A malasada (Japanese: マラサダ malasada) is a common food item in Alola, much like real-world malasadas, which are common in Hawaii. In Pokémon Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun, and Ultra Moon, malasada shops sell two basic varieties of malasadas that have different effects. There are malasada shops in Hau'oli City, Royal Avenue, and Malie City.

The exterior of a malasada shop
Inside of a malasada shop

Flavored malasada

The flavored malasadas are sold by the left-hand attendant at malasada shops for $200. Different shops sell different flavors.

A sixth type of flavored malasada, Mythic Malasada, also appears rarely at all shops. It appears for exactly one week at a time and then disappears again until 31 days later. For example, if Mythic Malasada appears at a shop on January 1, it will remain until January 7, and then it will disappear again until February 7. The game treats the date the player started their adventure as the day just after when Mythic Malasada was last available in shops (for example, if the player's adventure started on January 8, Mythic Malasadas would appear on February 7). If the 3DS's time is changed, the new date is treated the same way.

These malasadas increase a Pokémon's affection by 3, 5, or 10 points, depending on whether it dislikes, is neutral to, or likes the flavor, respectively. Mythic Malasada increases a Pokémon's affection by 13 regardless of its preferences. They also make the Pokémon totally full. A Pokémon with a fullness of level 4 or more cannot eat any flavored malasadas.

Big Malasada

Big Malasada
Main article: Big Malasada

Big Malasadas are sold by the right-hand attendant at malasada shops for $350. Each shop will only sell one Big Malasada to each customer each day.

Big Malasadas are bag items, stored in the Medicine pocket, and cure a Pokémon from all non-volatile status conditions and confusion.

In the anime

Malasadas in the anime
A malasada shop in the anime

Malasadas have appeared multiple times in the anime. They were first featured in A Shocking Grocery Run!, in which Jessie, James, and Meowth were shown working in a store located in Hau'oli City's mall selling malasadas.

Throughout the series, Team Rocket normally appeared as part-time malasada workers wearing Bewear-themed uniforms, attempting to sell them to customers in a delivery van. This part-time business appeared to be profitable on their part, as during the Manalo Conference, they managed to get paid enough money for them to purchase parts to make a large Bewear mecha in an attempt to steal Pokémon during the Manalo awards ceremony.

In The Sun, the Scare, the Secret Lair!, Jessie was seen eating a malasada, only for it to be taken by a wild Wingull, who fed it to its babies.

In Getting to Know You!, Lillie took Snowy to a malasada shop. In addition, Jessie offered some malasadas to Bewear as thanks for taking care of them, only for the Strong Arm Pokémon to express its gratitude for her gesture by squishing her with a tremendous hug.

Sophocles's mother made some homemade malasadas for Ash and Sophocles in A Guardian Rematch!. The latter made extremely positive comments about her cooking style for those malasadas.

Team Rocket, including Wobbuffet, were seen eating malasadas in A Glaring Rivalry!.

Sophocles baked some malasadas for his classmates in The Ol' Raise and Switch!. Inspired by Steenee's Sweet Scent, he had copied the same aroma into the malasadas.

In Mimikyu Unmasked!, Jessie bought some malasadas twice from the Hau'oli City Shopping Mall. Both times, the malasadas were stolen by a group of Murkrow, but on the second occasion, Jessie manages to get back one of the stolen malasadas, sharing it with Mimikyu.

In All Out, All of the Time!, a year's supply of malasadas was the prize for winning the Pokémon Catch Adventure Race. While Ash and Goh won the race, the malasadas were given to the All-Out Brothers as a special prize for saving Ash and Goh's Pokémon from Team Rocket.

In the manga

Malasadas in Pokémon Adventures

Pokémon Adventures

Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon arc

In The Decision and the Tournament of Six, Olivia and Moon handed out malasadas to the participants of a tournament at an Iki Town festival. The packaging on the malasadas each contained a number that determined their placement in the tournament.

In A Photoshoot and the Abandoned Thrifty Megamart, Hau was seen eating a malasada when Ilima met him at the Trainers' School. In A Raid and Po Town, Hau suggested that they should bring some malasadas to Team Skull, which the Trial Captains were planning to negotiate with in Po Town.

In Finale!! The Battle Against the Other Dimension!, Hau was revealed to be setting up a malasada and Tapu Cocoa shop with Guzma and Mallow's assistance.

In other languages

Language Title
  Japanese マラサダ Malasada
Chinese Cantonese 馬拉薩達 Máhlāsaatdaaht
Mandarin 馬拉薩達 / 马拉萨达 Mǎlāsàdá
  Danish Malasada
  Finnish Malasada
  French Malasada
  German Malasada
  Italian Malasada
  Korean 말라사다 Malasada
  Norwegian Malasada
  Polish Malasada
Portuguese   Brazil Sonho recheado
  Portugal Malasada
  Russian Маласада Malasada
  Spanish Malasada
  Swedish Malasada

Sweet Malasada

Language Title
  Japanese アマサダ Amasada
Chinese Cantonese 甜薩達 Tìhmsaatdaaht
Mandarin 甜薩達 / 甜萨达 Tiánsàdá
  French Malasadouce
  German Zucker-Malasada
  Italian Dolcesada
  Korean 달콤라사다 Dalkomlasada
  Polish Słodka Malasada
  Spanish Dulcesada

Sour Malasada

Language Title
  Japanese スッパサダ Suppasada
Chinese Cantonese 酸薩達 Syūnsaatdaaht
Mandarin 酸薩達 / 酸萨达 Suānsàdá
  French Malasidulée
  German Zitrus-Malasada
  Italian Asprasada
  Korean 새콤라사다 Saekomlasada
  Polish Kwaśna Malasada
  Spanish Acidasada

Dry Malasada

Language Title
  Japanese シブサダ Shibusada
Chinese Cantonese 澀薩達 Saapsaatdaaht
Mandarin 澀薩達 / 涩萨达 Sèsàdá
  French Malasasèche
  German Herb-Malasada
  Italian Agrasada
  Korean 떫은라사다 Tteol-eunlasada
  Spanish Secasada

Spicy Malasada

Language Title
  Japanese カラサダ Karasada
Chinese Cantonese 辣薩達 Laahtsaatdaaht
Mandarin 辣薩達 / 辣萨达 Làsàdá
  French Malasapimentée
  German Chili-Malasada
  Italian Pepasada
  Korean 매콤라사다 Maekomlasada
  Polish Ostra Malasada
  Spanish Picasada

Bitter Malasada

Language Title
  Japanese ニガサダ Nigasada
Chinese Cantonese 苦薩達 Fúsaatdaaht
Mandarin 苦薩達 / 苦萨达 Kǔsàdá
  French Malasamère
  German Bitter-Malasada
  Italian Amarasada
  Korean 쓴라사다 Sseunlasada
  Spanish Amargasada

Mythic Malasada

Language Title
  Japanese マボサダ Mabosada
Chinese Cantonese 幻薩達 Waahnsaatdaaht
Mandarin 幻薩達 / 幻萨达 Huànsàdá
  French Malasabuleuse
  German Mysto-Malasada
  Italian Fantastisada
  Korean 환상라사다 Hwansanglasada
  Spanish Maravisada

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