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If you were looking for the character of the day with the Japanese name Vincent, see Victor (EP067).

ジュンイチ Jun'ichi
Gender Male
Hometown New Bark Town
Region Johto
Trainer class Trainer
Anime debut The Legend of Thunder!
English voice actor Anthony Salerno (as Jackson)
Kevin Kolack (as Vincent)
Japanese voice actor Daisuke Sakaguchi

Vincent or Jackson (Japanese: ジュンイチ Jun'ichi) is one of the protagonists of the direct-to-TV film The Legend of Thunder!, along with Jimmy and Marina. He is a Pokémon Trainer from New Bark Town.

He has two names in the English dub. In Pokémon the Series: Gold and Silver, he is known as Jackson, while in The Legend of Thunder!, his name is Vincent.



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His starter Pokémon was Chikorita, received from Professor Elm of New Bark Town, at the same time as Jimmy and Marina received their Cyndaquil and Totodile.

Vincent has a crush on Marina. Knowing Marina admires people who wear capes, Vincent dresses up in a cape sometimes to impress her. He has also used different personae in a bid to impress her. While it is disputed whether Jackson was one, he called himself Fabu-Vinny in The Legend of Thunder!, as Marina calls Lance Fabu-Lance. Vincent sees Jimmy as a rival for Marina's attraction, which is not unfounded as QuestShipping is near-canon.

As Jackson, he first appeared in Tie One On!, where he battled Ash during the final battle of the preliminaries of the Silver Conference. The match ended in a draw, but Ash proceeded to the next round based on points, since Jackson had lost his previous match.


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This listing is of Vincent's known Pokémon:

Vincent's Meganium
Chikorita → Bayleef → Meganium
Main article: Vincent's Meganium

Meganium was Vincent's starter Pokémon, obtained by him on the same day that Jimmy got his Cyndaquil and Marina got her Totodile, as a Chikorita.

It was first seen in Tie One On! being mean to Squirtle and Bulbasaur along with Jackson's Azumarill until Harrison's Miltank used Heal Bell to calm them down. Jackson used Meganium in the Silver Conference in a battle against Ash's Bulbasaur. After a fierce battle, both Pokémon fainted resulting in a draw.

Debut The Legend of Thunder!
Voice actors
Japanese Katsuyuki Konishi
English Katsuyuki Konishi
Vincent's Azumarill
Jackson's Azumarill's only appearance was in Tie One On! where it first appeared when an apple in a tree which Ash's Bulbasaur and Squirtle, and Vincent's Meganium and Azumarill fancied. Bulbasaur and Meganium used Vine Whip to fetch the apple, and they pulled to try to get it, but in the end, the apple snapped in half. Everyone was happy until Azumarill threw the apple at Squirtle, thinking it was funny. Squirtle was about to fight Azumarill until they stopped, but Meganium tripped Bulbasaur up and they both started to fight. Suddenly, Harrison used his Miltank's Heal Bell to calm them down.

It appeared later in the Silver Conference against Ash, and Pikachu. Azumarill started with a Water Gun and Pikachu used Quick Attack. Pikachu went for a Thunderbolt while Azumarill used Bubble Beam. It then went for Icy Wind hitting Pikachu, followed by Iron Tail. Pikachu grabbed onto its tail, however, and used Thunder, fainting Azumarill.

Azumarill's known moves are Water Gun, Bubble Beam, Icy Wind and Iron Tail.

Debut Tie One On!
Voice actors
English Kayzie Rogers
Vincent's Magneton
Magneton ShinyVIIStar.png
Jackson's Shiny Magneton made its sole appearance in Tie One On!. It proved to be very powerful and strategic. Jackson sent it out to battle Ash's Pikachu. After a long battle, Magneton finished Pikachu off with a Tri Attack, then went on to defeat Cyndaquil without a problem, before finally falling to Bulbasaur.

Jackson's Magneton is one of the few Shiny Pokémon seen in the anime.

Magneton's known moves are Tri Attack, Thunder Wave, Thunderbolt and Double Team.

Debut Tie One On!
Voice actors
English Eric Stuart
Vincent's Golduck
Jackson's Golduck was only seen briefly on the scoreboard of the Pokémon League in Tie One On!. It didn't make a live appearance, because it was shown to have been defeated by Macy.

None of Golduck's moves are known.

Debut Tie One On!
Vincent's Poliwhirl
Jackson's Poliwhirl's only appearance was in Tie One On! where it battled against Macy in Group H against her Quilava. Quilava started off with a Flamethrower, while Jackson was about to call an attack too. He tripped over his cape however, causing the Flamethrower to hit his Poliwhirl and fainting it, giving Macy the win.

None of Poliwhirl's moves are known.

Debut Tie One On!
Voice actors
English Eric Stuart
Vincent's Quagsire
Jackson's Quagsire was only seen briefly on the scoreboard of the Pokémon League in Tie One On!. It didn't make a live appearance, because it was shown to have been defeated by Macy.

None of Quagsire's moves are known.

Debut Tie One On!

Mentioned only

Vincent's Yanma
In the original version of The Legend of Thunder!, Marina mentions that Vincent has a Yanma which he uses to give Marina some gifts.

None of Yanma's moves are known.

Debut The Legend of Thunder!


Badges obtained

This listing is of the Badges Vincent has obtained:

Pokémon League

Vincent has competed in the following Pokémon League Conferences:

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 阪口大助 Daisuke Sakaguchi
English Anthony Salerno (EP268)
Kevin Kolack (TLoT)
Finnish Jari Salo (EP268)
Norwegian Christian Barmen (EP268)
Polish Aleksander Gawek (EP268)
Brazilian Portuguese Francisco Freitas (EP268)
Yuri Chesman (TLoT)
Spanish Latin America Enzo Fortuny (EP268)
Gabriel Ortiz (TLoT)
Spain Juan Antonio Soler (EP268)
Álex Saudinós (TLoT)


Sugimori Vincent anime.png
Ken Sugimori's design of Vincent for the anime.


  • In the Israeli dub of The Legend of Thunder! special, Vincent was named Jackson, just as in the original series, because the error was caught by the director of the series dub, Maya Bar Shalom. His situation matches that of Eusine.
  • Jackson's name is also similar to that of Ash's Silver Conference and Ever Grande Conference opponents Harrison and Morrison. Along with the aforementioned "-son" ending, they are all named after famous singers (George Harrison, Jim Morrison and Michael Jackson respectively).
  • Vincent's English name change may come directly from Pokémon Gold and Silver. There is a minor Trainer named "Junichi" in the Japanese version whose name was localized as "Vincent" in the English translation - a Guitarist in the Vermilion City Gym with three Magnemite and a Voltorb. The dubbers may have mistaken this character for an unrelated anime character. The same thing happened to Jimmy.
  • Vincent is shown to have a crush on Marina, who likes men who wear capes. When he was first seen in the main series, he was wearing a cape while battling Macy in Tie One On!.


Language Name Origin
Japanese ジュンイチ Jun'ichi Possibly from Junichi Masuda.
English, Italian Vincent*
Derived from the Latin word vincere, meaning "to conquer"
Chinese (Mandarin) 純一 Chúnyī From 純一 Jun'ichi.

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