Poké Job

Poké Jobs (Japanese: ポケジョブ Poké Job) are requests from corporations or universities for Pokémon to work in Galar in Pokémon Sword and Shield. It is the successor to Poké Pelago.

The Poké Jobs interface


Available postings can be checked at the Rotomi at any Pokémon Center or the Master Dojo of The Isle of Armor and are updated once a day. Unlike most job requests, seminars from Hammerlocke University are always recruiting and can be selected at any time once unlocked.

Pokémon from the player's Boxes can be sent out on a job for one of seven durations.

  • Whole day (24 hours)
  • Half day (12 hours)
  • Very long (8 hours)
  • Long (4 hours)
  • Short (3 hours)
  • Very short (2 hours)
  • Just a little (1 hour)

Pokémon that returns from jobs are always put into the first box.


Pokémon will gain experience upon completing a job, except for the seminars from Hammerlocke University, which give EVs instead. If a job is canceled early, the Pokémon will return without gaining any experience or EVs, and the job will be removed from the job list. The player will also be rewarded with items or money.

There are three possible outcomes for completing a job: completion, a good job, and a great job. Depending on how many Pokémon of the wanted type and how many out of the maximum wanted are sent, the chances of getting a great job increases. Sending the maximum number of Pokémon all of the wanted type will guarantee a great job rating. The duration of time the Pokémon are sent for does not affect chances of success or the item/money received.

As with the Pokémon Day Care facilities and Poké Pelago's Isle Evelup, the Pokémon may level up and automatically learn new moves. If a Pokémon that already knows four moves learns a new move, the new move will replace the move listed first in its moveset, without affecting the positions of the remaining moves.


Jobs are divided into ten tiers. Depending on the tier of the job, Pokémon will receive a different amount of experience and the player will receive different rewards.

Tier Pokémon
Exp. Points Possible rewards Stops appearing
Completion Good job Great job
I Up to 3 $100
Heal Ball
Fresh Water
Heal Ball ×2
Fresh Water ×2
Heal Ball
Soda Pop
Obtain 4 Badges
II Up to 4 ★★ $200
Heal Ball ×2
Fresh Water ×2
Heal Ball
Soda Pop
Heal Ball ×2
Soda Pop ×2
Bread ×2
Obtain 4 Badges
III Up to 5 ★★★ $300
Heal Ball
Soda Pop
Heal Ball ×2
Soda Pop ×2
Bread ×2
Nest Ball
Fire Stone
Leaf Stone
Water Stone
Obtain 5 Badges
IV Up to 6 ★★★★ $500
Heal Ball ×2
Soda Pop ×2
Bread ×2
Nest Ball
Nest Ball ×2
Lemonade ×2
Sausages ×2
Fire Stone
Leaf Stone
Water Stone
Obtain 6 Badges
V Up to 7 ★★★★★ $1,000
Nest Ball
Nest Ball ×2
Lemonade ×2
Sausages ×2
Repeat Ball
Packaged Curry
Moon Stone
Sun Stone
Thunder Stone
Obtain 7 Badges
Up to 10 N/A
VI Up to 8 ★★★★★★ $2,000
Nest Ball ×2
Lemonade ×2
Sausages ×2
Repeat Ball
Packaged Curry
Repeat Ball ×2
Revive ×2
Packaged Curry ×2
Moon Stone
Sun Stone
Thunder Stone
Obtain 8 Badges
VII Up to 9 ★★★★★★★ $2,500
Repeat Ball
Packaged Curry
Repeat Ball ×2
Revive ×2
Packaged Curry ×2
Quick Ball ×2
Revive ×3
Moomoo Cheese
Dusk Stone
Shiny Stone
VIII Up to 10 ★★★★★★★★ $4,000
Repeat Ball ×2
Revive ×2
Packaged Curry ×2
Quick Ball ×2
Ether ×2
Revive ×3
Moomoo Cheese
Quick Ball ×2
Max Ether
Moomoo Cheese ×2
Dusk Stone
Shiny Stone
IX Up to 30 ★★★★★★★★★ $6,000
Quick Ball
Moomoo Cheese
Fire Stone
Leaf Stone
Water Stone
Quick Ball ×2
Max Ether
Moomoo Cheese ×2
Moon Stone
Sun Stone
Thunder Stone
Max Revive
Rare Candy
X Up to 30 ★★★★★★★★★ Everstone Nugget ×5
Nugget ×6
Nugget ×8
Big Nugget ×10
Big Nugget ×12
Big Nugget ×15

List of jobs

Jobs can be unlocked either after earning enough Gym Badges or by getting a great job on another job.

