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Clawmark Hill
爪あとの丘 Clawed Hill
Clawmark Hill.png
Clawmark Hill
Region Alola
Debut Rocking Clawmark Hill!

Clawmark Hill (Japanese: 爪あとの丘 Clawed Hill) is an anime-exclusive mountain in the Alola region that appeared in Rocking Clawmark Hill!. The mountain is located on Melemele Island, near Professor Kukui's house. At night, it is used as a training ground for multiple wild Pokémon, where they battle each other in order to grow stronger.

Clawmark Hill, much like its name suggests, is a mountain shaped like a claw, where Ash and Professor Kukui discovered the Rockruff, which Professor Kukui had befriended, would often go there at night, to battle other Pokémon, like the other Pokémon would do, and come back with injuries, after witnessing it be defeated by a Magmar during a battle there. Ash and his Pikachu then trained with Rockruff and went back on another night. Rockruff battled the same Magmar again, but this time, with its newly mastered Rock Throw, it managed to defeat it.

Pokémon seen at Clawmark Hill

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 爪印之丘
Mandarin 爪印之丘 Zhǎoyìn-zhī Qiū
The Czech Republic Flag.png Czech Návrší Clawmark
Denmark Flag.png Danish Clawmark Hill
The Netherlands Flag.png Dutch Clawmarkberg
Finland Flag.png Finnish Clawmark-kukkula
France Flag.png European French Plateau des Griffes
Germany Flag.png German Klauenhügel
Italy Flag.png Italian Massiccio dei graffi
South Korea Flag.png Korean 발톱자국언덕 Baltobjaguk Eondeok
Norway Flag.png Norwegian Clawmark Hill
Poland Flag.png Polish Wzgórze Szponu
Brazil Flag.png Brazilian Portuguese Colina da Marca de Garra
Russia Flag.png Russian Кломарк-Хилл Klomark-Khill
Spanish CELAC Flag.png Latin America Colina Clawmark
Spain Flag.png Spain Colina Huellazarpas
Sweden Flag.png Swedish Kloklippan
Turkey Flag.png Turkish Pençeizi Tepesi

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