Pokémon Comprehensive Laboratory

If you were looking for the location in Orre with the same Japanese name, see Pokémon HQ Lab.

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Pokémon Comprehensive Laboratory
Pokémon Comprehensive Laboratory
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Location: Northwest of Ryme City
Region: Ryme City
Generations: VI/VII

Location of Pokémon Comprehensive Laboratory in Ryme City.
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The Pokémon Comprehensive Laboratory (Japanese: ポケモン総合研究所 Pokémon Comprehensive Laboratory), or PCL (Japanese: PCL PCL) for short, is a research facility located on a mountain pass to the northwest of Ryme City in the game Detective Pikachu. They research the abilities of Pokémon and have developed various inventions. Most of Chapter 3 takes place here.

The founder of the PCL is John Waals.

The compound is divided between Building A on the left and Building B on the right, with a courtyard between them.


Solosis (×2)
Duosion (×2)

In the movie

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The PCL appeared in POKÉMON Detective Pikachu. It was where a team of scientists led by Dr. Ann Laurent conducted experiments on Pokémon evolution. Among the projects seen at the lab were experiments meant to enhance the strength of Greninja and create giant Torterra. Most notably, Mewtwo was imprisoned at the laboratory after Harry Goodman helped track it down at the behest of Howard Clifford. However, Harry learned the truth about Howard's plans for Mewtwo and the chemical R created from its DNA, and assisted it in escaping. Mewtwo destroyed the laboratory during its escape, leading to it being sealed off as a hazardous site.

Later, while investigating Harry's disappearance, Tim Goodman and Lucy Stevens broke into the abandoned laboratory. They found the Greninja and Torterra still present in the facility, as well as records of Laurent's work on R and a neural link device. Unbeknownst to them, they were being monitored by Ms. Norman, who was in the guise of Howard's son Roger. She released the Greninja to drive them away.

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In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 寶可夢綜合研究所 (PCL) Pokémon Junghahp Yìhngausó
Mandarin 寶可夢綜合研究所 / 宝可梦综合研究所 (PCL) Pokémon Zònghé Yánjiùsuǒ / Pokémon Zònghé Yánjiūsuǒ
  French Pokémon Comprehensive Laboratory (PCL)
  German Pokémon-Forschungsinstitut
Pokémon Comprehensive Laboratory (PCL)
  Italian Pokémon Comprehensive Laboratory (PCL)
  Polish Laboratorium Genetyczne Pokémonów
  Spanish Laboratorios Universales Pokémon
Pokémon Comprehensive Laboratory (PCL)

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