Arboliva Forest

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Arboliva Forest
オリーヴァの森 Oliva's Forest
Arboliva Forest.png
Arboliva Forest
Region Paldea
Debut HZ011

(Japanese: オリーヴァの森 Oliva's Forest) is an anime-exclusive location in the Paldea region, located near Artazon.

In HZ011, Nemona guilded Liko, Roy, and Mollie to Arboliva Forest, to find a giant Arboliva, who might have a connection with the Black Rayquaza. When they arrived they were met with half of the forest burned down from a wildfire, Roy unexpectedly climbed on Arboliva and discovered that it had the same ancient Poké ball attached to it.

In HZ012, wanting to help restore the forest, Liko and Roy cleaned up the forest and planted berries, while Ludlow used his Quagsire's Rain Dance to help the berries grow. After restoring the forest, the Arboliva return back into its ball having no need to protect the forest anymore.

Pokémon seen in the Arboliva's Forest

Lechonk (multiple)
Paldean Wooper
Smoliv (multiple)
Skiddo (multiple)
Fletchling (multiple)
Rookidee (multiple)
Venomoth (multiple)

With Liko and Roy

Arboliva (giant)

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Arboliva Forest
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