Roy's Wattrel

Roy's Wattrel
ロイのカイデン Roy's Kaiden
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Roy's Wattrel
Debuts in HZ013
Caught in HZ014
Caught at East Province (Area Two)
Gender Unknown
Ability Wind Power
Current location With Roy
This Pokémon has not evolved.
Voice actor Japanese English
As Wattrel Ayane Sakura N/A

Roy's Wattrel (Japanese: ロイのカイデン Roy's Kaiden) is the first Pokémon Roy caught in the Paldea region, and his second overall.


As a wild Pokémon

Wattrel and Roy

Wattrel first appeared in HZ013 when it stole a sandwich that Roy had made for Fuecoco. Roy chased after Wattrel, until it reached a cliff, where it turned around to face Fuecoco. After a brief confrontation, Roy agreed to share the sandwich, only for Wattrel to steal both halves of it. Soon after, Roy noticed that Wattrel wasn't flying away with others of its kind.

In HZ014, Roy sought Wattrel out again in order to help it learn to fly. Wattrel's fear of heights made this hard, so Roy eventually got the idea of using Ludlow's fishing rod to support Wattrel mid-air while it attempted to fly. This strategy eventually succeeded, allowing Wattrel to fly as high as the others of its kind. Happy to see Wattrel flying, Roy was about to leave, only for Wattrel to fly after him. Taking this as a sign that Wattrel wanted to be caught by Roy, Murdock gave him a Poké Ball to do so. When a sudden gust of wind threw Wattrel off-balance, Roy threw the Poké Ball at it before it could hit the ground, saving it and adding it to his team.

With Roy

Wind Power activated

In HZ016, Wattrel was used in a battle against Spinel's Magneton alongside Fuecoco. During the battle, Wattrel started a fight with Fuecoco which caused the latter to aim an Ember at Wattrel, unintentionally hitting Magneton instead, taking it out instantly. After Magneton was defeated, the two teammates continued their squabble, which caused Roy to break up the fight and temporarily leave the battle. As their bickering continued in the next episode, Roy was inspired by Friede to have them battle together in order to deepen their friendship and relieve some stress. Their opponent was Captain Pikachu, to whom they lost due to their lack of teamwork. Immediately after, the Brave Olivine flew through a turbulence, during which Wattrel activated its Wind Power Ability in order to boost its Spark and protect Roy from getting hit by a rogue tree branch. Seeing this as an opportunity to overpower Captain Pikachu, Roy, Wattrel, and Fuecoco trained the entire night in preparation for a combo move. The next day, they had their rematch against Captain Pikachu, with Fuecoco launching it and its teammate up by firing Embers downward in order to give Wattrel enough height to catch sufficiently strong winds and activate its Ability. Despite their improved teamwork, Captain Pikachu won once again, though their relationship was shown to have grown more amicable.

In HZ023, Wattrel teamed up with Charizard to help Liko's Sprigatito use its sweet scent and Leafage to sooth a Galarian Moltres at the Galar Mine.

In HZ028, Wattrel and Fuecoco teamed up with Sprigatito to battle Tepen in order to get the Ancient Poké Ball back from him, after he stole it from Roy. However, the three of them were put to sleep by Tepen's special Sleep Powder that his Foongus used.

Personality and characteristics

Wattrel's fear of heights

Like Roy's Fuecoco, Wattrel has shown to be gluttonous. In its debut, it was seen stealing the Fire Croc Pokémon's sandwich. Wattrel also enjoys eating berries. Despite being a Flying type, it initially had a fear of heights, but it managed to overcome its phobia with Roy's help. After flying for the first time, Wattrel came to enjoy it. Wattrel also became fasciated in seeing other Flying-types fly, as shown in HZ015, when it tried to follow a wild Corvisquire. In addition, Wattrel enjoys the sunlight and doesn’t like when someone blocks the sun, as seen in HZ017. Wattrel is noticeably smaller than others of its species.

Wattrel and Fuecoco

At first, Wattrel wasn't interested in Roy, acting aggressively towards him even when he tried to share his food with it. However, after Roy help it learn to fly and overcome its fear of heights, Wattrel took a liking to him and refused to leave his side, as it immediately flew back to him when he tried to walk away, which led him to catching it. After being caught, Wattrel became very affection towards Roy, as it enjoys being with him, even though it had trouble interacting with him whenever he sang Fuecoco. Wattrel also would put Roy's safety first before its own, as seen in HZ017, when it saved its Trainer from getting hit by a brach during a turbulence on the Brave Olivine.

However, Wattrel has shown to get jealous of other Pokémon interacting with Roy, as it doesn't seem to like sharing its Trainer with others, especially with Fuecoco, even though it knows that its been with their Trainer longer then it has. Wattrel would show its jealously by releasing a piercing cry. At first, Wattrel didn't get along with Fuecoco because it kept getting in its personal space and was envious of its bond with Roy, which led it to fight with its teammate. However, after growing closer as a team, Wattrel felt accepted enough to join Roy and Fuecoco in their singing amicably. Although it has gotten along better with Fuecoco, Wattrel still fights with its teammate, as seen in HZ023, when it fought with it for a Grepa Berry.

Upon witnessing Captain Pikachu's Electric-type moves, Wattrel started to admire him and aspired to be able to use its electricity to a similar degree.

Moves used

Using Uproar
Move First Used In
Uproar HZ013
Peck HZ016
Spark HZ017
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.


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