リコ Liko
Liko anime 2.png
Age Unknown
Gender Female
Eye color Light turquoise
Hair color Dark blue (with blue underlights)
Hometown Cabo Poco[1] (original hometown unknown)
Region Paldea[2] (originally Kanto)[3]
Relatives Alex (father)
Lucca (mother)
Diana (grandmother)
Unnamed great-grandmother
Anime series Pokémon Horizons: The Series
Debut The Pendant That Starts It All (Part One)
English voice actor Alejandra Reynoso
Japanese voice actor Minori Suzuki
Member of Rising Volt Tacklers
Rank Member
Trainer class Rising Volt Tacklers
Generation IX
Games Mezastar, GO
Manga series Pocket Monsters
Pocket Monsters ~ Liko's Treasure ~
Pocket Monsters ~The Detouring Volt Tacklers!!~
Debut HZM00 (PM)

Liko (Japanese: リコ Liko) is one of the protagonists of Pokémon Horizons: The Series, as well the first female protagonist in the Pokémon animated series.[4][5] She owns a mysterious pendant, which was given to her by her grandmother Diana, which was later revealed to be a hibernating Terapagos. Liko remotely attends Indigo Academy and is a member of the Rising Volt Tacklers.

In the anime



Young Liko

Liko was born in the Kanto region, and lived there with her parents, Alex and Lucca, for a few years. At some point, they moved to the Paldea region — with Liko then growing up in Cabo Poco. Liko also grew up with her grandmother, Diana, hearing stories of the adventures and journeys she went through around the world. After being accepted into Indigo Academy, Diana gave Liko a mysterious pendant. After saying this gift will be important to her in the future, Diana told Liko that she should rely on her Pokémon to be able to venture out and face her fears on her journey.

Pokémon Horizons: The Series

Liko awakening the pendant's power for the first time

Liko debuted in The Pendant That Starts It All (Part One). She enrolled in the Indigo Academy at the Kanto region, where she formed a friendship with her roommate Ann and received her first Pokémon, a Sprigatito. During the next few days, Liko worked hard to strengthen her bond with Sprigatito by learning more about it and make it listen to her instructions in battle, but to little avail.

One day, a young man named Amethio introduced himself to her, supposedly as her grandmother's representative, and asked her for the pendant. Quickly distrusting his intentions, Liko attempted to run away from him and his teammates, but eventually got cornered by the group. However, before any violent confrontation could begin, Friede swooped in on his Charizard and started battling Amethio's Ceruledge. A stray Psycho Cut nearly hit Liko as she tried to escape, but her pendant activated in time and protected her from the attack.

In the next episode, Liko noticed the presence of a mysterious Pokémon during the activation of the pendant's power. After being rescued by Friede, Liko and Sprigatito were taken aboard his airship, the Brave Olivine, where they were introduced to the Rising Volt Tacklers. Not long after, the ship was attacked by the Explorers, who almost coerced Liko to go with them, had Sprigatito not encouraged her to stand tall. Liko had the Grass Cat Pokémon unleash a Leafage strong enough to break the forcefield around the Wing Deck, but it got blown overboard in the process, which allowed the Explorers to capture it before fleeing.

Liko joining the Rising Volt Tacklers

In For Sure! 'Cause Sprigatito's with Me!, Liko discovered that her mother had hired the Rising Volt Tacklers to protect her. The group soon reached the city where the Explorers were last seen. After running an errand for Mollie at the city's Pokémon Center, she followed the sound of Murdock's Rockruff's barking and discovered that Murdock and Friede had found Onia. She and Friede chased Onia back to the Explorers' hideout, where Friede engaged Amethio in a battle, allowing her and Rockruff to locate Sprigatito. Feeling she could trust them, Liko decided to join the Rising Volt Tacklers in their travels to find out more about the mysteries surrounding her pendant and the Explorers, officially becoming a member of the group.

In The Treasure After the Storm!, it was revealed that Liko had signed up for online classes and would be attending school virtually. After doing some chores, Liko found out that Fuecoco had fallen off the Brave Olivine and went out to look for it. During the search, they came upon an open tree stump with eaten Berries and were mistakenly accused of eating them by the wild Pokémon. As they were being chased, Liko's pendant started to glow, and soon they were found by Roy, who helped them escape. The wild Pokémon, however, did not give up on their hunt and succesffully captured them. After being rescued by Friede, Liko and Roy gathered Berries for the wild Pokémon as an apology gift, and she soon waved goodbye to her new friend.

