PPW03 : Take a Breath
Pokémon: Paldean Winds
Breathe Together
Breathe Together
Web release
Japan December 13, 2023
United States December 13, 2023
English themes
Opening N/A
Japanese themes
Opening N/A
Ending N/A
Animation WIT Studio
Screenplay 佐藤慧介 Keisuke Satō
Storyboard 神谷雄貴 Yuki Kamiya
つしまゆりか Yurika Tsushima
Assistant directors 神谷雄貴 Yuki Kamiya
つしまゆりか Yurika Tsushima
Animation directors 長澤翔子 Shōko Nagasawa
倉谷亮多 Ryōta Kuratani
中川洋未 Hiromi Nakagawa
西原理奈子 Rinako Nishihara
つしまゆりか Yurika Tsushima
No additional credits are available at this time.

Breathe Together (Japanese: 息を合わせて Breathe Together) is the fourth and final episode of Pokémon: Paldean Winds. It was first released on the official Japanese and English YouTube channels on December 13, 2023.

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Ohara, Aliquis, and Hohma have grown alongside their partner Pokémon, and together they produced an amazing video featuring not only the academy but also famous Gym Leaders and the wondrous whole of Paldea!

Enjoy watching their treasure of a video in the final episode of Pokémon: Paldean Winds!


Aliquis, Ohara, and Hohma have completed their video showcasing the Naranja Academy for new students. It starts with a solo flute performance by Ohara, over various sights of Paldea. Ohara's concert club joins in as the video showcases the various teachers of the academy and various Pokémon. Aliquis's Terastallized Meowscarada participating in a battle is also seen. Ryme takes the stage for a rap performance about the academy. The scene changes to a stream by Iono, who is collaborating with the academy to name all the Paldea Gym Leaders in one minute. The video showcases various features of the Paldea region, and ends with a shot of the students and teachers in front of the academy.

The video is seen by a various people, including a new student, a brother-sister duo attending Blueberry Academy, and various Mesagoza citizens. Aliquis, Ohara, and Hohma are pretty pleased with how the video turned out. Aliquis says it is great seeing how everyone's ideas come together, to which Hohma mentions that Aliquis has changed. Ohara agrees, saying that Aliquis was scary before, which surprises him. Hohma remembers he is late for a newspaper club meeting, prompting Aliquis to ask him about his next story. Hohma has decided to do a in-depth write-up of Aliquis's battle with Nemona, this time planning to intweview Aliquis instead of just focusing on people's reactions like last time. Hohma and Quaxwell leave, promising to see them tomorrow. Aliquis also decides to leave, as his brother is also coming back from Blueberry Academy and he wants to show him their improved battle style. Just as Ohara and Fuecoco are about to leave, a gust of wind knocks some papers away. Ohara goes to close the window, and looks out. She hesitates, but on being prompted by Fuecoco, closes the window and leaves the room.

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Ohara Cat Protano Ohara Shion Wakayama オハラ 若山 詩音
Fuecoco Rikako Aikawa Hogator Rikako Aikawa ホゲータ 愛河里花子
Aliquis Paul Castro Jr. Aliquis Minako Kotobuki アリキス 寿 美菜子
Meowscarada Kei Shindō Masquernya Kei Shindō マスカーニャ 真堂 圭
Hohma Caroline Spinola Hohma Marin ホーマ 麻鈴
Quaxly Tatsuki Kobe Kuwassu Tatsuki Kobe クワッス 光部 樹
Iono Julia Gu Nanjyamo Fairouz Ai ナンジャモ ファイルーズあい
Ryme Zuri Washington Lime Subaru Kimura ライム 木村昴



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