アメジオ Amethio
Amethio anime.png
Age 13-19[1]
Gender Male
Eye color Purple
Hair color Black and silver
Hometown Unknown
Region Unknown
Member of Explorers
Rank Admin
Anime debut HZ001
English voice actor N/A
Japanese voice actor Shun Horie

Amethio (Japanese: アメジオ Amethio) is one of the Admins of the mysterious organization Explorers, and a supporting character in Pokémon Horizons: The Series. After witnessing the efforts of the Rising Volt Tacklers to protect Liko, Amethio decided to discover the secrets that Liko's pendant hides at all costs.

In the anime


Amethio ready to do battle with Friede

Amethio debuted in HZ001. He was first seen entering the Indigo Academy while searching for Liko. When they met, he introduced himself as an associate of her grandmother, and requested Liko's pendant. Liko, distrusting him, attempted to escape but got caught up in a battle against Amethio's teammate Zir and his Rhydon. He caught up with her on the roof of the academy, only for Friede to appear on the back of his Charizard and interfere, clashing with his Ceruledge.

Amethio witnessed the power Liko's mysterious pendant held and, in the following episode, led the rest of his group on an aerial chase for Friede and Liko back to the Rising Volt Tacklers's airship. After breaking through the ship's forcefield, Amethio threatened Liko to come with them, and she nearly complied, but they were stopped by Friede and Captain Pikachu. They resumed the battle from earlier, but Friede chose his Pikachu this time, which Amethio saw as a taunt. Once more, their battle ended without a winner, as Liko interrupted the battle. Her Sprigatito then unleashed a Leafage strong enough to break the forcefield around the battlefield, but was blown overboard in the process. Seeing this as a chance to gain leverage over the situation, Amethio captured Sprigatito and fled with his teammates.

In the following episode, Amethio assigned Zir to spy on Brave Asagi and Conia to look after Sprigatito. When his group was found by the Rising Volt Taclkers, Amethio had another battle with Friede, which ended when Liko managed to rescue her Pokémon. Some time later, Amethio decided to report to Hamber on the progress of his mission, after which he decided to take responsibility for discovering the pendant's secrets.

As of HZ006, after leaving without a mission to complete, that was now given by Spinel, Amethio decided to follow and discover more about the Black Rayquaza that was summoned from Roy's ancient Poké Ball.


Amethio and Friede

Amethio is a formal person who does not show much emotion in many situations. However, his politeness is a front he uses to manipulate others into giving him what he wants. Amethio would take the first initiative to decide whether a battle is necessary. Instead of having Zir and Conia, he would be the one to battle, taking responsibility of the situation.

He is a strong Trainer and appears to have sparked somewhat of a rivalry with Friede, even suggesting to resume a battle they dropped off earlier in HZ002. He also doesn't take lightly to being underestimated, expressing his irritation when Friede chose his Pikachu over his Charizard or when Friede is distracted during their battles.

Despite his forceful means, Amethio seems to not want to use unnecessary violence to attain his goals, such as when he flinched when his Ceruledge's Psycho Cut missed and caused an explosion on Brave Asagi, as well as saving Sprigatito from falling. He also did not have any ill intent towards Sprigatito while it was his hostage, allowing Conia to deal with it her own way.


On hand

Ceruledge is Amethio's first known Pokémon and his main battler. In HZ001, Ceruledge was used to battle against Friede's Charizard, but the battle ended without a winner when Friede decided to flee with Liko. In the following episode, Ceruledge is used to battle Captain Pikachu. Although its opponent managed to battle Ceruledge on equal terms, but the battle ended without a winner when Liko decided to step in.

In HZ003, Ceruledge was used to battle Friede and Captain Pikachu once again. This was a distraction to keep Amethio busy whilst Liko went to find her Sprigatito. After Liko found Sprigatito, the battle ended with Friede making his escape.

In HZ006, Ceruledge was used to battle Liko's Sprigatito and Roy's Fuecoco in a two-on-one battle, where Ceruledge's superior battling experience and power easily overwhelmed the duo. The battle was called off once a Black Rayquaza emerged from Roy's ancient Poké Ball, forcing the Explorers to retreat.

Ceruledge's known moves are Bitter Blade, Night Slash, Psycho Cut, and Phantom Force.

Debut HZ001
Corviknight is Amethio's second known Pokémon. Amethio uses Corviknight as his main means of transportation.

Corviknight's known moves are Air Slash and Hurricane.

Debut HZ002

Traveling with

Rotom Phone

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 堀江瞬 Shun Horie


Concept art of Amethio from Pokémon Horizons: The Series [2]

In the manga

Pocket Monsters

Amethio in the Pocket Monsters manga

Amethio appeared in the Pocket Monsters manga playing the same role he does in the anime.


On hand
Ceruledge is Amethio's only known Pokémon. It was first used to battle Friede's Charizard on the rooftops of Indigo Academy.

Ceruledge's known moves are Bitter Blade, Night Slash, and Psycho Cut.

Debut HZM01
Traveling with
Rotom Phone


Language Name Origin
Japanese アメジオ Amethio From amethyst
English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish Amethio Same as his Japanese name


Boss: Gibeon
Administrators: AmethioSpinelHamber
Agents: ConiaZir

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