Liko meeting Lucius's Rayquaza

They did not depart for long, however, as the Rising Volt Tacklers were startled awake during the middle of the night when Roy snuck on the ship and got shocked by Captain Pikachu. He wanted to see his friend Fuecoco once more, but, despite searching all over the Brave Olivine, couldn't find it. In the next day, the Explorers launched an assault on the Rising Volt Tacklers. Despite her own nervousness, Liko managed to defeat Onia all by herself. As she arrived on the beach, she was assaulted by Amethio's Corviknight, nearly getting hit before her pendant activated again, projecting another barrier to protect her. Liko and Roy called Sprigatito and Fuecoco to fight Amethio's Ceruledge, but it proved to be too powerful for them. Then, Liko's pendant and Roy's Ancient Poké Ball reacted in unison, and from the Poké Ball emerged a Black Rayquaza. After forcing the Explorers to retreat, Rayquaza briefly stared at Liko before flying away. She decided to keep looking into her pendant's mystery alongside Roy and the Rising Volt Tacklers as they headed off towards Paldea.

In Special Training with Cap!, Liko was challenged by Roy to a battle, but it was called off when their Pokémon tired themselves into a draw. Shortly after, Friede downloaded the Rising Volt Tacklers app on their Rotom Phones and suggested they visited Dot to see if she had any info on the Black Rayquaza, but weren't able to talk to her. Frustrated, they asked Friede for some special training, which he accepted. In order for them to win, they had to land a hit on Captain Pikachu, but, despite figuring out the pattern of his Double Team, weren't able to. After a break, Liko and Roy battled against each other once more—this time, there was a clear winner, as Sprigatito managed to overcome the type disadvantage and defeat Fuecoco. This battle was the first step for the new Rising Volt Tacklers to get closer to Dot, who let them know the Black Rayquaza was in Paldea. Realizing that Dot is just shy around others, like she is, Liko decided to learn more about her in hopes of becoming friends with her.

In the next episode, Liko accepted Roy's pleading to watch over the Brave Olivine in his place, as she already was planning to watch a livestream by Nidothing, her favorite content creator. By the time she had done her chores, she decided to bring Dot the lunch that Murdock had prepared for her. Once at her door, Liko faintly heard Nidothing's background music and, assuming Dot to be a Nidothing fan like herself, tried to bond with Dot over this shared intrest, but to no avail. During the livestream, Nidothing—who, unbeknownst to Liko, was actually Dot in a costume—read and responded a comment about the whole situation left by her, who was quick to follow the streamer's advice.

Liko and her father

In Welcome to Paldea!, the Rising Volt Tacklers landed in Paldea. Before heading to her home in Cabo Poco, Liko guided Roy and Friede as they toured around Mesagoza. After Friede failed to get a hold of her mother, Liko suggested visiting her father, which quickly made her feel uneasy after realizing that her journey could soon be over. At home, she overheard her father talking to Friede about how he was worrying about her being by herself. After a sleepless night back at the Brave Olivine, and a run-in with a wild Lechonk, she told her father that she still wanted to be a member of the Rising Volt Tacklers and travel the world with them. Her father accepted her wishes and told them about the sightings of a mysterious Pokémon over Artazon. In the next episode, Liko and Roy went to the city, where they met the Champion-ranked Trainer Nemona and the local Grass-type Gym Leader Brassius. During their time together, they learned that Brassius saw the Black Rayquaza flying over the Arboliva Forest and decided to make it their next destination.

Liko playing with Pokémon during a picnic

As they reached the forest, Liko and Roy discovered that part of it had burned down after a lightning strike started a wildfire. After looking around, Liko found an injured Paldean Wooper, but the local wild Pokémon were distrustful of her and took Wooper to a giant Arboliva, which started attacking Liko and Roy until Mollie had finish treating the Poison Fish Pokémon's injuries. In the following episode, Liko led a successful group effort to replant the part of the forest that had burned down. Suddenly, Liko's pendant started to glow and briefly transformed into the mysterious Pokémon again, following which the Arboliva returned to its Ancient Poké Ball and allowed Liko to take it under her care. At the end of the day, Liko decided she wanted to see her grandmother in the hopes of learning more about the pendant.

