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Pokémon Horizons: The Series
HZ021   EP1253
The Lonely Mibrim
First broadcast
Japan September 8, 2023
United States
English themes
Japanese themes
Opening ドキメキダイアリー
Ending RVR〜ライジングボルテッカーズラップ〜[オリオVer.]
Animation Team Kato
Screenplay 永川成基 Naruki Nagakawa
Storyboard 斉藤徳明 Noriaki Saitō
Assistant director 月野正志 Masashi Tsukino
Animation directors 羽野広範 Hironori Hano
BigOwl BigOwl
旭陽動画 Xuyang Animation
Additional credits

(Japanese: ひとりぼっちのミブリム The Lonely Mibrim) is the 21st episode of Pokémon Horizons: The Series, and the 1,253rd episode of the Pokémon anime. It first aired in Japan on September 8, 2023.

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During a thunderstorm near the Galar Mine, a frightened Hatenna runs from the lightning and the wild Pokémon surrounding her. The Calm Pokémon finds a mountain hut and hides inside. Looking out the window, she gets spooked by the lightning again and falls into a crate.

The next day at the Brave Olivine, Liko finishes up classes. Ann asks Liko if she did her "Who I Want to Be" essay, and Liko says that she hasn't since she's not exactly sure what to write. Ann tells Liko that she will win lots of battles with Oshawott, making Liko smile at how dedicated her classmate is. A Sandshrew pops up close to the screen, startling Liko and Sprigatito. Ann reveals that she caught this Sandshrew and it has become good friends with her Oshawott. Ann asks Liko if she will catch any new Pokemon. She says she'll hold off on it for now, wanting to look after Sprigatito. Roy calls Liko from outside, and Liko ends her call with Ann, who gives her encouragement for her search at the Galar Mine.

Remembering what Kabu told them, Liko, Roy, and Friede head to the Galar Mine. As they walk along Route 3, Friede acknowledges that it will be mountain trails for a while. Nevertheless, Roy aims to press on for the Black Rayquaza, seeing how it's the reason he left his island. Liko admires how confident Roy is about his goals and how he’s not afraid to say it either, wondering if Sprigatito wants to get stronger. When Roy asks her what's up, Liko shares with him her undecided thoughts about what kind of Trainer she wants to be. Roy and Friede remind her that there are all kinds of people called Trainers; those who want to get stronger, those who collect lots of Pokémon, and even those who want to discover new Pokémon. Friede tells Liko to just do what feels right to her and that the answer she is looking for will come to her in no time.

As dark clouds appear in the sky, Liko thinks about how Roy and Ann are moving ahead knowing their path, left in deep thought again by Kabu's parting advice to her about finding her own path. The three come to an arrow sign. Roy asks Liko what she thinks they should do, but she is hesitant to answer, so he chooses to head right. Friede reassures Liko that if they get lost, they can just take another path. However, when it starts raining, they quickly head for the mountain hut in the other direction. There, Liko finds the Hatenna from before lying down in the crate it fell into. Roy scans her with his Rotom Phone, which gives the advice not to expose her to strong emotions for too long, or she will become exhausted. Friede understands, bringing up a time that he was eating in a cafeteria and a martial spat started up in the kitchen and spoiled his appetite. He says that Hatenna is so sensitive that she can sense an argument even when it's outside. Sprigatito calls Liko over to Hatenna, and she feels her head. Liko notices that something is wrong with Hatenna, and she carries her through the pouring rain back to the ship.

Back at the ship, Liko takes Hatenna to Mollie, who says that the Calm Pokémon is neither hurt nor afflicted with a status condition, but Liko knows that something must be wrong because she isn't making a sound. Mollie claims that while Hatenna is physically fine, the Calm Pokémon is simply feeling down or troubled and that people are the same way if something is on their minds. Liko asks Mollie what she should do, and she asks Liko what she would like others to do for her if there were something she's going through. Liko answers that sometimes she wants to talk about it with her friends, and sometimes she'd prefer to be left alone. Mollie agrees, claiming that one could just cause more grief even if they do what they do with good intentions. With that, Liko offers to look after Hatenna, telling Sprigatito not to get jealous. Talking with Mollie after Liko leaves, Friede thinks leaving Hatenna to someone like Liko is a good idea.