# Company name Summary Job description Type wanted Tier Unlock conditions
1   LASS Multi-purpose fabric development We're looking for Normal-type Pokémon! Together we can make cloth that you can use in any way you like! Normal I Start
2   Mach Motors Show us your motivation We need Pokémon with burning motivation—a fire in their hearts! We need the heat of your passion! Fire I Start
3   Yoshida's Coffee We want to use the best water We want to take particular care in what water we use to brew my coffee. I'd like Pokémon that are knowledgeable about such things. Water I Start
4   Surf Shipping Sailing over the water This job involves carrying cargo over the water. We're looking for Water-type Pokémon. Water I Start
5   Yoshida's Coffee Add a bit of color and fragrance It would be marvelous if we could decorate our merchandise shelves with lots of plants. Could we have Grass-type Pokémon come help? Grass I Start
6   Wyndon Monorail To ensure safe operations We need electricity in order to inspect the monorail! We're waiting for you, Electric-type Pokémon! Electric I Start
7   Good Fit Showing off the durability! We want to emphasize how durable our shoes are. We would be very grateful if Fighting-type Pokémon could come help out. Fighting I Start
8   Porcini Aiming for that punk look! We want to use poison to dye our cloths in wonderful colors! Please send us your Poison-type Pokémon! Poison I Start
9   Bob's Your Uncle We've started a food delivery service Food is best eaten hot! We'd like to see some Flying-type Pokémon to help fly our meals directly to our customers. Flying I Start
10   Dream Dairy So that our crops stay healthy We are welcoming Bug-type Pokémon to help thin out the weeds growing in our farmland! Bug I Start
11   Rondo Floral I want my plants to grow I've got some plants that only grow on rocky terrain. I'd like some rough, Rock-type Pokémon to keep my precious plants company. Rock I Start
12   DENSOKU Just keep running! We need some Pokémon to try on our shoes. To make sure the shoes can handle rough use, Dark-type Pokémon would be ideal. Dark I Start
13   Galar Taxi Let's see what kind of person they are... We would like to hire Dark-type Pokémon. People reveal their true natures when gripped by fear, after all... Dark I Job #4
14   Daily Discovery Making cute designs I'm attempting to create clothing that is cute but also a little mystic. I need the help of Fairy-type Pokémon! Fairy I Job #12
15   The Captain's Table The basics of cooking In order to ensure the perfect stove temperature when cooking, I want to have Pokémon that are good at burning things come help. Fire II 1 Badge
16   Turffield Orchards Help wanted on our farm Nobody can deny that Grass-type Pokémon are the best at handling plants! We would be overjoyed if some could help us out! Grass II 1 Badge
17   Surf Shipping Cruising through the icy waters This job involves carrying cargo over icy seas. We're looking for Ice-type Pokémon. Ice II 1 Badge
18   Mach Motors Building a solid car Solid, steady Ground-type Pokémon provide the ideal foundation to build cars upon! Let's build cars together! Ground II 1 Badge
19   Jetsetter That extra mysterious touch As a final touch, we like to use psychic powers to make the feel of our cloth truly unique. Would any Psychic-type Pokémon be interested? Psychic II 1 Badge
20   Celebrity Good cloth requires good string To all Bug-type Pokémon! Please come lend us your strength so that we can create lovely cloth! Bug II Job #19
21   LASS Delicate, high-quality fabric We're looking for Bug-type Pokémon! Let's make the most delicate cloth together! Bug II 1 Badge
22   Bob's Your Uncle To properly season our dishes Rock salt, as the name implies, can be found within rocks. We need the help of rock-solid Pokémon to get it! Rock II 1 Badge
23   Cozy Fried Kitchen Surprise delivery We firmly believe that surprise is the spice of life. We'd like to get Pokémon that can bring people's orders with a little dash of horror. Ghost II 1 Badge
24   Bob's Your Uncle To make our food even more delicious We need Dragon-type Pokémon to help us prepare our food before we cook it. We're not sure why! Dragon II 1 Badge
25   Galar Taxi To see that we get some magical people We'd like to have some purehearted Fairy-type Pokémon to help us judge the true characters of our workers. Fairy II Job #17
26   Jetsetter Recruiting detail-oriented Pokémon High-quality cloth requires delicate and precise handwork. Are there any Normal-type Pokémon that would like to try? Normal III 2 Badges
27   Yoshida's Coffee What it means to roast beans The temperature needs to be just right when roasting coffee beans. Would you be so kind as to send over Fire-type Pokémon? Fire III 2 Badges