In An Unexpected Picnic!, Liko and the rest of the Rising Volt Tacklers decided to have a picnic while the ship was undergoing an automatic inspection. During that leisure period, feeling that Dot and Ludlow were missing out, Liko enlisted Murdock's help in making an indoor picnic for them. Later, Liko was shocked to see that she was sent a picture by Dot of Nidothing and Ludlow having a good time. In her naivety, Liko did not correlate Dot and Nidothing as the same person, instead concluding that it was all part of Dot's plan to make her happy.

In Fly! Wattrel!!, Liko went to Levincia alone after seeing an advertisement for the Spicy Herba Mystica spice that Murdock wanted. Unbeknownst to her, this was a trap set up by Spinel to lure her away. Spinel used his Beheeyem to erase Liko's memories, specifically the ones involving the Rising Volt Tacklers, and effortlessly stole her pendant. In the the following episode, Dot staged a collaboration with Iono in order to find out Liko's whereabouts. By the time her memory fully recovered, Liko had reunited with Roy, Friede, and Dot, the latter she met in person for the first time. Realizing that Spinel was still in Paldea, the group was determined to retrieve the stolen pendant back.

Liko and her friends battling the Explorers

In Quaxly, We Can Do It, Liko, Roy, and Dot went searching for Spinel in order to get the pendant back. Once Dot located Spinel's whereabouts, Liko and Roy teamed up with her to battle the Explorers Admin. They managed to take down Spinel's Magneton and Beheeyem, only to be quickly overwhelmed by his Umbreon. Despite this, Liko's determination to keep battling caused the pendant to glow brightly, forcing Spinel out of his hiding spot and allowing Sprigatito the chance to retrieve it. Liko and the others escaped with Arboliva's help and reunited with the other Rising Volt Tacklers. Later, Dot finally confessed to Liko about her secret identity as Nidothing, much to Liko's shock.

In Flying Pikachu, Rising Higher and Higher!, Liko and her friends became curious as to how Captain Pikachu was able to fly during his battle against Roy in the previous episode. After Friede dodged all their questions, Liko and the rest of the crew came together and convinced him to tell the story of his first encounter with Captain Pikachu, which also led to the formation of the Rising Volt Tacklers. During the story, Liko was surprised to find out that her mother was Friede's teacher.

In Kabu's Battle Training!, Liko arrived at Motostoke Stadium with Roy in order to gather information about the Black Rayquaza from Motostoke Gym Leader Kabu. Kabu tested their resolve through a training contest to master their Pokémon's basic moves, followed by a Tag Battle against himself and his apprentice Wakaba. Although Liko did her best throughout her training, she yielded to Roy during their contest when she saw how he had improved, and felt it best to forfeit against Wakaba to help her qualify as a Gym Trainer. When this only upset Sprigatito and Wakaba, however, Kabu helped Liko understand her lack of consideration for their feelings, and she apologized to them both. After the training, Liko and Roy learned from Kabu that Rayquaza was spotted heading towards the Galar Mine.

Liko catching her first Pokémon

In the next episode, while heading to the Galar Mine, Liko, Roy, and Friede had to seek shelter from the rain and they found a wild Hatenna. Liko felt that something wasn't right with her and brought Hatenna back to the Brave Olivine so Mollie could check her out. Mollie deduced she was just feeling down, so Liko volunteered to look after Hatenna, but she ran away after sensing Dot's strong emotions. Liko, Roy, and Dot sought Hatenna all over the airship, with Liko eventually finding her on the observation deck. She told Hatenna that she also liked to come there as well because it was quiet and peaceful, which led them to bond. After the weather cleared up, Liko attempted to return Hatenna to the wild, but Sprigatito convinced the Calm Pokémon not to go and she ran back into Liko's arms. Realizing that Hatenna wanted to go with her, Friede gave her a Poké Ball and Liko happily caught Hatenna, adding her to her team.

Liko wearing Lucius's belt

In Charge! Galar Mine!, Liko with Roy and Friede arrived at the Galar Mine, but got separated from them. However, Liko was able to meet back up with Roy and encounter the Explores again. During the battle, Liko and her friends met a Galarian Moltres that had an Ancient Poké Ball, which got her to realize that its one of Lucius's Pokémon. Unfortunately, Liko and Roy were forced to retreat when Moltres proved to be too strong and Captain Pikachu was injured as they left the mine. In the next episode, Liko and Roy arrived at the Pokémon Center in Motostoke where they reunited with Friede and agreed to battle Moltres again. After finding Moltres again at the Galar Mine, Liko battled the Legendary Pokémon once more in order to calm it down. However, after calming Moltres down, Liko's pendant started to glow and briefly transformed into the mysterious Pokémon again, following which the Moltres returned to its Ancient Poké Ball and allowed Liko to take it under her care.

