If you were looking for the recurring characters whose Japanese name are Parker, see Porter.
ソウタ Sōta
Gender Male
Eye color Blue
Hair color Maroon
Hometown Vermilion City
Region Kanto
Relatives Professor Cerise (father),
Talia (mother), Chloe (older
Anime debut Best Friend...Worst Nightmare!
English voice actor Erica Mendez
Japanese voice actor Chihiro Ueda

Parker (Japanese: ソウタ Sōta) is a recurring character who appeared in Pokémon Journeys: The Series. He is the younger brother of Chloe and the son of Professor Cerise and Talia.


Parker and his family

Parker first appeared in Best Friend...Worst Nightmare!, where he tried to wake Chloe up for school. He then had breakfast together with his family before seeing his sister and father off as they drove to Chloe's school.

In Dreams Are Made of These!, Parker was among those who attended the Pokémon Orienteering competition at Cerise Laboratory. Alongside his sister, Parker followed Goh around Vermilion City and watched as he caught several Pokémon before meeting up with his father and the others.

In There's a New Kid in Town!, Yamper brought home an injured Pidove. After Parker helped it recover, he was sad to see Pidove leave when its Trainer came to pick it up. However, his sister comforted him and told him that Pidove's place was with its Trainer. In the end, Parker decided to say goodbye to Pidove next to his family.

In The Cuteness Quotient!, Parker asked Chloe, Goh, and Ash to help him and his friend Jinny train her Feebas. Later, the group traveled to Hoenn to follow Jinny's performance at the Friendship Festival.

Parker was invited to a sleepover party at Jinny's house some time before the events of Memories of a Warming Kindness!. In a flashback, Parker tried to convince Yamper to go with him. Yamper in turn, only agreed to go after Chloe asked him to.

Parker reappeared in Sleuths for Truth!.

In Nightfall? Nightmares!, Parker was seen playing with Yamper while Chloe decided to travel to Sinnoh.

In Infinite Possibilities!, Parker joined his family on a camping trip.

In This Could be the Start of Something Big!, Parker joined a party taking place at Cerise Laboratory.


In contrast to his sister, Parker is more open and friendly to Pokémon, even trying to create a friendship between Yamper and an injured Pidove. During the competition in Dreams Are Made of These!, Parker was one of the children most impressed with Goh's skills, which motivated him to want to know more about Pokémon.

Parker seems to avoid being sincere, such as when he avoided responding to a question on what he thought of Jinny's Feebas so as not to hurt his friend's feelings.


Taking care of

Main article: Professor Cerise's Yamper

Yamper is a Pokémon taken care of by Parker's family. Yamper sometimes alerts Parker to wake Chloe up when she is late for school.

In Memories of a Warming Kindness!, Yamper is Parker's choice to spend the night at Jinny's house. Although stubborn, Yamper gives in when Chloe asks him to go with Parker.

Debut Legend? Go! Friends? Go!
Voice actors
Japanese Inuko Inuyama
English Tara Jayne Sands

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 植田千尋 Chihiro Ueda
English Erica Mendez
Mandarin Chinese 劉如蘋 Liu Ruping
Danish Melvin Noel Pedersen
Polish Igor Borecki
Brazilian Portuguese Victor Hugo Fernandes
Spanish Latin America Francisco Vargas Balzanny
Spain Elena Palacios


Language Name Origin
Japanese ソウタ Sōta Possibly from 草 (grass) and 田 ta (paddy)
English, Brazilian
Parker From park
French Simon
Italian Patrick Similar to his English name
Korean 두루 Duru Similar to 하루 Haru (Chloe)
Chinese (Mandarin) 蒼太 Cāngtài From the Japanese name 蒼太 Sōta. Contains 蒼 cāng (verdant).

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