28   Steelix Railcars Testing our railcars We would appreciate Electric-type Pokémon that could help power the machinery used in assembly of our railcars. Electric III 2 Badges
29   MCR Freight We need Pokémon that can handle cold We need to get our shipments through blizzards, and the best type of Pokémon to do that is Ice-type Pokémon! Ice III Job #28
30   Wyndon Monorail Inspection requires strength We are looking for Fighting-type Pokémon that can use their strength and skill to help with monorail inspection and maintenance! Fighting III 2 Badges
31   Macro Cosmos Rail Fixing up the city's electrical grid We need some help setting up power lines. It'd be great if we could get Pokémon that are immune to electricity. Ground III Job #29
32   Rondo Floral Gotta keep things growing! The dirt dictates how well plants do. We ask Ground-type Pokémon to come and help us create fertilizer. Ground III 2 Badges
33   Bookmark Help wanted finding books We would really be grateful if Psychic-type Pokémon could come and use its powers to quickly search for the books we have in stock! Psychic III 2 Badges
34   Celebrity To invent psychic cloth To all Psychic-type Pokémon! Please come lend us your strength so that we can create some absolutely mind-bending cloth! Psychic III Job #26
35   Wailord Aquaculture We need some nets! The only Pokémon capable of creating nets that are both durable and flexible are Bug-type Pokémon! We want you! Bug III 2 Badges
36   Daily Discovery Making cloth with strong string We would like Bug-type Pokémon to assist us in producing durable cloth. Bug III Job #37
37   DENSOKU Developing sports shoes We're making sports shoes! We'd like to have Bug-type Pokémon with lots of legs to help us develop them. Thanks! Bug III 2 Badges
38   DEFOG We're making lenses for glasses We use extremely hard rocks for grinding and polishing our lenses. We would like to recruit Rock-type Pokémon. Rock III 2 Badges
39   Good Fit Hardcore Pokémon for a wild product We've made some really wild, hardcore shoes. We'd like to get Dark-type Pokémon to wear them, since they'll fit the image perfectly! Dark III 2 Badges
40   Lapras Shipwrights Assembling ships Ship assembly requires a lot of steel to be cut. We're looking for Steel-type Pokémon to come help us out! Steel III 2 Badges
41   Sonoqui Customer acquisition We'd like to have Pokémon that are cute and charming come over to help attract customers! Fairy III 2 Badges
42   Rose of the Rondelands Provide the best service at all times! We need Normal-type Pokémon, since they're good at handling all sorts of different customers. Normal IV Job #55
43   Budew Drop Inn Capable customer reception required We would like to have Normal-type Pokémon for customer reception, as they are able to handle many different situations and tasks. Normal IV 3 Badges
44   Daily Discovery Making the perfect cloth We want to create the perfect normal cloth. We need the help of Normal-type Pokémon to do so! Normal IV Job #50
45   Huo Guo Hot Pot Help with cooking! Need cooking assistants. Must be good with fire. Fire IV 3 Badges
46   The Captain's Table Good water for our desserts In order to create delicious, moist desserts, I would like to ask for Water-type Pokémon to help in measuring out the ingredients. Water IV 3 Badges
47   Lapras Shipwrights Hull inspectors wanted! We need Water-type Pokémon to dive beneath the ships and inspect the hulls. Water IV 3 Badges
48   Bookmark Into the shrubbery! We often have to make deliveries to really grassy areas, so Grass-type Pokémon would be a huge help. Grass IV 3 Badges
49   Macro Cosmos Air Dependable security guard I work in airport security. We'd like to get Pokémon that are skilled in martial arts to come help us out. Fighting IV Job #59
50   DENSOKU Developing powerful shoes We're making wrestling shoes! We'd like to have powerful Fighting-type Pokémon help us develop them. Thanks! Fighting IV 3 Badges
51   Macro Cosmos Tech Pokémon resistant to chemicals, please... We are running some experiments involving chemical reactions. We'd like to receive Pokémon that can withstand hazardous chemicals! Poison IV Job #52
52   No. 1 Pharmacy Mixing together dangerous chemicals One man's poison is another man's tonic. We would like Poison-type Pokémon to help us prepare prescriptions. Poison IV 3 Badges
53   RKS Laboratories Poison against poison, just in case We would like to enlist the help of Poison-type Pokémon, as they are no doubt resistant to toxins. Poison IV Job #52
54   Pelipper Couriers For safe and quick deliveries Swift and graceful deliveries! We'd like to have Flying-type Pokémon like Pelipper come help us out! Flying IV 3 Badges
