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Tara Jayne

Tara Jayne (born Tara Sands) is an American voice actress who was one of the original voice actresses for the English-language dub of the Pokémon anime. She is occasionally credited as Tara Jane.



Jayne was one of the anime's original voice actors. She had provided the voices of many characters of the day until the end of the seventh season. After her departure, stock footage was subsequently used to voice all Bulbasaur that appeared in the anime (most frequently May's Bulbasaur) until Michele Knotz took over. Her most prominent roles on Pokémon are that of Ritchie and Ash's Bulbasaur.

In 2016, Jayne returned to the series to lend her voice to characters during Pokemon Generations. She made her return to the main series proper with Pokemon Journeys: The Series, this time being credited as Tara Jayne Sands. She voices Chloe's Yamper.

Aside from her work on Pokémon, she was also the co-host of Fridays on Cartoon Network until 2007. Jayne currently lives in Los Angeles, working independently.

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