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Pokémon Horizons: The Series
HZ017   EP1249
カイデンとホゲータ 秘密の大特訓!
Kaiden and Hogator's Secret Big Training!
First broadcast
Japan August 11, 2023
United States
English themes
Japanese themes
Opening ドキメキダイアリー
Ending RVR ~ライジングボルテッカーズラップ~ [『ポケどこ』コラボVer.]*
Animation Team Kato
Screenplay 土屋理敬 Michihiro Tsuchiya
Storyboard 清水聡 Satoshi Shimizu
Assistant director 又野弘道 Hiromichi Matano
Animation directors 新城真 Makoto Shinjō
升谷有希 Yuki Masutani
Additional credits

(Japanese: カイデンとホゲータ 秘密の大特訓! Kaiden and Hogator's Secret Big Training!) is the 17th episode of Pokémon Horizons: The Series, and the 1,249th episode of the Pokémon anime. It first aired in Japan on August 11, 2023.

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As the Brave Olivine continues its voyage toward Galar, Liko is pacing in front of Dot's room, still trying to come to terms with her newfound knowledge of her being Nidothing. Her pacing is interrupted when Roy approaches her, looking for Fuecoco and Wattrel. The two of them find Roy's Pokémon outside, where Wattrel is getting annoyed at Fuecoco constantly getting in its way as it tries to sunbathe, eventually starting to peck the Fire type out of frustration. Roy tries to calm the situation by singing with Fuecoco, but this only ends up frustrating Wattrel even more for being left out, and it lets out a piercing cry. Fuecoco responds in kind, leaving Roy holding his ears in pain of the clash of voices as Liko turns away, overwhelmed by the commotion. The troubles continue at lunchtime, when Wattrel again gets annoyed for Fuecoco constantly wanting to be close to it and starts pecking it again. Liko giggles in amusement as she watches Roy chase after his two squabbling Pokémon. Seeing her reaction to the situation, Orla presents Liko with the idea of getting another Pokémon too. This suggestion catches Liko by surprise, as she hadn't even thought of the possibility of getting a Pokémon other than Sprigatito until now.

Roy's attempts at getting his Pokémon to reconcile prove fruitless. Fortunately, though, the squabbling is put to a stop by them spotting Friede's Charizard and Captain Pikachu having a training match. Friede tells Roy that training is a way for his his Pokémon to get some stress relief and deepen their friendship. This gives Roy hope that the same will work with Fuecoco and Wattrel too, so he asks for a training match with Cap. During the match, Wattrel pulls off a new move, which Roy's Rotom Phone identifies as Spark. Despite the new move, though, Cap wins the match by making Fuecoco and Wattrel ram into each other and knock each other out. As a result, Roy's Pokémon go right back to squabbling with each other, but while they argue, Dot contacts Friede, warning him that there's lots of turbulence ahead. As such, everyone moves back inside, except for Roy, who's still trying to get his Pokémon to stop fighting. Liko goes to help Mollie in keeping the airship's Pokémon calm as the turbulence starts rocking the ship. However, when Roy hasn't yet come inside, Liko goes to get him. Outside, Roy and his Pokémon only notice the turbulence once it's on them, but on their way inside, Wattrel gets blown away by the wind. It manages to fly back, but struggles to not get blown away again, so Roy goes to rescue it just as Liko arrives on the scene. While struggling to hold Wattrel, Roy notices its wings glowing. A thick branch blown by the wind suddenly flies towards him, but Wattrel uses a powerful Spark to break it before it can hit.

Safely back inside, Roy is in awe of the power of Wattrel's last Spark, thinking it could actually have the chance of overpowering Cap's Thunder Punch, though he wonders why the move wasn't that strong during the earlier battle. Liko explains that Wattrel generates electricity from wind, so its wings being hit by the turbulent winds must've allowed it to generate more electricity than before. This leaves Roy in a pickle, as he has to find a way to generate wind during a battle. He decides to ask Dot for advice and goes to her door. Liko is feeling flustered at the idea of going to Nidothing's room, but Dot still lets them in. While Liko is busy feeling nervous at being in her idol's room, Roy presents his problem to Dot. Given that Roy's Wattrel is small and can't fly well, Dot theorizes that falling from a great height could allow it to generate enough wind for a moment. This gives Roy an idea, and he rushes to the wing deck to do some training.

Roy's training ends up taking hours, causing him to even miss dinner. Liko brings him some sandwiches and drinks, finding a totally exhausted Roy and his Pokémon on the wing deck. Roy refuses to disclose the goals of his training at the moment, wanting to keep his strategy a secret until it is ready. After eating, he and his Pokémon go right back to training. By next morning, they feel ready and issue another challenge for Friede and Cap. The rest of the Rising Volt Tacklers gather to watch, and proceed to get baffled when Fuecoco and Wattrel jump onto Roy's head to form a small tower. Flinging his partners into the air, Roy has Fuecoco use Ember repeatedly to propel itself and Wattrel upwards, until Wattrel takes to the skies. Landing back down, Fuecoco keeps using Ember, while Wattrel dives down with Spark, the force of the dive generating the wind necessary to power up the attack. Instead of dodging, Cap meets the attack head-on with Thunder Punch, pushing Wattrel back. Fuecoco tries to use Tackle on Cap as he's falling down, but Cap is still able to dodge, causing Fuecoco fall down and faint, alongside Wattrel.

Although Roy is momentarily dejected by his loss, the rest of the team still compliments the results of his training. Recovering from their dejection, Roy and Fuecoco start singing again, with Wattrel also joining in this time. Seeing Roy's Pokémon getting along fills Liko with joy, and she figures that maybe having another Pokémon friend could actually be fun, after all. Friede, meanwhile, notes that Cap's hat was actually knocked off during the match, which counts as an achievement, as does the fact that Cap actually got serious for a moment.

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  • When Roy gets up after telling Fuecoco and Wattrel to get inside the Brave Olivine after the ship is hit with turbulence, his left foot is missing a toe.

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