ハイダイ Haidai
"The Surging Chef"
Scarlet Violet Kofu.png
Artwork from Scarlet and Violet
Gender Male
Hometown Cascarrafa
Region Paldea
Trainer class Gym Leader
Generation IX
Games Scarlet and Violet
Leader of Cascarrafa Gym
Badge Water Badge
Specializes in Water types

Kofu (Japanese: ハイダイ Haidai) is a Gym Leader of Cascarrafa's Gym, known officially as the Cascarrafa Gym. He specializes in Water-type Pokémon. He hands out the Water Badge to Trainers who defeat him.

In the core series games

Kofu works as a chef, as well as a Gym Leader. Though he specializes in seafood cuisine, one of his students, Katy, reveals that he also knows how to bake. Kofu takes great pride in his cooking, using only the best of ingredients for his dishes. He is the head chef of his own restaurant, named the Kofu Lounge, in Cascarrafa. He has a warm, hearty, and jovial personality.[1] Whenever he is surprised, he usually exclaims, "Vaultin' Veluza!" He has an apprentice named Hugo, who is also a Gym Trainer.

Kofu is first seen running out of his Gym when the player first approaches it. His Gym staffer reveals that he's heading to an auction at Porto Marinada, but he forgot his wallet due to being in a hurry, which she gives to the player to deliver to him. Once the player catches up with Kofu at Porto Marinada and returns his wallet to him, he tasks them with buying him some rare wakame seaweed from Hoenn as an impromptu Gym Test, giving them  50,000 to do so. After the player has bought the seaweed, they're allowed to keep whatever extra money they have left, while Kofu returns to Cascarrafa, where he can be properly challenged.

In addition to the Gym Badge, Kofu gives out TM022 (Chilling Water) after defeating him.


Gym battle

Kofu will Terastallize his Crabominable at the first opportunity.


Kofu will Terastallize his Crabominable at the first opportunity.


