Project Mew

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(Japanese: プロジェクト・ミュウ Project Mew) is a research project in the anime, which recruits Trainers from around the world, aiming to find Mew. It was first introduced in JN068.


A Project Mew token

Trial Missions

In order to participate in Project Mew, a Trainer must pass certain Trial Missions assigned for them. Once the mission objective has been achieved and verified, the Trainer will earn a special token on their Rotom Phone as proof.

The items collected during Trial Missions are brought to be verified by a Corviknight.

List of Trial Missions

Mission Description Region Episode Trainer
Collect a Moltres feather
Locate a Moltres and collect a feather from it. Kanto JN068 Gary


Trainer Tokens
Gary 1 or more
Asahi Unknown


Corviknight is a Pokémon used by Project Mew to deliver items.

None of Corviknight's moves are known.

Debut JN068


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