In Reunion at the Ancient Castle!, Liko with Roy and Friede arrived in Hammerlocke in order to find the ancient castle that her grandmother was at. Through her Squawkabilly, Liko and her friends were able to find her grandmother. Liko introduced her grandmother to her friends Roy and Friede, as well as Sprigatito and Hatenna as her Pokémon partners. They hung out at the castle until the Explorers, who have been following them, arrived at their location. In the next episode, Liko and Roy tried to escape the Explorers, but they were forced to battle Onia and Zirc, being able to defeat them. After the rest of the Rising Volt Tacklers arrived, Liko, her grandmother and her friends were able to escape.

In Song Within the Mist, Liko joined her friends and Ludlow in finding a Lapras, who happened to be one of Lucius's Pokémon, after they got a led through a ship crew that saw the Transport Pokémon. Fortunately, Liko, Roy, Dot, and Ludlow were able to find Lapras, but they failed to get it to come out, as it was covered by the Mist and two Pokémon appeared on the ship. When Friede devised a plan to get Lapras back, Liko and Roy stayed on the deck to wait for the Transport Pokémon. Through Friede and Captain Pikachu, Liko and Roy saw it with battle scars and other various Pokémon on a Wailord, who also had scars as well. In the next episode, Liko joined Roy and Friede in going after Lapras and, after convincing it that they were friends, Lapras returned to its Ancient Poké Ball and Liko took it under her care. However, before setting off, Liko and her friends witnessed the Black Rayquaza arriving at their location.

In HZ033, Liko witnessed Terapagos transform in order to battle the Black Rayquaza, after it defeated Amethio. After Terapagos collapsed and the Black Rayquaza left, Liko stayed by its side while it recovered. Liko and Roy then had a training battle with Diana, and won when Sprigatito managed to land a hit on her Arcanine. In the next episode, Liko and Roy overheard Diana's intentions to continue traveling alone. They decided to organize a surprise farewell party for her. Through the help of their teammates, Liko and Roy surprised Diana with the party, which she appreciated. Before leaving, Diana gave Liko her adventure log and then the Rising Volt Tacklers resumed their search for the remaining Six Heroes. However, Liko was informed by Friede that they were heading back to Paldea first in order to gain information on Terapagos.

In HZ036, Liko and Roy were asked by Dot to help her with a fan of Nidothing named Yuno in solving her Pokémon's personality issues. Upon arriving, Liko, Roy, and Dot find out that Yuno is trying to find a partner to team up with her for the Pigton Town Tag Battle, but her partner Pokémon Oinkologne is in love with another Oinkologne, who is owned by Renta. Through their teamwork, the three friends were able to help Yuno's Oinkologne win Renta's over and the two Trainer's decided to be partners for the tournament. Liko and Roy also train with Yuno and Renta to help them prepare for the tournament, which paid off as they won the whole thing. Also, Liko and Roy joined Dot when she interviewed Yuno as Nidothing, but it got cut short when she became confused about her feelings for Renta.

In HZ038, Liko took Hatenna to Mollie for a check-up, but the Pokémon took them to what they thought was a Tandemaus. After healing it, the two girls went to look for the other Tandemaus, which Mollie then took care of. When Liko discovered that the Tandemaus was part of a family of four Maushold, Hatenna learned Heal Pulse to heal them.

In HZ044, Liko and Roy arrived at Coral, Sidian, and Chalce's location in an attempt to stop them from using a machine capable of recreating Terapagos's energy to summon the Black Rayquaza. While Dot worked on a kill program for the machine, Liko and Roy used their Pokémon to keep the Explorers distracted. Their efforts worked, but after Dot shut the machine down, Coral lost her temper and commanded her Glalie to use Self-Destruct. The attack collided with Rayquaza's Dragon Pulse, creating an explosion powerful enough to blast the Sky High Pokémon directly into the hull of the Brave Olivine.

