Alola TV

Alola TV
アローラテレビ Alola TV
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Alola TV
Region Alola
Debut Crystal-Clear Sleuthing!

Alola TV (Japanese: アローラテレビ Alola TV) is an anime-exclusive location in the Alola region. It first appeared in Crystal-Clear Sleuthing!. The Alola TV station has been the main television production and broadcasting hub in Alola for the past 55 years.

Alola TV employs many people from directors, camera operators, and makeup artists to actors and actresses. Event hostess Anna and director George Charino are among them. Some of its famous works include Alolan Detective Laki (Japanese: アローラ探偵ラキ Alola Detective Laki), Alola Pokémon Quiz (Japanese: アローラポケモンクイズ Alola Pokémon Quiz), The Refreshing Trio: Alola Idols (Japanese: サンサン三人はアローラドリンキュン The Sparkling Trio is Alola DrinKyun), and Little Magikarp's Melody (Japanese: 小さなコイキングのメロディ Melody of the Small Koiking).

The Alola TV facility has several film studios and rehearsal studios, and is surrounded by large open spaces ideal for larger production sets.

During This Magik Moment!, Ash and his classmates came to watch Sophocles compete in an episode of Alola Pokémon Quiz, but he lost by one question to Noah. Later, George Charino spotted Rotom and invited everyone to watch filming of the next installment of Little Magikarp's Melody. He also invited Lillie, Mallow, and Lana to film an episode of The Refreshing Trio: Alola Idols after the lead actresses became stranded in Sinnoh because of a blizzard. Eventually, the main star of Little Magikarp's Melody, a Magikarp nicknamed Karpy, was having difficulties controlling its voice and eventually evolved into a rampaging Gyarados, but George was able to settle the situation. George then incorporated Karpy into The Refreshing Trio: Alola Idols episode as the main villain, Gyarados, which he pit against Lillie, Mallow, and Lana's characters.

Meanwhile, Team Rocket, who were auditioning for the upcoming 55th-year anniversary of Alola TV, managed to land a gig. Jessie was not thrilled about the action role she received for a kaiju film, and her teammates were also roped into filming. They later received a call back from Alola TV for more demanding roles, but the trio were hoping for speaking roles instead.


Alola Pokémon Quiz set Rehearsal studio Waiting room


  • Alola TV celebrating its 55th anniversary is a reference to the 55th anniversary of TV Tokyo, the station that airs the Pokémon anime.

In other languages

Language Title
  Italian TV Alola
  Polish Alola TV

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