"Vaultin’ Veluza! I’m late! I’m late!"
West Province (Area Two)
"Vaultin' Veluza! Where?! Where in the world…?"
"You lil' flowers are gettin' battered by the sea breeze somethin' fierce, but you don't care!"
"What strong, pretty lil' flowers… Where in the world kin I go to find more like you?!"
"Oh, shoot! I need to get down to the market!"
Porto Marinada
"Vaultin’ Veluza! Where?! Where in the world...?"
"Where in the world is my wallet?!"
"Without my wallet, I won’t be able to get today’s hot item! It’ll get bought up by someone else!"
  • After defeating the Gym Trainer
"Heya, step right up...and tell me—what’s all the ruckus about over here?"
"What’s that, now? A customer here for little ol’ walletless, moneyless me? What kin I do for ya?"
"Vaultin’ Veluza! My wallet!"
"Say what, now? My lobby staffer sent ya out here to bring it to me?"
"Gahaha! That’s a huge help! Thanks for comin’ all this way!"
"I guess I should apologize for my li’l apprentice, too. Hope he didn’t bother ya too much!"
"There’s somethin’ here at the Porto Marinada auction that we really wanna get our hands on."
"So, as you kin imagine, we were both a bit worked up to find I’d forgotten my wallet!"
"Vaultin’ Veluza!"
"I don’ even have to touch it—I can see it’s got the springy texture of seaweed chock-full o’ nutrients!"
"An’ just look at it! Look how it catches the light and shines so brilliantly!"
"Ohhh, and that rich, fresh aroma of somethin’ plucked straight outta the ocean!"
"I need to get me some o’ that!"
"Now listen, kid. If you wanna challenge me at the Cascarrafa Gym, you’re gonna need some smarts."
"And this is the perfect place to test ya! Get the winnin’ bid on that seaweed for this ol’ man!"
What’s a “winning bid”?: "Well, ya see...here at the auction, you gotta compete with other customers for goods! You gotta be aware of how much money ya have, o’ course, but the person who bids the highest price gets to buy whatever’s on sale!"
OK! I’ll give it my best shot!: "Gahaha! You already know the ins an’ outs of auctions at such a young age? You’re somethin’ else, kid!"
"Here ya are. Fightin’ funds for the auction! Be smart with it, an’ win this ol’ man that seaweed!"
  • After passing the Gym Test
"That was amazin’! You put those grown-up bidders to shame with yer biddin’ skills!"
"Thank ya for winnin’ that seaweed for this ol’ man. I’ll be takin’ it now, if ya don’t mind."
"This seaweed’s a great catch! I’d be feelin’ low as the seabed if I’d failed to get my hands on it!"
"If there’s any o’ that money I gave ya left, feel free to keep it as a tip! You kin even use it to try yer hand at the auction again if ya like!"
"All righty. I’mma head on back to the Cascarrafa Gym now."
"Ol’ man Kofu’s gonna prepare a REEL good battle fer ya! See ya there!"
Cascarrafa Gym
  • Before battle
"Sorry, everybody! I’ve got some business to take care of as Gym Leader real quick-like!"
"I’m keepin’ someone waitin’, ya see. Please forgive me. I need to do this first!"
"Heya, step right up! I’ve been waitin’ for ya."
"Thanks for the help over in Porto Marinada! You did a mighty fine job!"
"And now that I’ve got that legendary seaweed, I kin make some real quality dishes with it!"
"But don’ expect me to go easy on ya in our battle here!"
"At the auction, we battle with buyin’ and sellin’. At my Gym, we battle in a more traditional sense!"
"Moves and tactics—ever-changin’ as the raging sea!"
"I’mma serve you a full course o’ Water-type Pokémon! Don’t try to eat ’em, though!"
  • In battle
"I feel a bit indebted to ya, but don’t expect me to go easy on ya just ’cause o’ that!"
  • Before sending out final Pokémon
"The tides ebb and flow! It’s time for a raging tidal surge!"
"Prepare the rigging for a big transformation! My Pokémon’s gon’ rock the boat!"
"One ol’ man Kofu special, comin’ right up! Hang on tight or get swept away by the Surging Chef!"
  • Upon being defeated
"Vaultin’ Veluza! Yer a lively one, aren’t ya! A little TOO lively, if I do say so myself!"
  • After being defeated
"Gahaha! A loss as refreshing as the air at the morning market!"
"I'm just like a helpless little Magikarp to you, eh? Floppin' around all willy-nilly!"
"You got me good, I tell ya! What a great catch you are!"
"Just like a master fisher, ya held on tight till the last second and reeled in victory!"
"Now it's time to hand over a Gym Badge to ya! And let's get a REEL good photo together usin' a pose I've been wantin' to try out for a while now!"
"With <number of Badges> Gym Badge/Badges in yer possession, Pokémon of up to Lv. <level> will be easier to catch and'll listen to ya when you ask 'em to do things!" (If the player has less than eight Badges)
"With 8 Gym Badges in yer possession, you kin catch Pokémon of any level, and they'll all listen to ya when you ask 'em to do things, too!" (If the player has eight Badges)
"Lemme throw this in too as an extra-special bonus! I'm sure you kin make good use of it!"
"All righty. It's about time I headed on back to my restaurant and got to preppin' for the next wave!"
"You come back to see me again now, ya hear?"
"Heya! Step right up! Welcome to the Cascarrafa Gym!"
"Vaultin' Veluza! Look who it is! I was expectin' someone else!"
Either way: "Aha! I see! Ms. Geeta put you up to this, did she?"
"It feels like just yesterday that you were out collectin' yer badges, and now look at ya—already Champion Rank!"
"You're like one o' those fish Pokémon that completely changes shape and name as it evolves! All full o' life. What a great catch!"
"And now this! Our promising up-and-comer, here to test my abilities herself/himself!"
"Don't worry—this ol' man's used to facin' harsh reviewers. Part o' the restaurant business."
"All righty, then. You ready to battle this ol' man and see if he's still fit to be called Gym Leader?"
Yes: "That's what I like to hear! Right this way!"
No: "Whether it's gettin' the freshest ingredients or the best battle—timin' is everything! Come back before too long, ya hear?"
If talked to again after selecting No: "Heya! Step right up! How 'bout it? You ready to battle this ol' man?"
Cascarrafa Gym rematch
  • Before battle
"Ever since ya fought for that choice seaweed for me, all my dishes usin' it have been big hits!"
"Thanks for that! Guess it's no surprise you did so well—what with bein' worthy of Champion Rank!"
"Goodness gracious, but do I ever meet all kinds of people while doin' this job."
"I've seen people like yerself who run full speed ahead like a ragin' river, and plenty o' people who settle down like a calm lake."
"We older folk tend to prefer the latter, o' course, but this ol' man himself finds that a bit dull."
"Rivers flow into the ocean. That water then climbs up into the clouds an' becomes rain."
"I am Kofu the Torrent! Ever changin'—just like water! Now come see what I'm made of!"
  • In battle
"Good ingredients don't need no cover-up spices! Get ready for fresh, raw ol' man Kofu!"
  • Before sending out final Pokémon
"Gahaha! Batten down the hatches and prepare for a storm! This's what makes battling excitin'!"
  • Upon Terastallizing his Crabominable
"A Crabominable Terastallizing! Think outside the crab trap, I say!"
  • Upon using Crabominable’s Crabhammer
"Better get a big breath o' air, 'cause yer about to get hit by a surgin' wave!"
  • Upon being defeated
"What a refreshin' loss! My mind's as clear as still water!"
  • After being defeated
"You really put the pressure on! Guess I should've expected no less from someone with La Primera's seal of approval! What a catch!"
"The wildest currents—for better or worse—pull in everythin' around 'em and have really wild and drastic effects on their surroundin's!"
"That makes those friends o' yours who stay by your side all the more important."
"Phew! Your youthful vigor's got my motivation flowin' up like a rising tide!"
"Next time you see Ms. Geeta, tell 'er that ol' man Kofu's flowin' and crashin' more than ever!"
"Don't forget to tell 'er, young friend! And you come back to see me again, now, ya hear?"




  • Kofu's Japanese Gym Leader title is 激流料理人.
  • In the Japanese version of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, Kofu says 「ウオーッ!」 whenever he is surprised. While this interjection can be transliterated directly as "Woah!", it also contains a pun on 魚 uo (fish).


Language Name Origin
Japanese ハイダイ Haidai From 海帶 / 海带 hǎidài (Chinese for kelp)
English Kofu From kombu
German, French Kombu From kombu
Spanish Fuco From fuco (wrack)
Italian Algaro From alga
Korean 곤포 Konpo From 곤포 (昆布) konpo (kombu)
Chinese (Mandarin) 海岱 Hǎidài From 海帶 / 海带 hǎidài / hóidaai (kelp)
Chinese (Cantonese) 海岱 Hóidoih

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