55   Hotel Ionia We want help solving problems! We are looking for Psychic-type Pokémon so that they can sense the thoughts and needs of any customer experiencing troubles. Psychic IV 3 Badges
56   Jetsetter Help wanted making luxurious cloth If one wants to make a truly luxurious cloth, one must use only the best silk. Would any Bug-type Pokémon be interested? Bug IV 3 Badges
57   Macro Cosmos Media Horror TV show production I want to create a horror show the likes of which have never been seen. Please send me Pokémon that are good at being terrifying! Ghost IV Job #58
58   Macro Cosmos Television A super-exciting show! We want to make movies that really have a sense of impact—of scale. Could we hire Dragon-type Pokémon to help out? Dragon IV 3 Badges
59   MCA Cargo Pokémon that can deliver in any weather We would like to hire Dragon-type Pokémon capable of flying through even the roughest weather conditions. Dragon IV Job #54
60   Mach Motors As guidelines for durability We need superbly durable Steel-type Pokémon to help out with car manufacturing. Let's build cars together! Steel IV 3 Badges
61   Celebrity We want to make truly magical cloth To all Fairy-type Pokémon! Please come lend us your strength so that we can create some magical cloth! Fairy IV Job #56
62   Cozy Fried Kitchen Recruiting customer support All our customers must be treated equally! We need exemplary Normal-type Pokémon to help us out! Normal V 4 Badges
63   Grow Sures Keeping our veggies fresh Vegetables need to be crisp and well hydrated! We'd love to have some Water-type Pokémon come and help us out. Water V 4 Badges
64   Dream Dairy I want our ranch to be a good place Please send Grass-type Pokémon that can keep an eye on the quality of the turf around our ranch! Grass V 4 Badges
65   Macro Cosmos Rail Fixing up the city's lights We need to do some work on power lines, so if we could get Pokémon that are good at manipulating electricity, that'd be great. Electric V Job #77
66   Lapras Shipwrights We're building a massive ship! When building ships, we use electricity to weld large blocks together. We would like Pokémon that could help out with this. Electric V 4 Badges
67   Bob's Your Uncle You can't cook without it! Ice is needed for everything in the food industry, whether it's for dishes or drinks. We need the help of Ice-type Pokémon! Ice V 4 Badges
68   The Captain's Table To make delightfully chilled desserts In order to make delightfully chilled desserts, I would like to have some Ice-type Pokémon come to help out with temperature management. Ice V 4 Badges
69   Macro Cosmos Construction Construction work, heavy lifting Construction needs power! Power means muscles! Please send Pokémon with big muscles! Fighting V 4 Badges
70   Steelix Railcars Foundation for assembling railcars We are building teams that will assemble our railcars. We're looking for Ground-type Pokémon to help us out. Ground V 4 Badges
71   MCA Cargo We need help in the air On and on, over the horizon... We hope that Pokémon that have fallen in love with the sky will come fly with us. Flying V Job #76
72   Turffield Orchards Time to harvest! We're hoping to get some help for harvesting our vegetables. Bug-type Pokémon are always a huge help! Bug V 4 Badges
73   MC Insurance I want more contracts! I feel like I could get more contracts if I was with Pokémon that look like they've actually seen the afterlife! Ghost V 4 Badges
74   MC Brokerage Not trying to scare anyone... I'd like to do my rounds with Dark-type Pokémon to give my offers a bit more...gravitas. Dark V Job #71
75   Macro Cosmos Air Flight escort I would like Dragon-type Pokémon! These sacred creatures of legend are the most fitting to watch over my air travels! Dragon V 4 Badges
76   Pelipper Couriers We need help sorting our packages We're recruiting for help sorting out electronics that need to delivered. We're looking for Pokémon that are good with metal. Steel V 4 Badges
77   MCR Freight Time to do some maintenance There've been some problems reported about the tracks we use. We'd like Steel-type Pokémon to come have a look for us. Steel V Job #70
78   Hammerlocke University HP seminar in session! We've started offering a seminar that'll increase HP base points! We're looking for students to prove its effectiveness! N/A V 4 Badges
79   Hammerlocke University Attack seminar in session! We've started offering a seminar that'll increase Attack base points! We're looking for students to prove its effectiveness! N/A V 4 Badges
80   Hammerlocke University Defense seminar in session! We've started offering a seminar that'll increase Defense base points! We're looking for students to prove its effectiveness! N/A V 4 Badges
