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Pokémon Journeys: The Series
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There's a New Kid in Town!
JN029   EP1114
Electrifying Jealousy! Wanpachi's Feelings
First broadcast
Japan July 19, 2020
United States December 4, 2020
English themes
Opening The Journey Starts Today
Japanese themes
Opening 1・2・3
Ending ポケモンしりとり(ミュウ→ザマゼンタVer.)
Animation Team Kato
Screenplay 松井亜弥 Aya Matsui
Storyboard 浅田裕二 Yūji Asada
Assistant director 浅田裕二 Yūji Asada
Animation directors 岩根雅明 Masaaki Iwane
志村泉 Izumi Shimura
Additional credits

There's a New Kid in Town! (Japanese: パチパチやきもち!ワンパチのきもち Electrifying Jealousy! Wanpachi's Feelings) is the 29th episode of Pokémon Journeys: The Series, and the 1,114th episode of the Pokémon anime. It first aired in Japan on July 19, 2020, in the United Kingdom on November 12, 2020, and in the United States on December 4, 2020. It was initially intended to air in Japan on June 7, 2020, but was rescheduled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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A terrified Pidove flees at rapid speed, crashing into Chloe’s window with a thud! Then, to Chloe and her family’s surprise, Yamper drags the injured Pidove inside! The Cerise family wants to help the Pokémon recover, but Yamper becomes jealous of the attention Pidove receives, especially from Chloe. Meanwhile, Pidove is content to stay perched on Yamper’s back—which annoys Yamper even more! But when a menacing Fearow attacks, Chloe draws upon her bond with Yamper to defeat it in battle. Soon after that, Pidove’s Trainer arrives to take his beloved Pokémon home. The Cerise family will never forget Pidove…and Chloe’s appreciation for Pokémon has grown just a bit more!


At the Cerise residence, Chloe is flicking through a magazine when she notices an "ugly" illustration that resembles herself in an article. She storms into the living room to confront her illustrator mother, complaining that it looks like she has bed hair. Talia brushes off Chloe's concerns, admitting that it is just a fictional character afterall. The heated exchange is interrupted by Yamper's barks, so Talia opens the screen doors to see Yamper carrying an injured Pidove in his mouth. Professor Cerise checks on the injured Pokémon, and everyone is relieved to learn that it is just unconscious. Chloe suddenly remembers that she heard something hit her window, and soon Pidove wakes up. Pidove is still in a state of shock and attempts to escape Yamper, however it cannot fly because of an injured wing. With that, the family decide to nurse Pidove back to full health.

At Cerise Park, Ash has his Riolu practice its moves on Pikachu. While its Vacuum Wave misses the mark, Riolu manages to block Pikachu's Iron Tail with a Force Palm. The practice session is interrupted by Goh, with Ash agreeing to help him search for his Sobble. The boys soon get their first clue to Sobble's whereabouts after noticing several of their Pokémon sobbing uncontrollably nearby. Goh is soon overcome with tears, but manages to order his Venomoth and Butterfree use Stun Spore. The paralyzing cloud reveals Sobble is crying up in a tree. As Goh's Scyther is about to confront it, Sobble bursts into tears again. Ash orders Dragonite assist, and it swoops in and cradles Sobble to settle it down.

Back at the Cerise household, the injured Pidove still has its appetite as it polishes off a whole bowl of Pokémon food. Parker takes the opportunity to formally introduce himself and his family to Pidove. Yamper, however, frightens the Tiny Pigeon Pokémon and a chaotic chase ensues. Pidove eventually lands on Yamper's back, nestling itself in. Yamper tries to shake it off before attempting to shock it. Pidove, however, flies up to evade before returning to Yamper's back. Chloe and Parker are confused as to why Pidove, who was frightened earlier, is now comfortable around Yamper, to which their father explains that Pidove is a particularly forgetful Pokémon. Yamper again tries to shake Pidove off, but his attempts prove useless. Pidove continues to stay on Yamper's back during an evening walk and overnight.

The following morning, Chloe notices that Pidove is doing much better. Yamper rushes to greet her, but he soon resorts to tugging to keep Chloe away from Pidove. Professor Cerise deduces that Yamper, who often gets everyone's attention, must be jealous of their new arrival – Pidove. Cerise realizes that he is going to be late, so he hurries into his car, dropping Chloe off at school first. Arriving at the Cerise Laboratory, the Professor does a database search for a missing Pidove before posting ads online in the hopes of finding Pidove's rightful Trainer.

Later, Chloe returns to the lab after a day of school. Pidove flies onto her shoulder to greet her, however this only infuriates Yamper again. The barking gets Ash and Goh’s attentions, with Professor Cerise explaining to them that Yamper is jealous of Pidove. Cerise admits that it is nothing to worry about, and adds that Chloe was far more jealous at one point. Everyone sits down inside to hear the story, with Professor Cerise informing everyone that he received Yamper as a gift from a friend in the Galar region. Chloe was a young child at the time, and Parker hadn’t been born yet. Ren recalls that Chloe would even yell at him for giving Yamper any attention. Chloe feels embarrassed by the story, admitting she was acting childish back then. Chrysa remarks that jealousy is nothing to be ashamed off, and reflects on her envy towards her younger sister. Cerise explains that Yamper and Chloe eventually overcame this after the so-called "Runaway Yamper Incident". Yamper ran off after Chloe grew tired of being followed. Chloe went on to search for the missing Yamper at a local park. There, she encountered a group of Venonat. Yamper protected Chloe, yapping at the Venonat to scare them away. Ever since, Yamper has always been especially attached to Chloe, only sleeping in her room and eating when fed by Chloe.

Hearing Yamper's barks, everyone steps outside to see a wild Fearow swooping on Yamper and Pidove. As Fearow approaches, Pidove recalls that it was being chased by a Fearow before it crashed into Chloe's bedroom window. Yamper delivers Pidove to Chloe for safety, before preparing to take on the threat by himself. Cerise orders his lab assistants not to intervene, and turns to his daughter to offer her some words of encouragement. Chloe's stance changes and she orders Yamper to attack, knocking Fearow out with a single Spark. It quickly recovers and flies away, with Goh realizing too late that he just missed a chance to catch it.

Later, Pidove is reunited with its rightful Trainer. He admits that he is grateful to have Pidove back, as it leads his Pidove Race team. Parker is sad to see his new friend leaving, though Chloe notes that Pidove is happy with its Trainer. With that, the Cerise family wave Pidove off, calling for it to visit them sometime soon.

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Who's That Pokémon?: Pidove



  • During the scene where the Pokémon seen in Cerise Park are crying, Golurk is normal-sized.
    • Also in this scene, Dragonite is smaller than its normal size.
  • When Chloe and Pidove witness Yamper using Spark on Fearow, Pidove's eyes are miscolored.

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JN028 : Sobbing Sobble!
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