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If you were looking for the Trainer class, see Macro Cosmos's (Trainer class).
Macro Cosmos
マクロコスモス Macro Cosmos
Macro Cosmos-logo.png
VSMacro Cosmos's M.png
VSMacro Cosmos's F.png
VS models of Macro Cosmos's employees from Pokémon Sword and Shield
Leader Chairman Rose
Region Galar
Admins Oleana
Base locations Rose Tower, Energy Plant

Macro Cosmos (Japanese: マクロコスモス Macro Cosmos) is a large business conglomerate and an organization based in the Galar region.


In the games


The president of Macro Cosmos is Rose, who is also the chairman of the Galar Pokémon League. His secretary, Oleana, serves as the vice president of the company.


Macro Cosmos has 14 known subsidiaries, each of which offer Poké Jobs.

  • Macro Cosmos Air
  • Macro Cosmos Rail
  • Macro Cosmos Energy
  • Macro Cosmos Tech
  • Macro Cosmos Media
  • Macro Cosmos Construction
  • Macro Cosmos Living
  • Macro Cosmos Bank
  • MCA Cargo
  • MCR Freight
  • Macro Cosmos Television
  • Macro Net
  • MC Insurance
  • MC Brokerage


In other languages

Language Name Origin
Japanese マクロコスモス Macro Cosmos From macrocosm
English, German, French, Italian Macro Cosmos Same as Japanese name
Spanish Macrocosmos Same as Japanese name
Korean 매크로코스모스 Macro Cosmos Same as Japanese name
Chinese (Mandarin) 馬洛科蒙 / 马洛科蒙 Mǎluò Kēméng Partial transliteration of Japanese name
Chinese (Cantonese) 馬洛科蒙 Máhlok Fōmùhng

President: Chairman Rose
Vice-President: Oleana
Lower members: Macro Cosmos'sLeague Staff
Locations: Rose TowerEnergy Plant