Nando's Kricketune

Nando's Kricketune
ナオシのコロトック Naoshi's Korotock
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Nando's Kricketune
Debuts in Dawn's Early Night!
Caught at Sinnoh
Gender Unknown
Ability Unknown
Current location With Nando
This Pokémon is fully evolved.
Voice actor Japanese English
As Kricketune Katsuyuki Konishi

Nando's Kricketune (Japanese: ナオシのコロトック Naoshi's Korotock) is a Pokémon owned by Nando. It appears to be one of Nando's signature Pokémon, along with his Roserade.


Kricketune and Nando

Kricketune debuted in Dawn's Early Night!. It was seen with Nando when he planned to challenge Fantina, but due to her absence, he was unable to do so. He later entered Kricketune in the Hearthome City Pokémon Contest, where it competed in a Double Performance alongside his Sunflora. By combining their Sing and Grass Whistle moves, they put on a stunning musical performance that impressed the panel of judges and ensured Nando's progression to the Battle Stage. There, Kricketune was seen battling alongside Roselia against Jessilina's Seviper and Dustox. It managed to win the battle with a powerful X-Scissor.

In A Breed Stampede!, Kricketune appeared on television during Marian's news report about Pokémon Contests. It was revealed to have helped Nando win the Beach Rose Contest, which earned Nando his fourth Ribbon.

In Opposites Interact!, Kricketune was revealed to have helped Nando win his second match in the Battle Stage of the Sinnoh Grand Festival.

At the Grand Festival with Lopunny

In Coming Full-Festival Circle!, Nando used Kricketune along with his Lopunny to battle Zoey's Mismagius and Leafeon in the semifinals. He had devised an elaborate battle strategy for the pair in which Kricketune mimicked a violinist and Lopunny danced like a ballerina. In harmony with his music-themed battling style, he commanded Kricketune to use Sing while Lopunny posed elegantly by its side. However, Zoey had trained her Mismagius specifically to use Lucky Chant to counter Sing, a plan which proved successful as it lowered Nando's score. Eventually, Zoey's powerful combinations forced Nando to fight more directly, and Kricketune performed a vicious exchange of blows with Leafeon before the time ran out, resulting in Zoey's victory.

In League Unleashed!, Kricketune was the final Pokémon used by Nando during his battle against Ash in the first round of the Lily of the Valley Conference. It faced off against Ash's Heracross, and similarly to its battle with Leafeon, was evenly matched. During the battle, Kricketune used Sing, but just as Zoey in the Grand Festival, Ash was prepared for Nando's signature technique, having taught Heracross Sleep Talk to allow the Single Horn Pokémon to execute his moves and dodge his opponent while sleeping. After a fierce battle, Kricketune was defeated by Heracross's Horn Attack, resulting in Nando's elimination from the tournament.

Kricketune briefly appeared alongside Nando during the ending credits of Zoroark: Master of Illusions.

Personality and characteristics

Kricketune is a versatile Pokémon, helping Nando in both his Gym challenges and Pokémon Contests. As a result, Kricketune possesses experience from regular battles and Contest Battles. True to its species, Kricketune likes to cross its arms in front of its chest to produce melodies, a trait which fits Nando's personality. Due to this, Kricketune has been described by Dawn as the "perfect Pokémon" for Nando.

It appears to be a Pokémon trusted by Nando and being used by him often. The fact that Nando wished to challenge Fantina with it and even used it during his battle against Ash in the Lily of the Valley Conference, while fully knowing Ash's confidence in his Pokémon, reflects his own confidence in his Kricketune. It appears to be a strong Pokémon, taking direct hits from opponents, but still standing on.

Moves used

Using Swords Dance
Using Bug Buzz (Part 3)
Move First Used In
Sing  Dawn's Early Night!
X-Scissor Dawn's Early Night!
Swords Dance Dawn's Early Night!
Silver Wind  Coming Full-Festival Circle!
Bug Buzz Coming Full-Festival Circle!
Fury Cutter  League Unleashed!
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.

Moves improvised

Picture First Used In Moves Involved Partnered With
  Coming Full-Festival Circle! Bug Buzz Nando's Lopunny
Description: Kricketune uses Bug Buzz and Lopunny jumps into it and starts to dance causing the Bug Buzz to connect with Lopunny giving it the impression the Lopunny is a ballerina with streamers.
  Coming Full-Festival Circle! Bug Buzz and Blizzard Nando's Lopunny
Description: Kricketune uses Silver Wind, Lopunny then spins in a circle around Kricketune and uses Blizzard causing the two moves to fuse and become snowflakes.

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