In the engine room, Liko gets her coat, which is dried off from the rain. She thanks Carkol before noticing Dot's Nidothing costume hanging as well. With the costume in hand, Liko goes to Dot's room to discuss Hatenna. Listening to Liko's claims of Hatenna sensing strong emotions, Dot is surprised at the Calm Pokémon's symptoms. Liko still wonders what "strong emotions" could mean, and Dot believes she knows the answer. Dot brings up her Nidothing persona, making Liko tense. Dot says that she gets all sorts of emotions through her comments whenever she's streaming. Liko observes Dot acting out what she shouts in her head in frustration whenever she sees a negative comment, and she points out that maybe that's how the Calm Pokémon feels. Liko gathers from this that being Nidothing must be hard, but Dot says it all works out since she gets comments that make her happy too, making Liko feel better. Unfortunately, they both realize that Hatenna picked up on the strong emotions Dot acted out about the comments, causing her to run out without the two girls noticing. When they go to search for the Calm Pokémon, Liko thinks that she must be anxious about arriving in an unfamiliar place. Hatenna comes across Murdock and Orla, but runs off after picking up their strong emotions when they start arguing. Their squabbling stops when Liko and Dot arrive looking for Hatenna, Murdock remarking this being the first time Dot's spoken to him face-to-face.

Seeking help from Roy, Liko, and Dot wait by a box trap with Pokémon food he set for Hatenna as bait. Unfortunately, Fuecoco falls for it instead. Meanwhile, Hatenna comes across some of the Pokémon on board having a meal and running away when Alcremie offers some to her. The Calm Pokémon soon encounters Ludlow, who says that shying away from everyone is a greater hardship than receiving unwanted feelings. With their search getting nowhere, Liko, Dot, and Roy decide to split up. Liko remembers how overwhelmed she was when arriving on the ship in a storm like this, went to the observation deck, where she likes to think by herself sometimes. Indeed, Hatenna is there too, and while Liko doesn't notice her right away, she still tells the Calm Pokémon how she understands how it must feel to be in an environment full of new Pokémon and people. Calming down, Hatenna shows herself and happily jumps into Liko's hood, feeling comfortable in her presence. Liko shows Roy and Dot how calm Hatenna is in her hood. Roy thinks Liko is amazing for first understanding Arboliva's feelings, and now Hatenna, confusing her when he says that he's glad she cheered up too. Dot says that Liko was feeling gloomy too just as they notice Sprigatito playing with the cardboard box Roy used before to try and catch Hatenna. In her room, Liko writes in her diary while noticing how relaxed both Hatenna and Sprigatito are.

Sprigatito and Hatenna shaking hands, after becoming teammates

The next day, the rain has since stopped. Mollie and Orla see Hatenna resting in Liko’s hood, asking her how she was able to calm the Calm Pokémon down. Liko remembered how she felt when she first arrived on the ship, telling them that she shared that story with Hatenna knowing she undoubtedly felt the same. Orla comments on how she thought Liko was too considerate or worried about how others saw her but notes that Liko's considerate nature was just what she needed to get closer to Hatenna, elating Liko. Liko looks back and forth at the two as Mollie compliments her compassion before teasing Orla about her tactlessness, though Hatenna picks up on Orla’s annoyance at this snide remark, so they quickly calm down to avoid upsetting the Calm Pokémon again. Friede and Roy enter the room, ready to take Hatenna back to her home and head to the Galar Mine. Liko thinks it's for the best since Hatenna would struggle to live somewhere with strong emotions.

Liko, Roy, and Friede return to the mountain hut to let Hatenna go. While Hatenna starts hesitantly walking away, Sprigatito suddenly jumps in front of her. After a moment, Hatenna turns around and jumps into Liko's arms, showing that she wants to stay with her. As such, Friede hands Liko a Poké Ball, allowing her to catch Hatenna and add her to her team. Roy and Friede compliment her ability to understand Pokémon's feelings, filling Liko with the resolve of wanting to learn more about how other Pokémon feel, having finally found her own path as a Trainer. With a new friend in tow, Liko, Roy, and Friede resume their walk toward the Galar Mine.

Meanwhile, a submarine emerges from the sea and hides in an inlet near the Galar Mine. Aboard the submarine, Amethio prepares to head out, outright rebelling against the orders to stay out of the pendant mission from now on by investigating the rumors regarding the Black Rayquaza being in the mine. Zirc and Onia resolve to come with him, which he's fine with.

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Liko inviting Hatenna to join her team
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