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アオキ Aoki
"The Exceptional Everyman"
Scarlet Violet Larry.png
Artwork from Scarlet and Violet
Gender Male
Eye color Black
Hair color Black with gray highlights
Hometown Medali
Region Paldea
Trainer class Gym Leader
Elite Four
Generation IX
Games Scarlet and Violet
Leader of Medali Gym
Badge Unknown Badge
Elite Four of Paldea League
Specializes in Normal types (Gym Leader)
Flying types (Elite Four)

Larry (Japanese: アオキ Aoki) is a Pokémon League staffer who is being assigned as both Gym Leader of Medali's Gym, known officially as the Medali Gym, and a member of Paldea's Elite Four. He specializes in both Normal- and Flying-type Pokémon, using the former as a Gym Leader and the latter as an Elite Four member.

In the core series games

Larry is a serious, brooding man who works for Paldea's Pokémon League under Geeta, who assigned him the roles of both a Gym Leader and Elite Four member. He also works as a businessman on top of his Pokémon League duties. He is often unmotivated, and becomes unsettlingly still whenever he is lost in thought, much to the worry of people nearby.[1]

He uses Normal-type Pokémon at his Gym because he feels they reflect his ordinary image. In addition to the Gym Badge, Larry gives out TM025 (Facade) when defeated. During the Champion Assessment, he is the third Elite Four member to be faced and uses a team of Flying-type Pokémon per Geeta's request, much to his dismay.

Outside of his Pokémon League duties, he is known for his fixation with food, and regularly visits the Treasure Eatery of Medali, which also serves as the arena for his Gym battles.


Gym battle

Larry will Terastallize his Staraptor at the first opportunity.

Champion Assessment

Larry will Terastallize his Flamigo at the first opportunity.


Larry will Terastallize his Staraptor at the first opportunity.