81   Hammerlocke University Sp. Atk seminar in session! We've started offering a seminar that'll increase Sp. Atk base points! We're looking for students to prove its effectiveness! N/A V 4 Badges
82   Hammerlocke University Sp. Def seminar in session! We've started offering a seminar that'll increase Sp. Def base points! We're looking for students to prove its effectiveness! N/A V 4 Badges
83   Hammerlocke University Speed seminar in session! We've started offering a seminar that'll increase Speed base points! We're looking for students to prove its effectiveness! N/A V 4 Badges
84   Hotel Ionia To provide the best customer care We are looking for Normal-type Pokémon that can flexibly respond to the needs of all our customers. Normal VI 5 Badges
85   Cozy Fried Kitchen Our specialty dishes We're awful proud of the grill here at our restaurant. We'd be grateful for Pokémon that can keep the flame going while we grill! Fire VI 5 Badges
86   Galar Fire Station Nothing like a little aroma therapy Our employees have to go to dangerous places to work, and so we'd like to surround them with some greenery and nice Pokémon for relaxation. Grass VI 5 Badges
87   DENSOKU Creating lightweight shoes We're making running shoes! We'd like to have Electric-type Pokémon that can run at lightning speeds help us out. Thanks! Electric VI 5 Badges
88   Huo Guo Hot Pot We want sparkly clean floors! We need help waxing the floors! Accepting any Pokémon that can make the floors here chillingly easy to slip on! Ice VI 5 Badges
89   Macro Cosmos Media Muscle talk I want to inform people about the importance of keeping in shape! Could you send me Pokémon with amazing muscles? Fighting VI Job #95
90   Timburr Builders So you think you're strong? A strong body is the greatest tool on any construction site! We're looking for Fighting-type Pokémon! Fighting VI 5 Badges
91   Rondo Floral Looking for flowers I want to go to the forest to pick flowers, but it's full of dangers! Could I have some Poison-type Pokémon, since they're good against plants? Poison VI 5 Badges
92   Timburr Builders Making a sound foundation We need to level the ground where we're planning to do construction. We really need Ground-type Pokémon to help us out! Ground VI 5 Badges
93   Grow Sures A speedy delivery! Food needs to be delivered fresh! We need help from Pokémon that are at home in the sky! Flying VI 5 Badges
94   Porcini Making high-quality clothing Good cloth requires good silk! Please send us Bug-type Pokémon! Bug VI 5 Badges
95   Macro Cosmos Television A show that will chill you to the bone... We're doing a show about haunted photos. Could we get Pokémon that would make convincing photos of this sort? Ghost VI 5 Badges
96   Daily Discovery A fabric that inspires legends I want to make a cloth that will inspire legends! I need the help of Dragon-type Pokémon to achieve my goal! Dragon VI Job #87
97   Rose of the Rondelands We need some quick cleaning! Looking for housekeeping services! We need a Pokémon that can quickly clean up any mess like a little house fairy! Fairy VI Job #84
98   HIJIKI OKA We need models for our clothing We're trying to make a line of new, adorable clothing pieces. We would like Fairy-type Pokémon to come help us out. Fairy VI 5 Badges
99   Rose of the Rondelands The delicious secret of our hotel The secret to cooking is fire! We welcome any Fire-type Pokémon, as they're great at working with flames. Fire VII Job #100
100   Hotel Ionia To keep our guests toasty warm We are looking for Fire-type Pokémon so that customers who are sensitive to the cold can have rooms that are toasty warm. Fire VII 6 Badges
101   Wyndon Monorail Need to wash away all the grime The monorail's gotten rather dirty, so we'd like Water-type Pokémon to come help make it nice and clean! Water VII 6 Badges
102   Galar Post Office Flower delivery service! I've come up with a brilliant idea... A flower delivery service! So, please send Pokémon that know a lot about plants and flowers! Grass VII 6 Badges
103   Macro Cosmos Energy Substation servicing When it comes to inspecting transformer stations, nothing does a better job than Electric-type Pokémon! Electric VII 6 Badges
104   Gramophone Records We need some music around here We need help wiring up audio equipment and the like. Pokémon that have a knack for that sort of thing are more than welcome. Electric VII 6 Badges
105   Northern Delights Delicious delightful ice cream I want to make a deliciously chilled ice cream. Please send Ice-type Pokémon! Ice VII 6 Badges
106   Dream Dairy Need help plowing fields Any Pokémon that have strong arms are welcome. We need help plowing our fields! Fighting VII 6 Badges
