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Pokémon Horizons: The Series
HZ048   EP1280
Shine! The Brilliance of Fire and Art
First broadcast
Japan May 3, 2024
United States
English themes
Japanese themes
Opening Will
Ending Let me battle
Animation Team Kumemura
Screenplay 土屋理敬 Michihiro Tsuchiya
Storyboard 浅田裕二 Yūji Asada
Assistant director 浅田裕二 Yūji Asada
Animation directors 岩根雅明 Masaaki Iwane
志村泉 Izumi Shimura
Additional credits

(Japanese: 輝け!炎とアートのきらめき Shine! The Brilliance of Fire and Art) is the 48th episode of Pokémon Horizons: The Series, and the 1,280th episode of the Pokémon anime. It first aired in Japan on May 3, 2024.

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On their way to Artazon for Roy's Terastal Training battle against Brassius, Liko, Roy, and Dot make a brief stop for Roy to do some training with Fuecoco, though in a moment of passion, Fuecoco's series of overenthusiastic Stomping Tantrums ends up collapsing the ground underneath him. Eventually, though, the trio safely arrives in Artazon, where they find the streets bustling with people and Pokémon. From Hassel, who is setting up a sign, they learn that the yearly Artazon Art Festival is currently taking place, with Brassius working as its director. After seeing the unveiling of this year's festival's centerpiece, the Black Rayquaza statue that Brassius was previously working on, Roy asks for Hassel to take them to Brassius for his Terastal Training battle. Hassel leads them to the town's battle court, where Brassius is working on his latest sculpture. When he and Hassel greet each other, Liko is surprised to learn that the two are actually friends, with Hassel having acted as Brassius's mentor and helped him to get out of a slump. Another surprise appears in the form of Liko's father Alex, whom Brassius had invited go the festival due to his work with picture books. Roy tries to challenge Brassius, but while the Gym Leader is curious to see how much Roy has improved since they last fought, he refuses for now, as he needs to finish his sculpture first. When Roy keeps asking for a battle right away, Nemona suddenly appears and happily agrees to battle him, finally bring able to do so without an interruption.

Taking their places at the battle court, Nemona chooses to use her Pawmot and to not use Terastallization in order to allow Roy to not break the Terastal Training rules. Roy has Fuecoco use Stomping Tantrum, which Pawmot dodges and counters with Quick Attack. Fuecoco follows up with a super-effective Disarming Voice, stunning Pawmot long enough for Fuecoco to land a direct hit with Flamethrower. A rain starts to fall, but Roy, completely focused on the battle, does not notice this, instead ordering Fuecoco to use Stomping Tantrum again. This time, Pawmot dodges the attack with Dig. When the Hands-On Pokémon resurfaces, Roy orders a Flamethrower, which ends up fizzling out in the falling rain, giving Nemona the chance to order a Double Shock, which is enough to knock Fuecoco out. It is not until Roy goes to pick up his fainted partner that he notices the rain and realizes why Flamethrower failed. He tries to ask Nemona for another battle, claiming the rain was the only reason he lost, but Brassius says that he will never win if he continues battling this way, declaring that until he can find out what he's missing, he can never master Terastallization, and putting their battle on indefinite hold. Hassel suggest the children make art for the festival as a change of pace, with Alex specifying that this year's theme is creating art with Pokémon. While Roy is initially reluctant, he eventually agrees after seeing Fuecoco watching Brassius's sculpture.

At the Artazon Gym, the children are provided with materials for their own art projects. Liko gets the idea to use Pokémon footprints to make a painting, Dot borrows Roy's Wattrel for a mechanical project inspired by Tinkatink's hammer-making, and Roy gets inspired by a Charizard painting to make a clay sculpture of Fuecoco's idol. However, Roy is not satisfied with his sculpture, which then also starts falling apart. Brassius approaches him and tells him to remember that anything within his reach could be a clue to how to create art. At first, Roy fails to understand what that's supposed to mean, but when Fuecoco accidentally burns one of the sculpture's wings and makes it hard, he remembers the festival's theme of working together with Pokémon, making Pokémon moves another thing he can use. As he and Fuecoco complete their sculpture, he also understands that using things within his reach as hints can also be applied for battles. Later, the children present their art projects to the others: Nemona has created a carving of Pawmot, Liko and her Pokémon have created a painting of Arboliva, Dot has constructed a miniature electric ferris wheel featuring Tinkatink's hammers, and Roy presents his Charizard sculpture, which he finishes by having Fuecoco ignite its eyes, mouth, hands, and tail. Roy's finished sculpture makes Brassius realize that Roy understood his advice and declares that he'll be waiting for him at the battle court.

Roy and Brassius take their spots on the battle court. Just like last time, Brassius uses Sudowoodo, which has a type advantage over Fuecoco, but can Terastallize into a Grass type, meaning that Roy must find a way to turn the type advantages around in order to win. The battle begins, with Fuecoco making the first move with Stomping Tantrum, but Sudowoodo uses Substitute to avoid the attack, before countering with Stone Edge, which lands a hit on Fuecoco. Fuecoco uses Disarming Voice, which Sudowoodo blocks with another Stone Edge. Roy has Fuecoco use a flurry of Flamethrowers, but yet again, Brassius is prepared for a move he's seen before, and has Sudowoodo use Substitute to block every single one of these attacks. Brassius is feeling disappointed, but Roy starts paying attention to Sudowoodo, and notices that the real one is starting to sweat with effort as the battle drags on, allowing him to start distinguishing the real Sudowoodo from the substitute and land repeated hits on it. Forced to go on the offensive, Brassius orders a Stone Edge, but it is overpowered by a Stomping Tantrum. Impressed by Roy's performance, Brassius pulls out his Tera Orb and Terastallizes Sudowoodo. In response, Roy reveals his own Tera Orb and performs his first Terastallization. Sudowoodo moves in with a boosted Trailblaze, which Fuecoco meets with a boosted Flame Charge, finally catching Brassius by surprise with an unexpected move. The two Pokémon clash, but eventually, Fuecoco succeeds in pushing Sudowoodo back, before following up with Flamethrower, which is enough to defeat Sudowoodo.

Brassius admits his defeat, allowing Roy and Fuecoco to celebrate their victory. After hearing Roy's explanation on how he was able to locate the real Sudowoodo, Brassius deems him a worthy Trainer to use Terastallization and rewards him with a stamp to signify him having passed the test. Knowing she'll be next to take on a test, Dot starts feeling nervous, but assures herself that she can do it. First, however, the children, especially Roy and Fuecoco, decide to chow down after the exhausting battle.

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