モエ Moe
Gender Female
Hometown Mahogany Town
Region Johto
Trainer class Trainer
Anime debut Love, Pokémon Style
English voice actor Kerry Williams
Japanese voice actor Konomi Maeda

Macy (Japanese: モエ Moe) is a Pokémon Trainer from Mahogany Town who entered the Silver Conference.


Macy first appeared in Love, Pokémon Style. She is a Fire-type enthusiast. She developed a crush on Ash when he saved her from injury after her Vulpix was stolen by Team Rocket, and her crush only grew when he returned her Vulpix. She later faced off against Ash in the preliminary rounds of the Silver Conference, where she proved to be skilled at deflecting her type preference's weakness to Water types. However, she lost to Ash when Squirtle defeated her Electabuzz and Quilava. After the battle, Macy's Slugma had evolved into Magcargo, which Macy thought was a sign of the friendship between her and Ash.

Macy also appeared at the beginning of Tie One On!, where she faced Jackson in the second match of the preliminary round. She won the match with the help of her Quilava, but due to Ash's draw with Jackson, she was eliminated from competing further. She later made cameo appearances from The Ties That Bind to Johto Photo Finish, where she watched Harrison's battle against an unknown Trainer, and Ash's battles with Gary and Harrison from the grandstand, during which she cheered Ash on.


Macy is a passionate Fire-type Trainer. Her criticism of Water-type Pokémon is only mentioned in an argument with Misty. She tends to take control of the situation, issuing the first attack. However, she is also shown to lack spontaneity, hesitating as Ash jumped down a cliff to rescue Pikachu and Macy's Vulpix from Team Rocket. Her confidence and loud personality can be abrasive. Her infatuation with Ash is the focus of most of her dialogue and appearances outside of the Silver League battles.

She is shown to be supportive of whomever she considers a friend. When her Slugma was hit with a Water Gun attack from Ash's Totodile, she maintained a determined composure. Macy was also shown to readily use Pokémon substitution in her match against Ash, in order to give her the upper hand in battle. She is fully aware of her team's type weaknesses, and uses both speed and her wild cards Electabuzz and Starmie to combat these factors. Evasion techniques such as Slugma's Double Team and Quilava's Smokescreen were also used. Her Pokémon's Fire attacks are shown to be incredibly powerful, knocking out Water Pokémon like Jackson's Poliwhirl.

Her primary concern is her Pokémon's health and well-being, rather than a battle loss. She appeared unfazed by any of her recent losses, including those against Ash as well as her overall loss in Division H during the Silver Conference preliminary rounds.


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This listing is of Macy's known Pokémon in the anime:

Macy's Vulpix is often seen at her side, but has not been seen in battle. It appeared when Team Rocket captured it, but in the end, Ash was able to save it.

None of Vulpix's moves are known.

Debut Love, Pokémon Style
Voice actors
English Rachael Lillis

Slugma → Magcargo
Macy's Magcargo first appeared as a Slugma. It was first seen when it was sent out to fight Ash's Totodile, but was soon recalled. It was brought out again to battle Ash's Phanpy. It was beaten by Phanpy's Take Down. It was shown to have evolved thanks to the training it got during Macy's match with Ash. It was later used during Macy's battle with Jackson. However, its battle took place off-screen.

Magcargo's known moves are Flamethrower, Double Team, and Body Slam.

Debut Love, Pokémon Style
Voice actors
Japanese Megumi Hayashibara
English Eric Stuart
Quilava was Macy's third and final Pokémon used against Ash. It was first sent out to fight Ash's Phanpy. Despite its type disadvantage, it took out the Ground-type Pokémon that Ash had used to counter Electabuzz. After this victory, it was recalled, but was sent back out to fight Ash's Squirtle after Electabuzz's defeat. After a long fight, Quilava was knocked out by a Hydro Pump.

Quilava was later seen during Macy's battle against Jackson, facing his Poliwhirl. As Jackson tripped on his cape while trying to give an attack order, Quilava was able to defeat the Tadpole Pokémon, winning the battle for Macy.

Quilava's known moves are Flame Wheel, Quick Attack, Swift, and Flamethrower.

Debut Love, Pokémon Style
Voice actors
Japanese Yūji Ueda
English Eric Stuart
Electabuzz was Macy's second Pokémon used against Ash. Macy used it to cover her team's glaring weakness to Water-type Pokémon. However, thanks to Brock's research on Macy's team, Ash had thought ahead and included his Phanpy, a Ground-type. As a result, Electabuzz was quickly recalled and only brought back out later on after Quilava defeated Phanpy. It defeated Ash's Totodile, but lost to his Squirtle despite the type advantage.

Electabuzz's known moves are Thunderbolt, Light Screen, Thunder Punch, and Iron Tail.

Debut Love, Pokémon Style
Voice actors
English Maddie Blaustein
Macy's Starmie was only seen to have been defeated by Jackson.

Starmie's only known move is Thunderbolt*.

Debut Tie One On!


Badges obtained

This listing is of the Badges Macy has obtained in the Johto region:

Pokémon League

Macy has competed in the following Pokémon League Conferences:

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 前田このみ Konomi Maeda
English Kerry Williams
Finnish Elise Langenoja
Italian Laura Brambilla
Norwegian Siv Klynderud
Brazilian Portuguese Letícia Quinto
Spanish Latin America Ana Lobo
Lupita Leal*
Spain Cristina Yuste


  • Macy is one of the rare occasions a girl became attracted to Ash and even hoped to go on a date with him. Notably, she is the first girl to do so in the main series.
  • The blurb from in Macy's debut episode spells her name as Macey instead of Macy.
  • Although Macy mentions that she considers Water-type Pokémon to be inferior to Fire-types in her argument with Misty, she does own one Water-type herself, a Starmie, which Misty also has.


Language Name Origin
Japanese モエ Moe Possibly derived from 燃える moeru (to burn), referring to her preference of the Fire type.
English, Italian Macy
Chinese (Taiwan) 小萌 Xiǎo Méng From 萌 moe (sprout).

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