In HZ045, the ship was safely docked while the Explorers retreated, realizing their operation was a failure. Hoping to convey Terapagos's desire to reach Laqua, Liko, Roy, Friede, and Dot challenged Rayquaza to a battle, which it readily accepted. Amethio later joined the fray and teamed up with Friede, with them Terastallizing Ceruledge and Charizard, respectively, but both were eventually defeated by a devastating Dragon Ascent. Liko and Roy confronted Rayquaza next, but despite Sprigatito evolving into Floragato and Fuecoco learning Flame Charge, they were unable to do much against the Sky High Pokémon. After Rayquaza took off, the Rising Volt Tacklers regrouped. While the Brave Olivine underwent repairs, Liko, Roy and Dot decided to become stronger by learning how to use the Terastal phenomenon as well.

Liko and Coral

In HZ046, Liko, Dot, and Roy were enrolled in Naranja Academy as part of the Terastal course. They each received a Tera Orb and were tasked with battling the Paldea Gym Leaders as part of their Terastal training. To Liko's surprise, Katy was chosen as her opponent. Liko then reunites with Ann and decided to have a rematch against her. Through her quick thinking, Liko was able to win the battle and promised Ann that they'll battle each other again one day. Later, Liko and her friends set off for her battle against Katy in Cortondo.

In HZ047, Liko, Roy, and Dot arrived in Cortondo, where they encountered Murdock working part-time at the Patisserie Soapberry. They also found Katy being yelled at by Coral, who was furious because she arrived too late to buy sweets. Katy only had time to take on one challenger that day, so she had Liko and Coral face off in a baking competition to see who she would battle. With the matcha cake they made, Liko and Floragato won the competition while Coral lost and was kicked out for her volatile behavior. Later, during her battle with Katy, Liko Terastallized Floragato into a Grass-type, but they were defeated when Katy’s Tera Bug Teddiursa used a powered-up Fury Cutter. Despite the loss, Liko still passed her assessment for using Terastal at the appropriate moment. Afterwards, Liko and her friends prepared to head to Artazon for Roy's battle with Brassius.


Liko's social anxiety

Liko is a kind, soft-spoken, and polite girl who doesn't do well in stressful situations. She seems to be studious when it comes to learning about how to build a bond with Pokémon and is rather insightful, being able to spot behavioral patterns with ease, such as Captain Pikachu's during the special training. She also has been shown to be cautious of trusting others, as she quickly realized something was up when Amethio presented himself as a representative of her grandmother, Diana, and was initially unsure about the Rising Volt Tacklers since Friede took her to their airship without giving her any information about what was happening. However, after seeing the Rising Volt Tacklers willing to protect her and helped her rescue Sprigatito from the Explorers, Liko came to trust them. Despite her smarts, Liko has also been shown to be gullible and naïve on occasion, mainly when it comes to realizing that Nidothing and Dot are the same person until she told her the truth in Quaxly, We Can Do It. Liko can also be clumsy and has a tendency to lose her balance, stumble, or fall down on occasion. In addition, she appears to be adept at drawing, as it is common for her to do so when she writes on her diary about her day. Liko is a big fan of Nidothing and watches her videos, where she posts comments under the username SprigatitoLove (Japanese: ニャオハ大好きっ子 Nyahoja Superfan).

Liko and her friends

Liko has been shown to be a bit bashful and socially anxious around new people. In The Pendant That Starts It All (Part One), after seeing that other students of Indigo Academy also liked Nidothing, Liko thought about striking up a conversation with them but was unable to voice her words. On occasions when this initial barrier is overcome, however, Liko can easily make friends, being able to quickly befriend Ann and Roy after meeting them, and was also even able to get the extremely reserved Dot to slightly open up as well. Ever since learning that there was another member aboard the Brave Olivine, Liko made attempts to make the mysterious girl open herself up more, which is seen in full display in The Door That Never Opens when she brought Dot her lunch and invited her to watch Nidothing's livestream after hearing the streamer's background music from the other girl's room. Liko has also shown an interest in helping people and Pokémon with their romantic problems. When she hears or sees something that excites her, she claps her hands together, as shown in The Ancient Poké Ball, after discovering that she actually met a Legendary Pokémon. Liko is shown to not be a picky eater, telling Murdock in For Sure! 'Cause Sprigatito's with Me! that she'll eat anything. Liko also knows how to cook curry, as seen in As Long as I'm with My Friends, when she made some for her friends to try, which they enjoyed.

