Liko's Hatenna

Liko's Hatenna
リコのミブリム Liko's Mibrim
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Liko's Hatenna
Debuts in HZ021
Caught at Route 3
Gender Female[1]
Ability Unknown
Current location With Liko
This Pokémon has not evolved.
Voice actor Japanese English
As Hatenna Kei Shindō N/A

Liko's Hatenna (Japanese: リコのミブリム Liko's Mibrim) is the first Pokémon Liko caught in the Galar region, and her second overall. She is often seen outside her Poké Ball.


Hatenna and Liko

Hatenna debuted in HZ021. While seeking shelter from the rain at Route 3, Liko, Roy, and Friede entered a mountain hut, where they found Hatenna lying unconscious in a crate. Worried for her health, Liko had Hatenna receive a medical examination from Mollie on the Brave Olivine. Mollie deduced that Hatenna wasn't ill, but just feeling down. Liko volunteered to look after Hatenna, but the Calm Pokémon kept running away while trying to avoid the strong emotions of the ship's various residents.

Eventually, Liko found Hatenna on the observation deck. Sensing how calm Liko was, Hatenna felt comfortable enough to jump into Liko's hood and fall asleep. The following day, Liko, Roy, and Friede took Hatenna back to where she was found and attempted to release her back into the wild. Just as it started to leave, Hatenna was stopped by Sprigatito, who convinced her to stay. Liko happily accepted Hattena's decision and caught her with a Poké Ball received from Friede.

In HZ022, Liko, Roy, and Friede encountered a Galarian Moltres belonging to Lucius at the Galar Mine. Sensing the Legendary Pokémon's rage, Hatenna shed a single tear. In the next episode, Liko used Hatenna's earlier reaction to Moltres to determine the Malevolent Pokémon was actually sad and come up with a strategy to calm it down. Later, after Moltres returned to its ancient Poké Ball, Hatenna jumped out of Liko's hood and located the mysterious Pokémon that emerged from Liko's pendant.

In HZ028, Liko, Roy, and Friede met with Tepen in order to get information about the ancient Poké Ball, but he tricked them then stole it. Hatenna realized too late Tepen's intentions, as she sensed his dark emotions, and failed to warn her Trainer about it. Fortunately, Liko and her friends found it out and then attempted to get the ancient Poké Ball back from Tepen. After Liko and Sprigatito drove Tepen's Lampent's and Bronzor's attention, Hatenna noticed a shovel and used Confusion to lift it in order to get the bag that the ancient Poké Ball was in away from the Lamp Pokémon while Sprigatito made in an attempt to get it, but failed when Tepen showed up and had his Lampent grab it back by using Thief.

Personality and characteristics

Hatenna exhausted from picking up strong emotions

Hatenna, as true to her species, can pick up the emotions of both people and Pokémon. Hatenna has also shown to be relaxed when she is around calm emotions, but can get overwhelmed when people or Pokémon show strong emotions, especially if they are arguing or enraged, and would run away whenever they expressed those type of feelings. In addition, Hatenna would pass out from exhaustion whenever she is overwhelmed by strong emotions. Despite this, Hatenna's skills in picking up on emotions of others has helped her friends find lost individuals and if they have good or bad intentions.

Hatenna in Liko's hood

Hatenna is shy and sensitive, even when others tried to interact with her. Due to being shy around others, Hatenna would initially hide away whenever she tried to interact with people or Pokémon. However, Hatenna has slowly opened up in interacting with others, as shown in HZ022 when she joined with some wild Pokémon in the Galar Mine in eating snacks. This was shown again in HZ027, when Hatenna and her friends played with a wild Drednaw. Like her Trainer, Hatenna has shown a brave side, especially if its protecting her friends.

Hatenna and Sprigatito

Liko and Hatenna quickly bonded after meeting each other, as she became unwilling to leave her side when she attempted to return her to the wild. Her closeness to Liko has been shown when she would rest or sit in her hood, although she would sometimes sit on her Trainer's shoulders. Hatenna also feels calm and safe around Liko because her Trainer doesn't usually show strong emotions, such as sorrow or anger. Unlike Sprigatito, Hatenna doesn't seem to get jealous of other Pokémon winning Liko's affection, as she knows that her Trainer cares about her and her friends all the same.

Hatenna formed a close friendship with Sprigatito, as it encouraged her to stay with Liko and immediately shook hands with the Grass Cat Pokémon when they became teammates. Hatenna also seems to feel safe around Sprigatito and would calm down in its presences whenever their Trainer wasn't around, and looks up to it like an older sibling.

Moves used

Using Confusion
Move First Used In
Confusion HZ028
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.



Artwork from "After the story" [2] October 2023 Calendar by mojacookie[3]


  • Hatenna is the first Generation VIII Pokémon owned by a female main character.


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