107   MCR Freight We need some solid help for shipping We'd really appreciate getting solid Pokémon that are really well-grounded to help us lug some big luggage. Ground VII Job #116
108   Macro Cosmos Air Safety checks We need some help doing maintenance, so if we could get Pokémon that are good with high places, that would be great. Flying VII 6 Badges
109   Telescreen Check with psychic powers! Debugging can be mind-bending sometimes... Are there Pokémon that could maybe use some mysterious powers to find bugs? Psychic VII 6 Badges
110   Good Fit Our new line of shoes We are planning to use silk to create a new shoe. We welcome any Bug-type Pokémon. Bug VII 6 Badges
111   Galar Minerals Get those rocks out of the way! There are always large rocks kicking around the mining area. We'd like to have Rock-type Pokémon, since they know how to deal with rocks. Rock VII 6 Badges
112   Bookmark Spreading spooky knowledge I want to set up a section on occult books! Do you think you could send me Ghost-type Pokémon to do the advertising? Ghost VII 6 Badges
113   Galar Fire Station Through water and fire Pokémon that can push through areas that are on fire or dripping water, please come help us! Dragon VII 6 Badges
114   HIJIKI OKA We need Pokémon to try on our clothes We want to develop durable cloth that can stand up to even the harshest treatment. We request Dark-type Pokémon to help out with this! Dark VII 6 Badges
115   Macro Cosmos Rail Railcar inspection and maintenance We would like some help from Pokémon that know a lot about metal. You know, Pokémon that are pretty metallic themselves! Steel VII Job #107
116   Steelix Railcars Assembling our trains We need Steel-type Pokémon and their skill in using metal and machines to help assemble our railcars. Steel VII 6 Badges
117   MC Brokerage Cute receptionists, please We'd like cute, delicate Pokémon to man our front desk. It would do wonders to add some cheer to the place! Fairy VII 6 Badges
118   Northern Delights We need taste testers, please! I would like Normal-type Pokémon to show off how delicious my sweets are by eating them in a delicious way. Normal VIII 7 Badges
119   Budew Drop Inn Cooking temperature is all important Our cook needs assistants! Please send Fire-type Pokémon that are good at maintaining perfect cooking temperatures! Fire VIII 7 Badges
120   Macro Cosmos Living Good water makes good food Clean water is the basis for delicious meals! We'd like to hire Pokémon that have an eye for water quality. Water VIII 7 Badges
121   Galar Fire Station Emergency refill needed! There's one thing that we absolutely need to put out fires, and we're looking for a Pokémon that can help us refill our fire truck! Water VIII 7 Badges
122   RKS Laboratories Experimenting with medicinal herbs Medicinal herbs are best handled by Pokémon that are familiar with various leaves and roots. Grass VIII Job #134
123   Galar Minerals Electricity is so useful! We use electricity to remove impurities from copper, so we would like to hire Electric-type Pokémon! Electric VIII 7 Badges
124   Macro Cosmos Bank Looking to promote insurance policies The sole purpose of this job is to demonstrate the dangers of poison—nothing more. Show us your best moves! Poison VIII 7 Badges
125   Galar Minerals Need some help with digging We need Pokémon that know a lot about the ground, since we're trying to mine the ore here in the Galar region. Please send Ground types! Ground VIII 7 Badges
126   Turffield Orchards Need help watering wide areas We are looking to water our plants from the sky. Flying-type Pokémon, please feel free to apply! Flying VIII 7 Badges
127   Macro Cosmos Tech Researching mysterious powers Please let us research the mysterious psychic powers that certain Pokémon can use. Psychic VIII Job #134
128   HIJIKI OKA Making a fabric that can't be cut We want to develop cloth that can't be cut, and for that, we need the help of Bug-type Pokémon! Please send them our way! Bug VIII 7 Badges
129   Timburr Builders Falling rocks hurt quite a bit Falling rocks can be a real hazard where we work. Pokémon that know a lot about rocks, please help! Rock VIII 7 Badges
130   Macro Cosmos Tech Solving unsolved mysteries In order to help us solve many inexplicable mysteries, please send us Pokémon that are really haunting. Ghost VIII 7 Badges
131   Galar Post Office We'll deliver to any location! We're looking for rugged Pokémon that can handle rain, lightning, and even raging fires! Dragon VIII 7 Badges
132   Macro Cosmos Construction Appearances matter for security guards There's a dangerous area we need to keep folks out of. I need fierce-looking Pokémon. No need for them to do anything. I just need them around. Dark VIII 7 Badges
