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Sophocles's parents
Sophocles parents.png
Sophocles's parents
Gender Male (father)
Female (mother)
Eye color Black (both)
Hair color Dark brown (father)
Light brown (mother)
Hometown Hau'oli City
Region Alola
Relatives Sophocles (son), Molayne (nephew)
Anime debut A Guardian Rematch!
English voice actor
Japanese voice actor Father: Yūji Ueda

Sophocles's parents are recurring characters who appeared in the Pokémon anime. Sophocles's father is vice-president of the Alola tourism center.



Sophocles's parents first appeared in A Guardian Rematch!.

They live in a house in Hau'oli City together with their son. Sophocles brought Ash home with him and introduced him to his parents.

They appeared again in Alolan Open House!, where they visited Sophocles at the Pokémon School as part of the Visiting Day. They were seen chatting with Delia.

They appeared again in So Long, Sophocles!, where they informed Sophocles that they were moving house. Sophocles feared that this meant moving to another island when in fact they were just moving a few houses away.

Sophocles's mother reappeared in The Dex Can't Help It!, where she found Sophocles frozen by Rotom Pokédex when it took on the form of Frost Rotom.

They reappeared in Rise and Shine, Starship!, where they were camping with Sophocles at Bamboo Hill when he encountered a Celesteela. They were later seen delivering Sophocles a late-night snack, only to see him engrossed in his research.

Sophocles's father briefly appeared in A Young Royal Flame Ignites!, watching the Battle Royal along with Sophocles.

Sophocles's mother appeared during a flashback in Filling the Light with Darkness!, where Sophocles revealed that she had been sleeping due to the effects of a Necrozma.

Sophocles's parents reappeared in SM093, where they watched Sophocles perform in the school play.


Sophocles's parents are supportive of their son, evidenced by the fact that they built a lab for Sophocles to use. Sophocles's mother is also shown to be a good cook, as Sophocles would make positive comments about her homemade malasada.

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese Father: うえだゆうじ Yūji Ueda
Finnish Mother: Susa Saukko
Father: Markus Bäckman
Polish Mother: Agnieszka Kunikowska
Father: Szymon Roszak
European Spanish Mother: Carmen Podio
Father: Néstor Moreno


  • Dub closed captions refer to them as Sophocles' mother and Sophocles' father‬.

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