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メロン Melon
"The ice-cold professional!"
Sword Shield Melony.png
Artwork from Sword and Shield
Age 30+
Gender Female
Eye color Blue
Hair color White
Hometown Circhester
Region Galar
Relatives Gordie (son), unnamed daughter, three unnamed sons
Trainer class Gym Leader
Generation VIII
Games Shield
Leader of Circhester Stadium
Badge Ice Badge
Specializes in Ice types
Game animation debut Assistant
English voice actor Laura Post
Japanese voice actor N/A

Melony (Japanese: メロン Melon) is the Gym Leader of Circhester's Gym, known officially as Circhester Stadium. She specializes in Ice-type Pokémon. She gives the Ice Badge to Trainers who defeat her. In Pokémon Sword, her son Gordie takes her place as Circhester's Gym Leader instead.


In the games

Melony is the sixth Gym Leader Galar Trainers face in their Gym Challenge in Pokémon Shield. She has been the Gym Leader of Circhester since her twenties. She is also the only known Gym Leader to have ever defeated Raihan, who is said to be the strongest Gym Leader in the Galar League.[1] At one point, she wanted her son Gordie to run the Gym as her successor. However, her son wanted to be a Rock-type user instead. This led to a battle that caused the whole town to split, with the two never speaking to each other again. Despite this, Melony somehow became the first member of Gordie's fan club.

While normally generous and bighearted, she loves to battle hard, along with hitting the opponent's weak spot with unflinching accuracy. Her battle style is described as severe and stoic. It is believed her harsh battle style was influenced by the fight she had with her son. Melony's Gym is considered a major roadblock by many Gym Challengers who visits it. The reason is due to the powerful Gym Trainers having been trained by her strict and very effective coaching.

League Cards

This is a transcript of the back of Melony's League Cards in Pokémon Shield.

Normal League Card
"Melony has been a Gym Leader since she was in her twenties. She is also known as a very effective coach, but her coaching style is incredibly strict. Her battle style is fittingly severe and stoic, as well. Any Gym Trainers who manage to remain under Melony are sure to be powerful opponents. Thus many see Circhester Stadium as a major roadblock for Gym Challengers. Many quietly speculate that Melony's harsh battle style is due to a fight she had with her son."
Rare League Card
"Melony wanted Gordie to take over as the Gym Leader of Circhester, while Gordie wanted to dedicate himself to Rock-type Pokémon. The Pokémon battle between the two ended up dividing the whole town. Ever since that day, Melony and Gordie hardly ever see each other. That being said, Melony supposedly managed to become the first member of Gordie's fan club. Gordie seems to have a complicated expression in their photo together, but then again, that may just be one's own imagination..."


Melony keeps her Pokémon in Ultra Balls.

Pokémon Shield

Gym battle

Champion tournaments

Galarian Star Tournament


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GST Melony icon.png
Icon from the
Galarian Star Tournament menu

League Cards

League Card Melony.png League Card Melony rare.png
Melony's League Card in
Melony's rare League Card in

In the anime

Pokémon: Twilight Wings

Melony appeared as a visual in Assistant, where she battled Gordie's Coalossal in its Gigantamax form.

She physically appeared in Sky, where she gave her thoughts about Leon in an interview.

In The Gathering of Stars, Melony was seen relaxing at the Hero's Bath in Circhester with her Galarian Darmanitan and Frosmoth after receiving an invitation letter for the Galarian Star Tournament. She was later seen at Wyndon Stadium, walking out onto the field for the tournament's opening ceremony.


Melony's Gigantamax Lapras
Lapras ↔ Gigantamax Lapras
Lapras briefly appeared in its Gigantamax form while battling Gordie's Gigantamax Coalossal.

None of Lapras's moves are known.

Debut Assistant
Melony's Darmanitan
Darmanitan was seen at Melony's side at the Hero's Bath.

None of Darmanitan's moves are known.

Debut The Gathering of Stars
Melony's Frosmoth
Frosmoth was seen at Melony's side at the Hero's Bath.

None of Frosmoth's moves are known.

Debut The Gathering of Stars


Melony briefly appeared in GOTCHA!.

In the manga

Pokémon Adventures

Melony debuted in the Sword & Shield chapter. Unlike the games, she and Gordie share the Circhester Stadium and alternate who acts as its Gym Leader. She was first seen talking to Bea on the phone about Bede's forced withdrawal from the Gym Challenge.


Traveling with
Rotom Phone


  • Melony's uniform number is "361", which can be read in Japanese as goroawase for 寒い samui, meaning "cold".


Language Name Origin
Japanese メロン Melon From melon
English, Brazilian
Melony From melon
German Mel From Melone (melon)
Spanish Mel From melón (melon)
French Lona From melon
Italian Melania From melone (melon)
Korean 멜론 Melon From her Japanese name
Chinese (Mandarin) 美蓉 Měiróng From the transcription of her Japanese name and possibly 美容 měiróng / méihyùhng (beauty)
Chinese (Cantonese) 美蓉 Méihyùhng


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