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The Rotom Information service (Japanese: ロトムインフォメーション Rotom Information), or Rotomi (Japanese: ロトミ Rotomi), is an electronic device found in Galar. It replaces the PCs found in other regions and terminals can be found in every Pokémon Center.




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Poké Jobs

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Card Maker

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In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 洛托米 Loktokmáih
洛托姆資訊站 Loktokmóuh Jīseunjaahm
Mandarin 洛托米 Luòtuōmǐ
洛托姆資訊站 Luòtuōmǔ Zīxùnzhàn *
洛托姆信息的机器 Luòtuōmǔ Xìnxī-de Jīqì *
France Flag.png French Infotisma
Germany Flag.png German Rotomina
Italy Flag.png Italian Rotomina
Punto Informazioni Rotom
South Korea Flag.png Korean 로토미 Rotomi
로토무 인포메이션 Rotomu Information
Russia Flag.png Russian Ротома-Инфо Rotoma-Info
Spain Flag.png Spanish Rotomi

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