133   Spikemuth Chamber of Commerce Nothing too serious We've had some problems with people falling asleep on the job. We'd like to have intimidating Pokémon around to keep an eye on things. Dark VIII 7 Badges
134   No. 1 Pharmacy Pokémon immune to poison, please! We sometimes need to make use of potentially poisonous chemicals. We would like Steel-type Pokémon since they are immune to poison. Steel VIII 7 Badges
135   Northern Delights Making sweets is all about the image! I really want to emphasize how light and fluffy our products are. Please send Fairy-type Pokémon! Fairy VIII 7 Badges
136   Macro Cosmos Living Normal help is the best help I want to create dishes that'll be accepted by everyone. I'd like to get input from common, plain, normal Pokémon. Normal IX 8 Badges
137   Macro Cosmos Media Cooking competition show I'm looking to create a red-hot cooking competition show—one that's on FIRE! Do you have any ideas for Pokémon that'd help? Fire IX Job #145
138   Galar Minerals Removing impurities We need to remove impurities from various metals. We need Pokémon who can handle flame, so please send Fire-type Pokémon! Fire IX 8 Badges
139   Rondo Floral Our flowers need help All plants need water! And as it so happens, Water-type Pokémon are the best at watering plants! Water IX 8 Badges
140   Galar Post Office Our truck needs a wash Our delivery truck's gotten a bit dirty, so we want to wash it off and make it shine again! We're waiting for Pokémon that can help! Water IX 8 Badges
141   Macro Net Keep an eye on our network! It's a simple job of just keeping an eye on our various networks. Please send us Pokémon that are good with different signals and wavelengths. Electric IX 8 Badges
142   Macro Cosmos Living Cold delivery In order to transport frozen foods in the perfect environment, we need some chilly Pokémon. Ice IX 8 Badges
143   Bookmark Help wanted carrying books We would like to have really strong Pokémon come help us, since we need to carry heavy books like dictionaries and whatnot. Fighting IX 8 Badges
144   Galar Police Station Preparing for nature! In order to prepare for cases in natural areas, we are searching for Pokémon resistant to the Grass, Bug, and Fairy types. Poison IX 8 Badges
145   Macro Cosmos Television A good show about cleaning We're doing a special on sewer systems! Could we get Poison-type Pokémon? They can handle the smell. Poison IX 8 Badges
146   Macro Cosmos Construction Construction survey I'd like to do a proper survey of the land condition before we begin construction. Are there Pokémon that could help me out? Ground IX 8 Badges
147   HIJIKI OKA Even in the vacuum of space We're hoping to create fabric that can be used in space! Please send Flying-type Pokémon! Flying IX 8 Badges
148   Macro Net To meet our customers' needs! System engineers need to be able to tell exactly what customers want. Send us Pokémon that can read minds somehow. Psychic IX 8 Badges
149   Gramophone Records Recording the cries of bugs Recordings of the superb cries of Bug-type Pokémon are all the rage now, and we'd like to record yours, too! Bug IX 8 Badges
150   Macro Cosmos Energy Pokémon strong against physical attacks They might get zapped a bit by electricity, but we would really like to get some powerful Pokémon that are good with rocky terrain! Rock IX 8 Badges
151   Telescreen Handling complaints Complaint management means dealing with the grudges and curses of the customers. Is there a type of Pokémon that loves these? Ghost IX 8 Badges
152   Macro Cosmos Bank To protect our investments We'd like to see Pokémon that look strong enough to deter even the most determined criminals. Please send us Dragon types! Dragon IX 8 Badges
153   Galar Police Station Preparing for anything! In order to ensure we are prepared for any kind of case, we are searching for Pokémon resistant to the Fire, Water, Grass, and Electric types. Dragon IX 8 Badges
154   Macro Cosmos Bank A type that can handle danger, please Transporting money can be dangerous. We'd like to hire Pokémon that have a dark aura about them, to scare away any bad guys. Dark IX 8 Badges
155   Galar Police Station Preparing for strange things! In order to prepare for particularly strange cases, we are searching for Pokémon resistant to the Psychic, Flying, and Fairy types. Steel IX 8 Badges
156   Budew Drop Inn Cute, fantastical Pokémon wanted We need help cleaning up guest rooms. We would like Pokémon that are cute and pure to come help us out. Fairy IX 8 Badges
157   ?????? Top-secret project wE ARe searChing for somE HelP. THE wOrk MUst be kepT coMPletEly secreT. We wiLl PAY You HANdsomly. Ghost X 8 Badges

