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Pokémon Horizons: The Series
HZ032   EP1264
Laplace's Memories of its Companions
First broadcast
Japan December 8, 2023
United States
English themes
Japanese themes
Opening ハロ
Ending RVR〜ライジングボルテッカーズラップ〜[マードックVer.PART2]
Animation Team Kato
Screenplay 松澤くれは Kureha Matsuzawa
Storyboard 齋藤徳明 Noriaki Saitō
Assistant director 奥野浩行 Hiroyuki Okuno
Animation directors 青葉稜太郎 Ryōtarō Aoba
平松康佑 Kōsuke Hiramatsu
Additional credits

(Japanese: ラプラスの想い、仲間を想い Laplace's Memories of its Companions) is the 32nd episode of Pokémon Horizons: The Series, and the 1,264th episode of the Pokémon anime. It first aired in Japan on December 8, 2023.

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Picking up from where the previous episode left off, Terapagos is happy to see Lapras, whose blue glow resonates with Terapagos'. From this, Liko deduces that Lapras is one of the Six Heroes, but the latter just turns away from them before being called over by Wailord. Lapras then commands its band of Pokémon friends to board the Brave Olivine with Ambipom and Toedscruel. Liko and Roy are shocked to see the Lapras' crew beginning their assault on the ship. Mollie and Murdock send out Chansey and Rockruff, though they are intimidated by Vigoroth and Galarian Slowbro. Just then, Roy and Liko also confront them.

Sprigatito uses Leafage and Fuecoco uses Ember, but both attacks are easily avoided. The group seems outnumbered, but Diana's Arcanine intervenes with Extreme Speed. Friede and his Pokémon arrive to lend them a hand as well. The battle goes well, with Charizard using Air Slash on Toedscruel and Ambipom, Arcanine scaring Slowbro with Flamethrower, Captain Pikachu using Thunder Punch on Vigoroth, Fuecoco and Sprigatito ganging up on Bibarel with Tackle and Scratch, and Chansey and Rockruff holding their own against Octillery and Barbaracle. Eventually seeing how its crew is losing, Lapras orders them to retreat, to Liko's dismay. Friede decides to go after Lapras and its crew.

With Ludlow at the wheel, the ship tails Lapras and its crew. Friede goes on about how Lapras was offering to help lost voyagers, but in truth, the Transport Pokémon was deceiving them all along, and Diana is quick to agree. It was using Mist to make ships get lost on purpose. Roy doesn't believe it since Lapras saved them with its song, but Friede points out that too was part of its plan. Friede shows them the shadow that sped away after Ambipom and Toedscruel retreated the first time, which Dot identifies as Wailord. Thanks to Cap clearing the Mist attack, they finally get the full picture; that Lapras was distracting them with its song in the mist so its crew would sneak on board and steal the ship's food supply. Liko and Roy are shocked to hear this. Friede remarks that the crew of that cargo ship was completely duped and never realized that Lapras was the culprit behind the lost cargo, and that the Pokémon not native to the sea were a clear hint. The ship shaking shortly after Lapras' arrival was also likely caused by Wailord. Diana is impressed with how Lapras must have gathered all those Pokémon from different regions, calling them the "Lapras Pirates", which scares Liko and Roy. Mollie and Murdock are shocked to hear this as well, knowing already that Lapras are intelligent but never expecting this. Friede reveals that he had them gather the ship's food supply to confirm that Lapras and it pirate crew were trying to steal it, the two unamused at Friede's absentmindedness again. Liko wonders why Lapras would do such a thing, and Diana asks her how Lapras feels.

