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Pokémon Horizons: The Series
HZ050   EP1282
Shine, Terastal! Dance Dance Kuwassu!!
First broadcast
Japan May 17, 2024
United States
English themes
Japanese themes
Opening Will
Ending Let me battle
Animation Team Kumemura
Screenplay 福島直浩 Naohiro Fukushima
Storyboard 齋藤徳明 Noriaki Saitō
忍田雄介 Yusuke Oshida
Assistant director 小島隆史 Takashi Kojima
Animation directors 忍田雄介 Yusuke Oshida
萩原慶汰 Keita Hagiwara
松本めぐみ Megumi Matsumoto
吉野真一 Shin'ichi Yoshino
田中修司 Shūji Tanaka
Additional credits

(Japanese: 映えろテラスタル!ダンス・ダンス・クワッス!! Shine, Terastal! Dance Dance Kuwassu!!) is the 50th episode of Pokémon Horizons: The Series, and the 1,282nd episode of the Pokémon anime. It first aired in Japan on May 17, 2024.

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Dot posts a Nidothing video in collaboration with Iono regarding their upcoming Terastal Training battle, during which Iono expresses her hopes on her challenger battling true to herself. After the video has been posted, Dot talks with Liko and Roy about what she thinks "battling true to herself" means to her. Based on her earlier battle against Varoom, she believes the answer to be creating a plan and following through with it. Having simulated a battle between Quaxly and Bellibolt based on their moves, she believes she has a plan that she can follow. She does, however, acknowledge the fact that unexpected things can always happen, based on one of her Nidothing streams, where she accidentally messed up in the middle of a live broadcast, although this ended up spreading Nidothing's popularity further. As such, Dot spends the entire night refining her plan to be as comprehensive as possible, knowing full well that her unevolved Water type is at a severe disadvantage against a fully evolved Electric type.

The next morning, after refusing an offer from an ecstatic Murdock to come cheer for her in person, Dot heads out with Liko and Roy to prepare for her battle. Unnoticed by them, Sidian and Coral are following them to get intel on Terapagos, though Coral has more interest in getting some of the local churros. They are, though, noticed by Clavell, who assumes that they have come to cheer for their fellow student and offers to join them in doing so, but the two walk away while Clavell is busy checking his phone. As the evening sun spreads orange light over Levincia, Dot exits the Levincia Gym, having been informed that the arrangements for her battle are done and that it'll take place at the central square. Clavell meets up with the three, wishes Dot good luck in her test, and asks how their journey has been going so far. Roy starts excitedly telling in length about what he experienced in Artazon, so Liko tells Dot to go ahead. Just as Dot heads off, Clavell turns to Liko and asks her how she's been doing.

As night descends over the central square, Iono starts a livestream to broadcast her and Dot's Terastal Training battle live. With a crowd around the square watching, Dot reminds herself to stick to the plan. Iono starts the battle with Spark, but Dot uses Quaxly's superior speed to avoid the attack. Iono orders another Spark from Bellibolt, but Quaxly again dodges it. Iono realizes that Dot had noticed that Bellibolt takes a moment to charge up the electricity required for the attack and used that opportunity to avoid it. While Dot orders a Water Gun as a counterattack, Liko and Clavell are still locked up in their conversation, until they notice Roy following Dot's battle on his Rotom Phone and are reminded of it. They rush to the central square, where Quaxly's Water Gun has only succeeded in triggering Bellibolt's Electromorphosis Ability, building up electric power inside it. Dot tells Quaxly to dodge the incoming attack, but Iono surprises her by having Bellibolt unleash a powered-up Discharge, which covers the entire field and hits Quaxly hard. Struggling to stand back up, Quaxly only barely avoids a Spark before striking back with Low Kick and Water Gun. Deciding on a moment of healing, Iono tells Bellibolt to use Slack Off. Quaxly's Water Gun barrage fails to stop Bellibolt from healing itself, and it stands back up, fully reenergized. Iono orders a Discharge, but due to Quaxly's attacks having left the battlefield soaking wet, this inadvertently knocks out power from the central square, causing both the lights and the livestream to be plunged into darkness.

Dot tries to come up with a new plan to deal with the situation, but her mind is drawing a blank due to the situation being too unexpected. She does, however, calm down upon seeing Quaxly dancing happily on the puddles around the square. Deciding to turn this disaster into success, Dot pulls out her Tera Orb and Terastallizes Quaxly into a Water type. The timing of this maneuver catches Iono off-guard, and her confusion only grows when Dot tells Quaxly to repeatedly use Low Kick without taking advantage of the Terastallization. During the rapid-fire assault, Quaxly suddenly learns a new Water-type move and hits Bellibolt hard with a boosted Liquidation. Liko and Roy are happy about this, but at that moment, the lights and the cameras turn back on. With her livestream restored, Iono regains her usual confidence and decides to go all out too, Terastallizing Bellibolt into an Electric type and ordering another Discharge. Quaxly attempts a counterattack with Liquidation, but Discharge strikes first. When the attack dissipates, Quaxly's Terastallized state becomes undone and he collapses, making Iono the winner of the match. Dot admits that she lost, but, at Iono's insistence, also admits that she had fun. Iono emphasizes that having fun is a very important part of being a Pokémon Trainer, and because of this and staying true to herself, she declares that Dot has passed her test. Liko and Roy come over to congratulate Dot while Iono concludes her livestream.

Later, at the Levincia Gym, Clavell also congratulates Dot on passing her test, before extending the same congratulations to Liko and Roy as well. Now that all three of them have passed their tests, he asks them all to return to Naranja Academy, though he also reminds them to interact with wild Pokémon along the way and write their reports for Jacq. Before that, though, he again addresses Dot and asks her to teach him all that she knows about streaming, leaving Liko and Roy to awkwardly wait as yet another lengthy conversation ensues.

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