List of companies

# Company name Sponsored Trainers Notes
1   LASS Clothing brand
2   Mach Motors Car manufacturer
3   Yoshida's Coffee Leon Battle Café
4   Surf Shipping Shipping company
5   Wyndon Monorail Monorail company
6   Good Fit Clothing brand, Shoe brand (Loafers)
7   Porcini Clothing brand, Business clothing (button up tops, pleated dress)
8   Bob's Your Uncle Restaurant
9   Dream Dairy Leon Ranch & farm
10   Rondo Floral Flower shop
11   DENSOKU Clothing brand, Exercise/sports clothing
12   Galar Taxi Leon, Cabbies Flying Taxi company
13   Daily Discovery Clothing brand, Everyday casual clothing
14   The Captain's Table Seafood restaurant
15   Turffield Orchards Milo, Turffield Stadium Gym Trainers Vegetable farm
16   Jetsetter Clothing brand, Designer clothing
17   Celebrity Clothing brand, Fancy Sweaters & Party Gloves
18   Cozy Fried Kitchen Leon Restaurant
19   Steelix Railcars Railcar manufacturer
20   MCR Freight Freight and transport company
21   Macro Cosmos Rail Railway & electrical company
22   Bookmark Leon Book shop
23   Wailord Aquaculture Nessa, Hulbury Stadium Gym Trainers Fishing company
24   DEFOG Clothing brand, Glasses & sunglasses
25   Lapras Shipwrights Ship construction company
26   Sonoqui Clothing boutique
27   Rose of the Rondelands 5-star Hotel
28   Budew Drop Inn Hotel
29   Huo Guo Hot Pot Kabu, Motostoke Stadium Gym Trainers Restaurant
30   Macro Cosmos Air Adalyn and Justin Airport company
31   Macro Cosmos Tech Research & Development company
32   No. 1 Pharmacy Leon Pharmacy
33   RKS Laboratories Klara Research laboratory
34   Pelipper Couriers Leon Air delivery company
35   Hotel Ionia Hotel
36   Macro Cosmos Media Media company
37   Macro Cosmos Television Television and film company
38   MCA Cargo Air delivery company
39   Grow Sures Leon Produce & Berry shop
40   Macro Cosmos Construction Bea, Stow-on-Side Stadium Gym TrainersSw, Jane and Mateo Construction company
41   MC Insurance Allister, Stow-on-Side Stadium Gym TrainersSh, Kevin and Carla Insurance firm
42   MC Brokerage Brokerage firm
43   Hammerlocke University University
44   Galar Fire Station Fire Station
45   Timburr Builders Leon Construction company
46   HIJIKI OKA Opal*, Ballonlea Stadium Gym Trainers, Gym Leader Bede Clothing brand, Punk clothing
47   Galar Post Office Postmen Postal company
48   Macro Cosmos Energy Energy company
49   Gramophone Records Leon Record shop
50   Northern Delights Melony, Circhester Stadium Gym TrainersSh Ice-cream shop
51   Telescreen Avery Telephone service provider
52   Galar Minerals Gordie, Circhester Stadium Gym TrainersSw Mining company, also removes metal impurities
53   Macro Cosmos Living Mass produced food products
54   Macro Cosmos Bank Raihan, Hammerlocke Stadium Gym Trainers Banking company
55   Spikemuth Chamber of Commerce Team Yell Grunts, Spikemuth Gym Trainers, Piers, Gym Leader Marnie Chamber of Commerce, Also makes clothing, specifically the Team Yell outfits (that aren't part of the Gym uniform)
56   Macro Net Internet service provider
57   Galar Police Station Police Officers Police station
58   ?????? Hands out anonymous Poké Job request asking for Ghost types

Companies not featured in Poké Job

The following companies do not have Poké Job requests but are still featured at the end of credits.

Company name Sponsored Trainers Notes
  Macro Cosmos
  Game Freak Leon
  Leon, League Staff Clothing brand, makes the Gym uniforms
  Unknown Clothing brand, Outdoor clothing
  Unknown Clothing brand, Women's clothing


Games Location Song name (Japanese) Song name (English Translation) Composition Arrangement
 Sw  Sh  When using this feature ポケジョブ Poké Job Keita Okamoto Gō Ichinose


  • The six companies shown in the pre-release screenshot each sponsors a Gym Leader.
  • The description of the Poké Job "Preparing for nature" is looking for Poison-types and asks for "Pokémon resistant to the Grass, Bug, and Fairy-types". However, the Fire- and Steel-types also fit this description.
  • Some companies and organizations reference real-world ones:
    • DENSOKU's Boltund logo is similar to the Puma brand of shoes.
    • Wyndon Monorail's logo is similar to the London Underground Station logo.
    • Cozy Fried Kitchen's acronym, CFK, is the reverse of fast food restaurant KFC, and the brushstroke style of the logo resembles KFC's Colonel Sanders logo.
  • RKS Laboratories is a reference to Silvally and its RKS System Ability. Silvally's apparent modeling after Arceus is also referenced in the company's logo, which looks similar to Arceus's ring.
    • The company's Japanese name, アルセウス製薬 Arceus Pharma, is a more overt reference to Arceus.

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 寶可幫幫忙 Poké Bāngbāngmáng
Mandarin 寶可幫幫忙 / 宝可帮帮忙 Poké Bōngbōngmòhng
  French Poké Service
  German PokéJob
  Italian Poké Job
  Korean 포켓몬잡 Pokémon Job
  Russian Поке-Работа Poké-Rabota
  Spanish Poké Encargo

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