Liko and Ann

Liko cares very much about Pokémon and is shown to prioritize their safety, as shown in The Pendant That Starts It All (Part Two), where she attempted to surrender herself to the Explorers so the Rising Volt Tacklers' Pokémon wouldn't get hurt. Liko will do anything to protect Pokémon, especially her own, from danger, even going to point of being reckless in order to do so, as shown in Terapagos's Adventure, when she attempted to save Terapagos from falling off the Brave Olivine, which would have led her to fall off as well if not for her grandmother and her Arcanine. Liko often gets happy and excited when meeting new Pokémon in general, in stark contrast to her usual bashfulness with new people.

Liko's confident side

Though Liko can be timid and uncertain of her abilities, especially in dangerous situations, she has shown a brave side when supported by those around her, people and Pokémon alike, as seen in episodes such as The Pendant That Starts It All (Part Two) and Quaxly, We Can Do It, after Sprigatito, and later Roy and Dot, encouraged her to stand tall against the Explorers, and Found You, Fuecoco!, when she reminded Roy and herself about what they as Trainers could do with Pokémon by their side. Liko also has a calm disposition and is very approachable, as shown in The Lonely Hatenna, when she was able to approach a shy and seclusive Hatenna she met near the Galar Mine, as it led them to bond and the Calm Pokémon becoming one of her Pokémon partners thanks to her calm emotions. In addition, Liko seems to be a good secret keeper, as she helps Dot maintain her idenity as Nidothing and decided to not tell a group of photographers that she saw a wild Palafin transform into its hero form in HZ042.

Ever since being assigned to the observation deck on the Brave Olivine in The Treasure After the Storm!, Liko came to enjoy hanging out there because it was peaceful and quiet, as she would go there in order to get away from whatever was troubling her. Liko often tries to prioritize the happiness of other people before her own, but this sometimes ends up having the opposite effect due to her not properly considering their feelings. This tendency, along with a lack of a goal, resulted in Liko's own development and growth as a Trainer stagnating due to having very little ambition of her own. However, in The Lonely Hatenna, Liko decided that she wants to be a Trainer that understands how Pokémon feel. Liko has also learned to not hold back in a Pokémon battle and should give her all no matter who the opponent is.

Liko shares a great relationship with her family and is supportive of them. During her time with her grandmother, Liko became much closer with her, as she came to enjoy spending time with her. Liko is also used to having her family busy, due to her parents working and her grandmother traveling. Even since the events in For Sure! 'Cause Sprigatito's with Me!, Liko came to admire Friede for his selflessness and compassion for others, and is impressed with his skills as a Pokémon Trainer and Professor. In addition to Friede, Liko shares a close relationship with the rest of her teammates. However, out of all her teammates, Liko shares a remarkable relationship with Roy and Dot, as she mostly hangs out with them.


Liko and her Pokémon

Liko's team consist of Pokémon who have the ability to understand feelings or help anyone who were overwhelmed by a certain emotion. Also, Liko's Pokémon seem to have an tendency to rest in certain areas in order to conserve their energy, such as her Sprigatito's sweet scent and Hatenna's ability to pick up emotion of both people and Pokémon.

This listing is of Liko's known Pokémon in the anime:

On hand

Sprigatito → Floragato 

Traveling with

Rotom Phone

Cared for



Main article: Murdock's Rockruff

In For Sure! 'Cause Sprigatito's with Me!, Liko used Murdock's Rockruff to help find her Sprigatito.

Debut The Pendant That Starts It All (Part Two)
Voice actors
Japanese Saki Kotori
English Haven Burton
Sunflora (×33)
As part of trying to create inspiration for Brassius, Liko, Roy, and Nemona collected several Sunflora scattered around Artazon.

None of Sunflora's moves are known.

Debut Nemona and Brassius and…
Captain Pikachu
Main article: Captain Pikachu

In Charge! Galar Mine!, Captain Pikachu volunteered to split up from his Trainer, Friede, to search for Liko and Roy in the Galar Mine. He arrived just in time to help them fend off Onia and Zirc, but the battle was soon interrupted by a Galarian Moltres that once belonged to Lucius. Pikachu battled Moltres, but was injured while protecting Sprigatito and Fuecoco, and the group was forced to retreat. In the next episode, Pikachu was reunited with Friede at the Motostoke Pokémon Center.

In HZ045, Friede had Captain Pikachu help Liko and Dot battle the Black Rayquaza while he and Roy battled it while flying on his Charizard. With Cap's help, Sprigatito and Quaxly were able to get airborne to land an attack on Rayquaza.

