Dot's Tinkatink

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Dot's Tinkatink
ドットのカヌチャン Dot's Kanuchan
Bag Poké Ball SV Sprite.png
Dot Tinkatink.png
Dot's Tinkatink
Debuts in HZ039
Caught at Near Tetsuron Town
Gender Female[1]
Ability Unknown
Current location With Dot
This Pokémon has not evolved.
Voice actor Japanese English
As Tinkatink Unknown N/A

Dot's Tinkatink (Japanese: ドットのカヌチャン Dot's Kanuchan), or Nidothing's Tinkatink (Japanese: ぐるみんのカヌチャン Gurumin's Kanuchan), is the first Pokémon Dot caught after becoming an official Pokémon Trainer, and her second overall. She is usually outside her Poké Ball.


Tinkatink and Dot

Tinkatink debuted in HZ039 as a wild Pokémon, being chastised by a worker for trying to use his iron to build a new hammer for herself. When Dot returned the hammer that she'd dropped, Tinkatink noticed Dot's newly-bought mic and began bashing it in order to build a hammer, and Dot decided to let her keep it before leaving. After finishing it, Tinkatink decided to show her work to Dot and climbed aboard the Brave Olivine. Unfortunately, the crew's iron had all been devoured by an unknown Pokémon, and once Tinkatink's presence became they known, they immediately accused her of doing so, despite Dot's protests. After a wild chase, Dot defended Tinkatink, being backed by Friede, who remarked that eating iron isn't typical of Tinkatink's species, and proceeds to reveal the real culprit: Orthworm.

After Orthworm stole the hammer she worked so hard on, Tinkatink, Dot, and Quaxly immediately chased after it. Heading to the desert, Dot decided to use the enviroment to her advantage, ordering Quaxly to trap Orthworm with Water Gun, making the sand wet to prevent Orthworm from escaping since its species are known to rust easily when in contact with water. Seeing an opening, Tinkatink charged towards the Earthworm Pokémon and bashed its head with her hammer, knocking it out, and retrieving her precious hammer in the process. Afterwards, Dot and the Rising Volt Tacklers were ready to leave, but a tearful Tinkatink was hesitant to be left behind, and thanks to Quaxly's encouragement, Dot caught Tinkatink. She then participated in Nidothing's newest video, where she disrupted by getting fixated on the zipper of her costume and trying to remove it, almost exposing Dot's identity before Quaxly shut down the live stream.

In HZ041, Tinkatink was causing trouble for Dot by running around the Brave Olivine in a hurry, which was soon revealed to be her desire to enter the airship's kitchen. When Murdock opened the door, she rushed inside and stole one of his frying pans in an attempt to make a hammer out of it. She was chased by Dot, Murdock, Liko, and Roy, as well as their Pokémon, all the way to the ship's battlefield, where Tinkatink bumped into Terapagos, causing her to be sent flying, but was saved by Blanca's Lycanroc. She and Quaxly later comforted Dot after her mother tried to bring her back home, and subsequently watched Quaxly's battle with Lycanroc, and hugged him following his victory over the Wolf Pokémon.

In HZ044, Tinkatink and Quaxly encouraged Dot to help Liko and Roy prevent the Explorers from luring the Black Rayquaza to them by deactivating their generator. Once they reached the lighthouse in which the Explorers were at, Tinkatink and Quaxly battled against Chalce's Medicham, distracting them both long enough for Dot to insert her Rotom Phone into the generator and deactivate it. Afterwards, Tinkatink began crying due to the scary situation and was promptly recalled as a result.

Personality and characteristics

Tinkatink and Quaxly

True to her species, Tinkatink creates her own hammer using iron scraps, remaking it as many times as she wants until she is satisfied. When Dot allowed her to use the latter's microphone as a basis to build a new hammer, Tinkatink became determined to show Dot her hard work, and seemed rather protective and fond of her hammer, not allowing Fuecoco to even touch it. She also seems quite easily scared, being startled by everyone on the Brave Olivine, except for Dot and Quaxly. At the same time, Tinkatink does have a more courageous side, charging towards an Orthworm that had stolen her hammer, being just as determined as Dot to recover it. Her courage is also shown when she battles the Explorers in HZ044.

Her natural love for iron occasionally overrides her common sense, as she attempted to take Nidothing's metal zipper in order to make a hammer out of it, nearly exposing her Trainer's identity to her viewers, and left the Brave Olivine on her own accord to find more material for her hammer. Tinkatink's love for iron is quite obsessive, and she often attempts to make hammers out of any piece of metal she can find, such as Murdock's frying pans. She even left her Poké Ball by herself in HZ048, due to there being tons of iron materials lying around for use during the annual Artazon Art Festival, much to her excitement. It seems that her immediate instinct is to turn iron she finds into hammers, likely to hone her blacksmith skills. She also has quite the hyperactive personality, often seen running around despite Dot's pleas for her to calm down and rarely being able to sit still, as seen in HZ040 and HZ041. Tinkatink also has the tendency to burst into tears whenever she feels upset or overwhelmed, seen in HZ041 when she began crying when she couldn't open the Brave Olivine's kitchen door.

Dot and Tinkatink quickly bonded after meeting each other, as she became unwilling to leave her when she attempted to say goodbye to her. Tinkatink has also gotten quite close to Quaxly, the one who encouraged Dot and Tinkatink to stay together. Following Quaxly's battle against Blanca's Lycanroc, Tinkatink was overjoyed with her friend's victory and rushed into a celebrational hug. They also seemed to have quickly developed a sibling-like bond, briefly shown in HZ043, where Tinkatink, with the help of Terapagos and Ludlow's Quagsire brought back Pecha Berries for her and Quaxly to eat since Dot was still busy, and again in HZ047, where Tinkatink was sad after she finished her cake too fast and Quaxly happily gave her the rest of his. Her and Quaxly would also both worry about Dot and even encourage her, as seen in HZ044.

Moves used

Using Slam
Move First Used In
Slam HZ039
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.



Artwork from "After the story" [2] Artwork from "After the story" [3] Artwork from "After the story" [4] Artwork from "After the story" [5]




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