The Rising Volt Tacklers catch up to Lapras' crew. When Roy compliments Ludlow, Friede says that this was once his ship so he has a lot of experience. Hearing this, Ludlow chuckles and compares himself to a Gyarados. On Friede's orders, Orla and Charizard add more power in the Engine Room to increase speed. Friede and Diana notice that the Lapras pirate crew slowed down to prepare for battle. Liko, Roy and Chansey start to panic, but Ludlow tells them to have faith in his Quagsire, who is at the front of the ship. Ludlow tells everyone to hold on tight. As Lapras' crew fires Water Gun, Quagsire unleashes a massive Surf that blocks the attacks while also causing raging waves around the ship. With a fierce look in his eye, Ludlow steers the ship hard as Quagsire continues using Surf to block the attacks from the Pokémon pirates. As Liko goes sliding, Roy is pumped by how awesome Ludlow is. Just then, Lapras orders its crew to stop their attack. Friede plans to cut past Wailord and get to Lapras. The pirate crew head off in another direction. Lapras makes a charge right towards the ship, almost tipping it over on impact. As the Transport Pokémon peeks through the window, Liko is left shaken by how intense Lapras is, as are Diana and Friede. Lapras then backs up and fires a powerful Ice Beam to freeze the ship in place before turning to leave, Liko calling for it to come back.

With the ship firmly stuck in the ice, the Rising Volt Tacklers have doubts that Lapras will show itself again and turn to Friede for their next move. Friede says Lapras is out in the ocean, but that hardly helps. Liko remembers how Lapras turned away when it saw Terapagos, getting the feeling that something must be on its mind and wanting to get the chance to know what's up. However, she also knows how difficult it will be to find Lapras. Roy points to a discarded crate that Lapras dropped. Liko then gets the idea to simply wait for Lapras instead of chasing it. She heads to her room and puts on Lucius's belt, ready to get through to Lapras.

The Transport Pokémon heads to its base, the layer of rocks that Liko briefly saw before. It heads into the cave where its crew is and becomes shocked to see Liko with Friede and Roy among the crowd. After Liko tells Lapras that she hopes its okay to stay, she points out that all the crates came from those rocks she saw. Wailord shows up to help Lapras confront the group, but Liko says that she wanted the Transport Pokémon to see Terapagos, who is quickly welcomed by its crew with open arms. Liko tells Lapras that Terapagos wanted to go to Rakua, the paradise Lucius and his six heroes found, and that she will help it even if she doesn't know what it will be like. Lapras looks at its crew, and Liko pleads for it to help them. Terapagos starts glowing and Arboliva and Galarian Moltres emerge from their ancient Poké Balls. After Lapras takes a look at Liko, it starts singing, creating a big ball of light and surrounding the group with it. They are shown a vision where Lucius thanks all of his companions before promising that he won't die; rather, he will live on with Rakua.

As the vison comes to an end, Liko notices Lapras tearing up and wailing mournfully with Arboliva and Moltres. The group finds out that Lucius's six heroes made a promise with their trainer, and that's why they came with the Rising Volt Tacklers. Arboliva and Moltres return to their Poké Balls, and Lapras smiles at Liko before getting Vigoroth and Barbaracle to bring over some Berries for their guests. The ship arrives, the ice holding it having been melted by Arcanine's Flamethrower. Murdock offers everyone donuts to share. While they all eat, Liko wonders if this is how Lapras and its crew have been living all this time. Diana says that this is just how they live in nature, believing that people and Pokémon don't always stand side by side, but Pokémon Trainers make a bridge between that divide.

Sunset comes around and Liko asks Lapras to keep its promise and accompany her and the rest to Rakua. Lapras is hesitant at first, but its crew is there to help the Transport Pokémon make the right choice. Ambipom hands Lapras its Poké Ball, which its crew has been keeping safe for it. After some reassurance from Wailord, Lapras takes the Poké Ball, tosses it in the air and recalls itself inside. The pirate crew hop on Wailord and sail out to sea, the Float Whale Pokémon using Mist in Lapras' place to cover their tracks. Liko is glad that they will keep living their way. As Wailord's Mist clears, Liko and Roy believe that with half of the six heroes on their side, they are one step closer to finding the Black Rayquaza. Just then, Terapagos wakes up and spots something in the sky. The group looks up and are shocked that Black Rayquaza found them instead.

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  • When the Rising Volt Tacklers are unsure of their next move, the black tip of Captain Pikachu's left ear is not drawn in.
  • When Liko gets up to ask Lapras to join her, Lucius's belt is seen over her arm.

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