann gave her advice. When the time came for a school break, Ann headed home, leaving Liko at the academy.

Ann reappeared in For Sure! 'Cause Sprigatito's with Me!, when she spoke to Liko after she had joined the Rising Volt Tacklers.

In The Door That Never Opens, Ann spoke to Liko when she attended a class online. During the conversation, the two talked about the live stream that Nidothing would do in a few hours.

In The Lonely Hatenna, she contacted Liko and revealed that she had acquired her second Pokémon in the form of her Sandshrew.

In HZ035, Ann spoke with Liko before class and noted that she had caught a Hatenna. Ann appeared again when Liko gave her presentation for class.

In HZ046, Ann arrived at Naranja Academy, having enrolled as a temporary student to train for Terastal Training. After reuniting with Liko, she met Roy and Dot and had a battle with Liko, using her Dewott to battle against Floragato. After a tough battle, Liko emerged victorious.

During her Terastal Training journey, Ann received her challenge, and managed to pass her first exam.

In HZ054, Ann met up again with Liko and her friends and, after being introduced to Terapagos, she spent the day with them. During the return to Naranja Academy, Ann revealed to Liko her real feelings as a Trainer and together they arrived at Mesagoza. In the next episode, Ann stayed with Liko and his friends while they received information that they would participate in a battle against members of Paldea's Elite Four. During the battles, Ann watched the matches with Liko


Ann is an energetic girl who is very extroverted. She has a habit of being messy, but is shown to be considerate, keeping her mess to herself. She expresses concern and encourages her friend Liko to try and understand her partner Pokémon.

In The Lonely Hatenna, Ann revealed that she wants to be a Trainer that focuses on battles, while Liko was still figuring out her path at the time. In HZ054, Ann revealed that her main goal was the Pokémon League.

Ann and her Pokémon


Ann's Pokémon are very close and friendly to each other. Ann is also very attached to her Pokémon, to the point that she considers them the biggest reason she follows through on her dreams.

Despite being a beginner Trainer like Liko, her Dewott managed to stand its ground despite her weakness against Floragato and Ann is a very versatile Trainer, using specific moves on her Pokémon to cover their weaknesses, as analyzed by Rika.

On hand


Oshawott → Dewott
Dewott is Ann's first partner Pokémon. She received it as an Oshawott from her homeroom teacher in Indigo Academy. Ann used Oshawott in a battle against Liko and her Sprigatito, which was soon called off.

It reappeared in HZ046, where it was revealed to have evolved into a Dewott. It had a rematch against Liko's Floragato, but lost.

Dewott's known moves are Water Gun, Water Pulse, Razor Shell, Aerial Ace, and Detect.

Debut The Pendant That Starts It All (Part One)
Voice actors
English Lisa Ortiz
Sandshrew is Ann's second known Pokémon. It was first seen when Ann made a video call to Liko.

None of Sandshrew's moves are known.

Debut The Lonely Hatenna

Traveling with

Rotom Phone


Terastal Training

Ann participated in the Terastal Training, her evaluation and overall score are:

Voice actress

Language Voice actor
Japanese 緒方佑奈 Yuna Ogata
English Xanthe Huynh
Italian Luna Fogu
Brazilian Portuguese Nany Assis

In the manga

Pocket Monsters

Ann in the Pocket Monsters manga

Ann appeared in the Pocket Monsters manga playing the same role she does in the anime.


Oshawott is Ann's only known Pokémon. She received Oshawott from her homeroom teacher. It was later used to battle Liko's Sprigatito, though the winner went undecided.

Oshawott's only known move is Water Gun.

Debut HZM01

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