Mr. Sukizo

Mr. Sukizo
スキゾーさん Mr. Sukizō
Mr Sukizo.png
Mr. Sukizo
Gender Male
Hometown Unknown
Region Hoenn, Kanto, Sinnoh
Anime debut All Things Bright and Beautifly!
English voice actor Darren Dunstan (AG035-AG144)
Craig Blair (AG151-DP146)
Tom Wayland (DP161-present)
Japanese voice actor Yoshinori Sonobe

Mr. Sukizo (Japanese: スキゾーさん Mr. Sukizō) is a recurring character who appeared in the Pokémon anime. He is the President of the Pokémon Fan Club and, along with Mr. Contesta and Nurse Joy, one of the judges of Pokémon Contests. He first appeared in All Things Bright and Beautifly!.

His appearance resembles that of a male Poké Fan, which may have served as inspiration for his design.


Pokémon the Series: Ruby and Sapphire

Mr. Sukizo debuted in a non-speaking appearance in All Things Bright and Beautifly!, where he was the judge of the Rustboro City Pokémon Contest. At the start of the competition, the announcer introduced him as the President of the Pokémon Enthusiasts Club. Later, during the first round, Mr. Sukizo showed disappointment upon seeing the presentation of Mademoiselle Jessica, who failed to display the moves and skills of her Seviper. As such, he gave her a zero.

Mr. Sukizo in the Dress-Up Contest

During the Battle Stage of the R1 Rubello Contest in Cruisin' for a Losin', Mr. Sukizo ruled Battle Off for May's Bulbasaur during her match against Savannah's Lairon. He showed indignation when May, ignoring his ruling and her Pokémon's health, insisted Bulbasaur was able to continue battling.

Pokémon the Series: Diamond and Pearl

In All Dressed Up With Somewhere To Go!, Mr. Sukizo judged the Pokémon Dress-Up Contest, an annual cosplay competition organized by fellow members of the Pokémon Fan Club. Together with Officer Jenny and Nurse Joy, he evaluated the costumes and impressions of the contestants' Pokémon. At the end of the competition, he awarded the winner, Brock, with a Pokémon Egg that would eventually hatch into a Happiny.

In Fighting Ire with Fire!, Mr. Sukizo was revealed to be a member of the Pokémon Contest Grand Festival Planning Committee, along with Raoul Contesta and Marian.

During the Performance Stage of the Sinnoh Grand Festival in Last Call — First Round!, he and the Nurse Joy from Pastoria City were put in charge of evaluating the performances delivered by Coordinators in the Green Stage.


Aside from presiding the Pokémon Fan Club, Mr. Sukizo is a member of the panel of judges for Pokémon Contests and related events, such as the various Grand Festival tournaments and the multiregional Wallace Cup.

He is a man of few words and, whenever the master of ceremonies asks for his input, he makes brief comments, usually ending his sentences by saying the subject is "Remarkable!" (Japanese: 好きですね I like it!). Whether he is talking about the hosting city or about a Pokémon's overall performance, he will not take long to express his opinion. Despite this, it is clear that he enjoys his work as a Contest Judge as much as Mr. Contesta and Nurse Joy do.

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 園部好徳 Yoshinori Sonobe
English Darren Dunstan (AG035-AG144)
Craig Blair (AG151-DP146)
Billy Beach (DP161-present)
Finnish Joonas Suominen (AG051)
Markus Blom (AG078)
Saku Mäkynen (AG091)
Tommi Haapaniemi (AG103-AG144)
Petri Hanttu (AG151-AG182, DP061-DP095, DP123-DP162)
Antti Jaakola (DP011-DP049, DP114)
Pasi Ruohonen (DP171-present)
German Gerd Meyer
Hebrew עדי וייס Adi Weiss
Italian Federico Danti (DP061-present)
Korean 오인성 O In-Seong
Norwegian Erik Skøld
Polish Dariusz Błażejewski (AG035)
Krzysztof Cybiński (DP011-DP012)
Grzegorz Pierczyński (DP026-DP033)
Janusz Wituch (DP049)
Artur Pontek (DP061-DP095, DP146-present)
Klaudiusz Kaufmann (DP114-DP123)
Brazilian Portuguese Sérgio Ruffino (AG035)
Ivo Roberto "Tatu" (AG051)
Fábio Vilalonga (AG091)
Unknown voice actor (AG103, AG116, AG144 and AG151)
Cássius Romero (AG122-AG123)
Cláudio Sátiro (AG160-present)
Spanish Latin America Alfredo Basurto (AG035-DP095)
Gabriel Gama (AG078, AG167)
Luis Alfonso Mendoza (DP114-DP123)
Ricardo Bautista (DP146)
Eduardo Garza (DP161-present)
Spain Eduardo del Hoyo


Mr. Sukizo in his debut with a different outfit


Language Name Origin
Japanese スキゾーさん Mr. Sukizō From 好き suki (like), which is part of his catchphrase of "I like it!".
English Mr. Sukizo From his Japanese name.
French Monsieur Sukizo From his Japanese name.
German Mister Sukizoo From his Japanese name.
Korean 정택 Jeongtaek
Chinese (Mandarin) 須木佐 Xūmùzuǒ Derived from 須木 Suki and 佐 zuǒ (the transliteration of ).
Polish Pan Sukizo Same as his English name

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