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Aina's Kitchen
アイナ食堂 Aina Cafeteria
Aina's Kitchen.png
Aina's Kitchen
Region Alola
Debut The Guardian's Challenge!

Aina's Kitchen (Japanese: アイナ食堂 Aina Cafeteria) is an anime-exclusive location in the Alola region. It first appeared in The Guardian's Challenge!. Aina's Kitchen is located in Hau'oli City on Melemele Island.

Aina's Kitchen is run by Abe with the help of his daughter Mallow, and is a popular place to eat.

Aina's Kitchen appeared in Mallow and the Forest Teacher!, where its popularity led Abe to be interviewed on TV by Anna only for Mallow to storm out, having had enough.

In Sours for the Sweet!, Aina's Kitchen was entered into the Alola Bread Festival. As a result, Mallow took part alongside her brother Ulu, who had returned in order to participate. They ultimately won the competition.

In A Recipe for Success!, after enjoying serving Pokémon at Oranguru's Forest Pokémon Café, Mallow decided that from now on, Aina's Kitchen will also serve Pokémon as well.


  • The line revealing the restaurant's name in The Guardian's Challenge! is changed in the dub to refer to "Mallow's restaurant". However, the English closed captions and the Pokémon official website for Asia still refer to it as "Aina's Kitchen", leading several dubs based on the English dub to retain the reference. Later episodes continued to avoid referring to the restaurant by name by referring to it as the Family Restaurant.

Name origin

ʻAina is Hawaiian for meal.

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 艾納餐館 Ngaaihnaahp Chāangún
Mandarin 艾納餐館 / 艾纳餐馆 Àinà Cānguǎn
Denmark Flag.png Danish Aina's køkken
Indonesia Flag.png Indonesian Aina's Kitchen
Italy Flag.png Italian Cucina di Aina
South Korea Flag.png Korean 아이나식당 Aina Sikdang
Malaysia Flag.png Malaysian Aina's Kitchen
Spanish CELAC Flag.png Latin America Restaurante de Aina
Spain Flag.png Spain La Cocina de Aina
Thailand Flag.png Thai ครัวของร้านไอนา Kruakongraan Aina
Vietnam Flag.png Vietnamese Aina's Kitchen

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