Terastal Training

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(Japanese: テラスタル研修 Terastal Training) is a special module taught at Naranja Academy for Trainers from all over the world who want to learn about the Terastal phenomenon. Liko, Roy, Dot, and Ann signed up for this course prior to HZ046.

Liko, Roy and Dot starting their Terastal Training

Role in Pokémon Horizons: The Series

Geeta giving Liko, Roy and Dot their respective Tera Orb

Integration for new students

As part of the introduction, Clavell and Geeta explain what the Terastal phenomenon and Naranja Academy are and how the training works using a video presentation. Geeta also reveals that only approved Trainers are permitted to use Terastallization and gives each beginning Trainer a Tera Orb.

After this introduction, the current Student Council President gives a tour of Naranja Academy to the new students.

Introductory class

Dendra teaching the first class

As part of the first class, Dendra explains the remaining concepts of the Training process and a physical class that seeks to exercise Trainers and see if they are worthy of the Tera Orb they have received.

Jacq also participates in the class and gives an additional exercise to each student, which consists of making reports and taking photos of wild Pokémon that each student interacts with.

Gym Leaders Challenge

As part of the Training, each Trainer is assigned to battle a Paldea League Gym Leader who matches their own aptitude. The allocated Gym Leaders are shown in the app that is installed by Jacq on the Rotom Phone of each participating Trainer.

Each Training session with a Gym Leader can be on two difficulties; basics and implementation.

Gym Leader Challenger(s) Result
Liko Approved
"Sandwich" Disqualified
Roy Approved
Dot Approved

As soon as a Trainer manages to be successful in the proposed challenges, It is not necessary for the challenger to win the battle to be approved, the corresponding Gym Leader rewards him or her with a stamp on their Rotom Phone.

The stamp Trainers earn after completing a Terastal Training objective.

Field research

Once students complete the Terastal Training basic module, they have the option of doing the research work. Which according to Clavell, is a "rewarding" task.

Known participants

Liko Roy Dot
Ann "Onigiri" "Sandwich"


  • As explained by Clavell and Dendra, Terastal Training has some socialization and discipline rules to be respected. Such as:
    • Students must not Terastal battle other students during the training.
    • Students must maintain good relationships with each other, otherwise they will be disqualified from the training.

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