Medali Gym

Medali Gym
チャンプルジム Chanpuru Gym
Medali Gym SV.png
Location Medali
Gym Leader Larry
Badge Normal Badge
Dominant Type Normal
Region Paldea
Medali Gym Battlefield SV.png

The Medali Gym (Japanese: チャンプルジム Chanpuru Gym) is the official Gym of Medali. It is based on Normal-type Pokémon. The Gym Leader is Larry. Trainers who defeat him receive the Normal Badge.

In the games

Like all other Gyms in Paldea, the Medali Gym building itself is simply used for registering Gym challengers. The Gym Test requires the player to gather clues across Medali, and the Gym battle is conducted at the Treasure Eatery restaurant.

Gym Test

The Gym Test of the Medali Gym requires the challenger to figure out the secret menu item. At the start of the test, the player is given one clue for the secret menu item, while the other clues are scattered in various places throughout the town. Other Gym challengers can be found across Medali and will give hints to the player if defeated, which will help the player in finding the clues.

Once the player has figured out the secret menu item, they must report it to the waiter at the Treasure Eatery. If the player places the correct order, Larry will accept a battle against them.

The possible answers for the secret menu item are as follows (the correct answers are written in bold):

  • Now, tell me... What will you be ordering?
Grilled rice balls
Grilled fish
Fried eggs
  • And what size serving will you be having?
Small serving
Medium serving
Large serving
  • How do you want that cooked?
Lightly charred, Ember style
Well cooked, Flamethrower style
Extra crispy, Fire Blast style
  • Anything to garnish your order?
Cheese powder
Nothing, thanks


Like the other Paldean Gyms, there are Trainers present. Unlike those Gyms, however, the ones fought here are not local Gym Trainers, but other Naranja AcademyS/Uva AcademyV students who are also attempting to challenge the Gym Leader.

Trainer Pokémon
Santiago the Student
ショウ Shō
Reward: $4,760
  Dunsparce Lv.34
No item
Gisela the Student
アキホ Akiho
Reward: $4,760
  Ursaring Lv.34
No item
Adara the Student
カナコ Kanako
Reward: $4,760
  Gumshoos Lv.34
No item
  Greedent Lv.34
No item

Gym battle

Larry will Terastallize his Staraptor at the first opportunity.


Larry will Terastallize his Staraptor at the first opportunity.


Item Location Games
  TM025 (Facade) Reward for defeating Larry  S  V 

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