Treasure Eatery
  • Talking during the Gym Challenge
"*munch munch* Mmmph... *gulp*"
Are you a regular here?: "Hm? Oh, yes, I suppose I do come here often."
Is that the secret dish?: "You must be a Gym Test challenger..."
"Well, what I’m having right now is something quite ordinary, but..."
"Here’s a tip for you. A nice squeeze of lemon gives any dish a refreshing kick."
  • Talking to him again
"Here’s a tip for you. A nice squeeze of lemon gives any dish a refreshing kick. Though...I daresay someone as young as you might not really appreciate that taste just yet."
  • Before battle
"I’m Larry. I’m assigned to work as the Gym Leader of the Medali Gym."
"Good job on making your way through the Gym Test."
"And, well...maybe try the other dishes on the menu too sometime. Everything’s good here."
"Anyway, my boss will dock my pay if I spend too much time chitchatting. Let’s get this battle over with."
"Thank you for doing business with us today. I, Larry, will be at your service."
  • In battle
"I just ate, so...let’s not go too hard."
  • Before sending out final Pokémon
"This is still better than getting cornered by my boss."
"You’re pretty good. I might end up losing this..."
"Well, you heard the good folks... I suppose I can put on a bit more of a show."
"I think it’s time to show you that real life isn’t all just being true to yourself..."
  • Upon being defeated
"You certainly threw me for a loop."
  • After being defeated
"You’re rather strong, aren’t you? Enough to bring out my poker face, even."
"I lost, so that means I have to give you a badge, but..."
"That battle made me a bit hungry. Care to join me for a meal?"
"Having <number of Badges> Gym Badge/Badges in hand makes it easier to catch Pokémon of up to Lv. <level>. Oh, and they’ll actually listen to you, too..." (If the player has less than eight Badges)
"If you have 8 Gym Badges, you’ll be able to catch Pokémon of any level. They’ll never question who’s the boss, either." (If the player has eight Badges)
"The dishes here... They’ve all got flavor. Good flavor, I mean."
"This is for you. Though hopefully a child like you has no need to put on its namesake..."
"Oh, don’t worry about the bill. I do earn a salary, after all."
"Now, I’d better get back to work. If you’ll excuse me."
Pokémon League
"Hello there... It’s me, Larry."
"So, you made it this far."
"I serve as a member of the Elite Four too, yes...Unfortunately for me."
"At my Gym, I use Normal-type Pokémon, since I feel they have a lot in common with me."
"But, well, the boss told me to use a different type here."
"So if you have any complaints, please take them up with La Primera."
"Anyway, time to get to work."
  • After sending out first Pokémon
"Well, I’ll be trying my hand with Flying-type Pokémon this time..."
  • Before sending out final Pokémon
"You’re even stronger than before. Guess I don’t get a break today..."
"At the risk of messing up my suit a bit...it’s time to get some wind at our backs."
"I’d advise you to stay on your toes, because I’m about to scatter you to the wind!"
  • Upon being defeated
"Well, that took the wind from under our wings..."
  • After being defeated
"You’re a lot stronger than I recall. No wonder La Primera likes you."
"Now then... I suppose the final member of the Elite Four is next."
"It’s your turn, Hassel..."
"Now, where could he be?"
"Come on in, Hassel…"
"...I get the feeling I’m in for another one of Hassel’s endless lectures."
"Well, uh, good lu—"
"Ahem... Good luck."
Medali Gym
"It’s time for a meeting with the boss, but...seems I’ve got a visitor with no appointment instead..."
"This is absolutely something she’d do. No, no, I understand everything, I assure you..."
Either way: "Oh, of course, it’s no problem."
"La Primera IS my boss, so I have to do as she says...but now she’s ordering students around?"
"I see... So you’re helping the boss free up some time to enter a tournament at the academy?"
"Well, whatever floats your boat, I suppose. I’d never let myself get roped in like that..."
"... ... ...... ... ..."
"Well, let’s knock this task off our list, then. No use wasting time. Shall we?"
"The best thing to do with troublesome tasks is to just get them over with. Agreed?"
Yes "Let’s head to the Treasure Eatery, then."
No "I don’t have all day, you know."
Treasure Eatery
  • Before battle
"You already faced me during the Elite Test, so..."
"I doubt this will leave much of an impression on you. In any case, let’s get started, shall we?"
"I’ll be facing you in my role as a Gym Leader, so I’m going to use my regular team."
"They all belong to the Normal type. “Normal” as in plain...average...unremarkable...run-of-the-mill..."
"I’m pretty fond of them, you know? They suit me perfectly—I’m about as ordinary as you can get."
"People, Pokémon... There’s no need to overcomplicate things."
"Nowadays people only seem to want a shock factor. Something weird, something bizarre."
"At the end of the day, though, nothing beats the relief of coming home, even after a fun vacation."
"When all’s said and done, simplicity is strongest."
  • In battle
"The boss takes some getting used to, you know. You’ve got your work cut out for you…"
  • Before sending out final Pokémon
"You’re just plain strong, aren’t you? But I always output my best results when it’s crunch time."
  • Upon Terastallizing his Staraptor
"Time to show what we can really do. Same good work as always, please."
  • Upon using Staraptor's Facade
"I hope you find the power of this next move to be satisfactory."
  • Upon being defeated
"A third serving of defeat, huh…"
  • After being defeated
"You’re a bit too much for an average joe like me to handle..."
"But I think I understand now."
"Why I was told to use Flying-types when I battle as a member of the Elite Four, I mean."
"There’s scenery you’ll never even notice if you stick to flat, well-trodden paths."
"It’ll do me good to admire talent that soars as high as yours from time to time."
"Well, if the boss says I should do so, I’ll do so. She won’t catch me doing it for fun, though."
"In any case, I’ve been strictly told to cut down on my overtime hours, so...I’ll call it a day."


  • Larry's Japanese Gym Leader title is 非凡サラリーマン.
  • As both a Gym Leader and an Elite Four member, Larry is the first character in the games to fill two different positions in the same Pokémon League simultaneously.
  • Larry's specialization in Flying types is hinted at by the cloud patterns on his tie and his ace Pokémon as a Gym Leader being part Flying-type.
    • Him specializing in both Normal and Flying types is likely a reference to how the Normal/Flying type combination is the most common type combination amongst dual-type Pokémon.
  • Larry is the only Paldean Gym Leader to:
    • Terastallize a Pokémon already of his type specialization.
    • Terastallize more than one Pokémon.
    • Battle inside a building instead of outdoors.


Language Name Origin
Japanese アオキ Aoki From 青木 aoki (spotted laurel)
English Larry From spotted laurel and salaryman
German Aoki Transcription of his Japanese name
Spanish Laureano From laurel moteado (spotted laurel)
French Okuba From Aucuba (genus which contains the spotted laurel)
Italian Ubaldo From Aucuba (genus which contains the spotted laurel)
Korean 청목 Cheongmok From 청목 (靑木) cheongmok (spotted laurel)
Chinese (Mandarin) 青木 Qīngmù From 青木 qīngmù / chīngmuhk (spotted laurel)
Chinese (Cantonese) 青木 Chīngmuhk

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