Debut The Pendant That Starts It All (Part Two)
Voice actors
Japanese Ikue Otani
English Ikue Otani


Liko's first Stamp at Terastal Training from Katy

Terastal Training

Liko has participated in the Terastal Training of Naranja Academy. Her evaluation and overall score are:

Extracurricular activities

Liko's artwork for the Artazon Art Festival

As a student at Naranja Academy, Liko participated in the following events:

Voice actress

Language Voice actor
Japanese 鈴木みのり Minori Suzuki
English Alejandra Reynoso
Arabic جنی مغامس Jana Mghames
Finnish Iris Kovalainen
European French Sofia Abouatmane
German Patricia Strasburger
Hebrew גליה קורקט Galia Correct
Indonesian Maria Cicillia
Italian Giada Bonanomi
Korean 이지현 Lee Ji Hyun
Norwegian Vilja Stensrud
Polish Marta Czarkowska
Portuguese Brazil Karina Fonseca
Portugal Joana Amorim
Spanish Latin America Erika Ugalde
Spain Inés Alba



Official artwork
from Pokémon Horizons: The Series
Artwork of Liko's school uniform.[6]




Concept art of Liko drawn by Ken Sugimori from Pokémon Horizons: The Series[7][8] Concept art of Liko from Pokémon Horizons: The Series[9] Reveal artwork of Liko, Roy, and the Paldean first partner Pokémon
Air date reveal artwork of Liko, Roy, and the Paldean first partner Pokémon[2] Concept art of Liko's pendant[10] Concept art of Liko from Pokémon Horizons: The Series
Pokémon Day 2024 Pocket Monsters: Terastal Debut poster

In the manga

Liko in Pocket Monsters

Pocket Monsters

Liko appeared in the Pocket Monsters manga.


On hand
Sprigatito → Floragato
Traveling with
Rotom Phone

Pocket Monsters ~ Liko's Treasure ~

Liko in Pocket Monsters ~ Liko's Treasure ~

Liko appears as the main character in the Pocket Monsters ~ Liko's Treasure ~ manga.


On hand
Traveling with
Rotom Phone

Pocket Monsters ~The Detouring Volt Tacklers!!~

Liko in Pocket Monsters ~The Detouring Volt Tacklers!!~

Liko appears as the main character in the Pocket Monsters ~The Detouring Volt Tacklers!!~ manga.


On hand
Traveling with
Rotom Phone

In the games

Pokémon Mezastar

Liko, in a version based on the anime, appeared in Pokémon Mezastar. In this game, Liko is seen using Fuecoco, Charizard, Quaxly, and Sprigatito, with Fuecoco, Charizard, and Quaxly being Pokémon that she was not seen using in the anime, although it could be a reference to Roy's Fuecoco, Friede's Charizard, and Dot's Quaxly. In the first Gorgeous Star series, as part of a tie-in with the anime, Rising Volt Tacklers Liko, Roy, Friede or Explorers Admin Amethio, could randomly challenge the player as a Trainer and Battle opponent.


Rising Volt Tacklers Liko
ライジングボルテッカーズ リコ
Difficulty: ★★★☆☆
  Water Gun


Tag No. Name Type Grade
4-1-069 Sprigatito  
P Sprigatito  



Language Name Origin
Japanese リコ Liko Possibly from liko (Hawaiian for leaf bud). When transliterated, リコ Riko is a feminine name in Japanese.
English, German, European Spanish, Latin American Spanish,
French, Italian, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Dutch, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese,
European Portuguese, Swedish, Indonesian, Vietnamese
Liko Same as her Japanese name
Korean 리코 Leeco Same as her Japanese name
Chinese (Mandarin) 莉可 Lìkě Transcription of her Japanese name
Chinese (Cantonese) 莉可 Leihhó
Thai ลิโกะ Liko Same as her Japanese name


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Pokémon Horizons characters
Protagonists Liko (FloragatoHatenna) • Roy (Fuecoco)
Rising Volt Tacklers Friede (Captain Pikachu) • MollieOrlaLudlowMurdockDot (QuaxlyTinkatink)
Explorers AmethioOniaZircHamberSpinelCoralSidianChalceGibeon
Relatives AlexLuccaDianaRoy's grandfatherBlanca
Supporting cast Nurse JoyRotom PhonesAnnLiko's homeroom teacherLucius (TerapagosRayquazaSix Heroes) • NemonaClavellGeetaDendraJacqPennyGym LeadersElite FourMany temporary characters
See also: Original anime characters

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